Top 5 NFT Blogs to Stay Updated on the Latest NFT News!

    In the spinning world of NFTs, it is easy to get dizzy as you’re being bombarded with NFT news each second. The world of Web3 is moving FAST, and blockchain enthusiasts are gulping every piece of information they can get to always be one step ahead of the market. However, not every source of information is credible and trustworthy. In fact, a lot of NFT blogs circle around rumors and faulty facts. This could generate a disastrous outcome. How? Well, if you trust uncredible news outlets, you might get excited to invest in an NFT collection that just isn’t worth it. All your hard-earned money would go down the drain because you were too trustworthy. 

    Especially for newcomers to the NFT scene, it could be tricky to find reliable NFT news outlets. There are many forms of NFT news sources to choose from. You can go for Videos, follow NFT influencers, or listen to podcasts. But in all honesty, I like it the classic old way. I go over the best NFT blogs to keep up with market changes, trends, and craziness!

    So to save you from getting dizzy in the NFT merry-go-round, here are some of the best NFT blogs to follow. 


    NFT Blog Chainwitcher

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    But seriously, Chainwitcher is our favorite NFT blog for obvious reasons. However, professionally speaking,  the website offers NFT enthusiasts a pool of NFT information to dive into. Chainwitcher specializes strictly in NFTs and consists of an all-in-one NFT news source. 

    The website’s guides section would walk you through the non-fungible basics up to when and how to invest in NFTs, avoid scams, and provide you with a long list of How to’s. The news section will make you stay up to date on the latest NFT drops, Collection reviews, and all the blockchain-related DRAMA happening at the moment. Chainwitcher covers news in a day-to-day manner. Thus, you would probably never miss any major NFT event that is happening around you. 

    To put the icing on the cake, Chainwitcher has its own NFT Profit Calculator and NFT Rarity Tool! The NFT Profit Calculator saves you the time and research to find out how much the NFT you’re buying/selling is worth. Moreover, the NFT Rarity Tool lets you compare the value of NFTs against each other in order to make the right decision. 

    All in all, Chainwitcher is a GREAT website to start from and gain access to all the hot NFT topics, metaverse news, and technical blockchain information. Not to mention our very own Witcher mascot!

    Opensea Blog 


    Opensea has proven itself to be the biggest NFT marketplace to exist in the Web3 world. The platform is a wide and endless medium where you can trade and create NFTs, but that’s not all that it offers. Opensea offers an intricate blog that keeps you informed about NFTs while also serving as a place to announce changes and updates to the platform. Opensea’s blog discusses many topics relating to safety and security regarding crypto trading. It also provides you with a review of each NFT type, how to use them, and how they’re performing in the market. 

    The appeal of Opensea’s blog lies in the fact that the marketplace is a well-known and reliable NFT trading platform. Thus, the blog would most likely be putting out credible news and information.

    Non-Fungible Blog


    Non-Fungible is a real-time NFT tracker and a well-trusted NFT market data and analysis reference. They offer many tools to help people that are interested in NFTs monitor the evolution of NFT markets. They also provide many services for collectors and investors. Therefore, a platform that is this intricate and well-studied would probably have credible and reliable source information. The blog is updated daily with various NFT topics. The blog also covers a wide range of environmental and cultural NFT topics like NFT’s impact on the environment, inclusive NFTs, and much more. 



    Even though CoinDesk is not a strictly NFT blog, the well-known crypto news outlet is one of the best blockchain-related news out there. The blog covers everything from cryptocurrencies to NFT collection reviews and it quickly became a trustworthy and credible news source. Since the website covers a wide range of Web3 topics, it became the go-to source for NFT news that posts accurate information and authoritative opinions. Check out the website if you are looking for an in-depth dive into everything blockchain!



    NFTically is a good place to start for NFT newbies that are looking to be educated on everything blockchain and NFT-related. The blog gives tips and guides on various topics such as pricing your NFTs and an elaborate beginner guide. In this blog, you can learn the basics of the NFT trade. You can also get updates and information surrounding the NFT space. Artists and creators can also get tips on marketing their NFT projects. Also, NFTically is big on making its own community, where artists and collectors can follow the platform for NFT news. Not to mention NFTically is a well-trusted platform for buying/selling or launching your own NFT store. 

    NFT Blogs Conclusion

    Even though NFTs are still in their early stage, you can find a wide range of blogs dedicated to delivering credible and up-to-date NFT news. However, beware of websites that look very cryptic and ask you to provide information about your crypto-wallet, these websites will probably be a scam stunt that tricks you into buying fake NFTs.


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