Nakamigos NFT: What’s All The Fuss About?

    The world of NFTs is buzzing with excitement as a new collection called the Nakamigos NFTs by HiFo Labs has taken the digital art space by storm. However, it’s definitely shrouded with mysteries… 

    What stood out the most from the Nakamigos NFT release is that in just over a week, the collection has surpassed Bored Ape Yacht Club in all-time trades. Basically, it recorded 52,000 astounding sales. Which is mind-blowing in itself.

    Let’s talk more about it.

    Nakamigos Stats Today

    The name Nakamigos pays homage to  (as you probably guessed, or not!) Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous founder of Bitcoin.

    The second part, amigos, is the Spanish word for friends, and combined, the name becomes “friends of Nakamoto,” or, Nakamigos. 

    This has created intrigue among collectors, as they wondered what connection the project has with the Bitcoin founder. It might be affiliated with him, or simply a GREAT marketing tactic… 


    According to CoinGecko, the collection has amassed a 24h trading volume of 859.786 ETH or approximately $1,570,528. Not to mention a market cap of 6,674 ETH or a whopping $12.1 Million as I’m writing this.

    All 20,000 Nakamigos NFTs have been minted out, but interested buyers can find them on the secondary market. And it’s worth noting that atm, this collection sits at a floor price of 0.362 ETH or $662.37. 

    Top Nakamigos NFT Sales

    All info via Dappradar

    #5187 Nakamigos

    Sold For 20 ETH or $36.22k On OpenSea

    Nakamigos #3648

    #3648 Nakamigos

    Sold For 16 ETH or $27.45k On Blur

    Nakamigos #5187

    #19669 Nakamigos

    Sold For 5.99 ETH or $10.84k On OpenSea

    Nakamigos #19669

    #15289 Nakamigos

    Sold For 6 ETH or $10.79k On OpenSea

    Nakamigos #15289

    Is it linked to Larva Labs or Yuga Labs?

    The project’s 20,000 24×24 pixel characters bear a vague resemblance to the legendary CryptoPunks. 

    So, naturally, the Nakamigos NFT collection has been linked to Larva Labs, the company behind the top NFT project. 

    On the other hand, the licensing agreement of Nakamigos resembles that of the famous Yuga Labs. Another contributing factor to the many rumors circulating!

    In detail, the team gives holders commercial rights to their NFTs, allowing them to monetize them as they see fit. However, this only applies to commercial use! Just like BAYC allows holders to capitalize on their digital tokens. 

    However, the project has EXPLICITLY denied affiliation with both Web3 companies. 

    The Mysterious Origins of the Nakamigos NFT 

    What makes the Nakamigos collection so intriguing is the mystery surrounding its origins. Why? Very little is known about the project’s creator, who remains anonymous and doxxed.

    Is it Sartoshi? 

    In a blog post from the project, the creator is described as an “OG crypto artist,” which has led to wild speculation on Crypto Twitter about who this might be, with many suspecting Sartoshi, the NFT influencer, and artist behind the Mfers collection.

    Check out our take on that iconic collection here!

    Where did this conspiracy theory come from?

    Well, when Sartoshi left the Mfers project in June 2022 >>>> Sartoshi RIP was born.

    He gave control of all stick figures to the Mfers community, while simultaneously issuing an “end of Sartoshi” (EOS) NFT pass.

    Where are we going with this?

    Fast-forward six months later, he then reappeared to announce the coming of Nakamigos, notifying holders of the EOS pass of their eligibility to mint pieces of the collection for free. 

    In detail, each holder was allowed to mint a single NFT on March 22 before the collection opened up to the public the next day. 

    Honorary Nakamigos NFTs

    As a genius idea to make this collection more well-known in the space, the team decided to come out with a new series called the Honorary Nakamigos NFTs.

    Basically, this line-up consists of renowned faces in the NFT realm reimagined as their Nakamigos NFT counterparts! In total, there are 24 honorary NFTs.

    These influencers include Art Blocks CEO SnowFro, NFT influencer Farokh, Zeneca as well as other influencers in the NFT community!

    Honorary NakamigosThe Future of Nakamigos

    Without a doubt, the Web3 space is wondering what it is about the project that has the NFT community buzzing. 

    Some speculate that the mystery surrounding the project’s origins and the anonymity of the creator have created the perfect scenario in favor of the Nakamigos NFT. 

    Others argue that its resemblance to CryptoPunks and its connection to Bitcoin is the driving factor of its newfound success.

    In any case, the Nakamigos collection has certainly made a name for itself in the world of NFTs, and it will be interesting to see how it develops and evolves in the future.

    But many questions still remain.

    Who is behind this mysterious project? Will the collection continue to rise in popularity, or is this just a temporary phenomenon? Only time will tell.

    But one thing is for sure: the NFT community will be eagerly watching to see what comes next. 

    Stay tuned for more collection breakdowns!


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