Nfinity TikTok NFTs: You Can Now Monetize Your Viral Videos!

    As a TikTok content creator, how much effort do you put to make videos? Yes, it’s a reward when they go viral, but doesn’t it hurt a bit inside, in a secret corner of your heart when no one credits or realizes you did it? Here’s an idea, how about making money every time someone posts your video? Creator royalties are one of the biggest appeals of blockchain technology and NFTs, and it’s about time someone knew how to utilize them in content creation. Nfinity introduces TikTok NFTs where you can transform your videos into trackable digital assets! 

    First, What is Nfinity?

    Before we get to how Nfinity enables Tiktok NFT creation, let’s get familiar with the platform. In web3 analogy, Nfinity to social media is kinda like Gem to NFT marketplaces. That’s why it’s a social media aggregator platform where you can import content from Youtube, Twitter, and TikTok. Instead of waiting for Web2 companies to initiate blockchain integration to their platform, NFinity offers to be the bridge to Web3. 

    Nfinity rose to the surface at the end of 2022 as a Web3 platform that provides two main services:

    1. Allows creators to instantly import content from popular social media platforms and truly own their works as NFTs on blockchain networks.
    2. Launch brand-new digital collectibles in collaboration with Canva on Nfinity, with an integrated loyalty program to establish your own community. 

    By creating an account on their Nfinity app, you can import tweets, images, and videos you shared on Twitter, Youtube, and TikTok and make them NFTs. You can learn more about how Nfinity is revolutionizing digital content monetization from their website and Youtube channel.

    Introducing Nfinity TikTok NFTs

    The Nfinity TikTok NFTs benefit you as a content creator and consumer. You can actually own one of TikTok’s viral videos, and the person who created it benefits. If you follow Nfinity’s youtube tutorials you can effortlessly convert any TikTok video of your choosing into an NFT. Now, with its latest “collect” feature you can mint or own any post on Nfinity’s platform. Here’s a recap of the process:

    1. Set up an Account on Nfinity
    2. Import TikTok Video to Nfinity 
    3. Choose which blockchain to use between Ethereum and Polygon.
    4. Directly mint it on the Nfinity app

    After minting, for example, your TikTok video on the Nfinity app you can:

    • choose collection sizes 
    • create metadata for the NFTs
    • use built-in tools designed to help advertise newly-minted NFTs to followers. 
    • Use analytics tools to chart the NFT’s performance 

    Nfinity NFT Advantages

    If you decide to utilize Nfinity to mint TikTok NFTs, it comes with several perks. First of all, you don’t really need to know one bit of smart contract code, just set your preferences like filling out a survey. Just familiarize yourself with how the blockchain works and the basics of an NFT. According to Nfinity, these are the benefits you get from utilizing their platform for content monetization:

    1. Control: Creators have complete control over the monetization process, from setting the rules for minting NFTs to determining the price and payment methods.
    2. Flexibility: The customizable nature of Collect Modules enables creators to explore various monetization strategies and adapt to the ever-evolving digital landscape.
    3. Scarcity: Creators can create a sense of scarcity by limiting the number of NFTs that can be minted or setting a time window for minting, driving up the value of their content.
    4. Ownership: By owning their content through Profile NFTs, creators can ensure that their work is protected and preserved, allowing them to benefit from its long-term value.

    The Future of Content Monetization  

    To make things clear, Nfinity offers TikTok NFTs on its platform only. This means you can’t find TikTok NFT videos on TikTok, ironic…I know. With Zuckerberg cutting NFT projects from Meta, we won’t be seeing Instagram or Facebook utilizing NFTs. Here’s where NFinity innovates and instead of competing with existing Web2 social media, it presents itself as an intermediate. Credits must be given to the Tech team at Nfinity for the idea of creating smart contracts within minutes.

    From this point of view, Nfinity is acting like a bridge between the blockchain and our favorite social media apps. However, how many people are willing to use an intermediate to make money from their content? Word around the block hints that Elon Musk might integrate cryptocurrency into Twitter. This means that there’s a possibility to monetize your own thoughts and Tweets. Wouldn’t you rather have TikTok give you the option to create the NFTs from their platform directly? If web3 is the future, why should such a bridge exist?


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