Moonbirds Q1 Plans Revealed: The Digital Renaissance

    Moonbirds are back and are more focused than ever. If you thought Kevin Rose was slow-rugging I think it’s fair to say he cleared his name. What a wild journey Moonbirds have been on since their launch back in April 16th of 2022! From that 48-hour instant success, the Moonbirds team was well in over their heads. Now almost a year later, founders Kevin and Justin released a Youtube Podcast explaining everything that went down and revealing the Moonbirds Q1 plans.

    Long story short, the founders admitted to messing up apologized, and promised to fully realize their initial concept of “The Digital Renaissance”. You can check out PROOF’s hour-and-half-long video or continue reading to get a recap. 

    Why Was Kevin Rose Accused of Slow-Rugging?

    Kevin and Justin took fairly too long to lay out the Moonbirds Q1 plans and that only led to speculation. Some of the community was not very impressed with the utility that came with Moonbirds last year, especially since their roadmap seemed very overpromising. They basically promised to launch their own metaverse “High Rise” and hyped up everyone for nothing. Nonetheless, the rumors and conspiracy grew when Kevin canceled the IRL Proof of Conference a few weeks ago on February 20, 2023. Everything was looking really bad and hell broke loose hence the accusations of slow-rugging.

    How Did Moonbirds Clear Their Name?

    In the video, Kevin and Justin explain that they were overwhelmed by the amount of success and demand for Moonbirds. Here’s a run-down:

    • In a very short period of time, the community had grown so fast and they were understaffed. They also explained that they did indeed start working on Project Highrise and showcased some blueprints and sketches of the idea. 
    • They also addressed the issue of turning the Moonbirds to a CC0 license without consulting the community first. 
    • They apologized and owned to their mistakes and promised to improve.

    Why Did They Cancel Project High Rise?

    Basically, project highrise is a metaverse where people can showcase their NFTs in a neo-tokyo-inspired city and stackable house neighborhoods.

    • When they were done, the project didn’t serve the vision of PROOF and Moonbirds with justice. It rather overpowered the art of NFTs collected.
    • The 2022 bull market kicked in and it was clear that one wanted to display their art and build their personal NFT galleries at that time

    Moonbirds Q1 Plans: Recap

    All you need to know is you better hold onto your Moonbird NFT because their future is looking bright! Moonbirds posted on Twitter a summarized thread about Kevin and Justin’s podcast concerning the Moonbirds Q1 plans.

    They basically laid out a five-year plan. That’s a strategy most projects are going for, encouraging their community to stake their NFTs and become diamond hands. So in a nutshell, what can you expect from Moonbirds?

    • Moonbirds vision is loud and clear as the art collector’s PFP.
    • Proof Collective will be part of the Moonbirds Community and transform into “Elders” (name still under construction) in January 2025.
    • Diamond nest will be the final art nest. There will be a minting process on April 18th for a 24-hour window.
    • They launched the Lunar Society which is a Moonbirds DAO funded with $2 million.
    • Moonbirds NFT ecosystem will expand with Mythics drop!
    • Art Drop Collaboration & Proof Curated Drops
      • Nudebirds Airdrop featuring DesLucrece on March 9

    You can know in-depth details by visiting their website and reading their proof of documentation.


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