4 Top NFT Bots: Honest Review

    You may have not realized this before, but if you want to get serious in the NFT industry you need to have an NFT bot. Even if you are just a fan or a collector, trust me you need the bot. Let’s say you’ve been waiting for too long on a specific NFT collection. You were even a loyal follower on Twitter and Discord. You build your hopes up so high, to watch them crash on minting day! The NFTs you so desired are suddenly, in mere seconds, out of stock. That is the work of the NFT bots.

    Don’t worry too much, we have it all covered for you. You will get an overview of the Bot’s journey into existence. Also, we will recommend the top 4 NFT bots on the market.

    Bot Domination History

    Life Without Bots

    Top NFT bots

    Let’s take the limited sneaker industry as an example, before the sneaker bots were created people used to camp outside the stores for days to grasp a pair of these limited sneakers.

    Depending on how hype the sneakers are, like the Jordan 1, they can sell it again for a good chunk of profit. Profit can reach up to $500. Some NFTs can reach up to thousands of dollars in resell profit.

    It was a fair game back in those days. All you have to do is to camp outside the store and get your pairs. However, the game changed after companies started selling their limited stuff online. Online, on their sites, this is where the bots were born. 

    The Revolution of the Bots

    nft bots

    Buying limited stuff manually is now impossible. Especially after the bots were born.

    Let’s take the sneaker industry for example:

    1 user can now secure from 2 – 100 limited pairs per online sneaker release. Non-botters have a very low chance of getting their hands on only just 1 pair. This is because bots are lightning fast. Bots allow 1 user to create over 2000 online accounts and try to purchase in just seconds.

    Therefore, now in any new industry, bots are involved and are created specially in profitable and limited stock industries. It’s exactly a similar case for NFTs.

    NFT Bots: Are they Useful?

    In a nutshell, YES! NFT bots are useful and will increase your chances dramatically in minting important projects. You can even mint more than 1 NFT per collection. This will insanely increase your profits. It’s always better than doing it manually. Because simply put when you try to mint it manually you are competing against the bot users. Also, the thousands of users who are trying manually just like you. With such a competitive battle, the high chances are that you will be left with empty hands. 

    Types of NFT Bots & Important Features

    Before we can start listing the bots, you should understand the difference between:

    Sniping NFT Bot:sniper bot

    After people mint their NFTs they sell them on marketplaces, like OpenSea. Imagine that you didn’t have the chance to mint on that day. If you really want an NFT from that collection, the only way to get it is by bidding. This is where sniper bots come in handy. You don’t have to sit on your computer for days to find a reasonable price. All you have to do is set up your bot. Specify the NFT collection that you want. Place your minimum & maximum bid margin price and traits that you want. The bot will snipe that NFT at a winning bid at the latest possible moment of the auction.

    Minting Bot:minting bot

    Yes, you guessed it right. Minting bots mint from NFT collections. On the public mint day, use the bot to create multiple tasks with multiple wallets. This will increase your chance to mint more than 1 NFT. Then list them on OpenSea for a good amount of cash. It all depends on the chosen NFT collection of course.

    Listing Bot:NFT Bots types

    When you mint NFTs, you might want to list them on NFT marketplaces. This type of bot lists your NFTs for you on marketplaces like OpenSea almost directly after minting. Let’s say you minted, then floor price shot up. This increases your chances of bagging profit.

    Blur Farming Module:

    Blur logo

    Blur has airdropped its community millions of $BLUR tokens in its first season of airdrop. It then announced its season 2 airdrop. And, to be part of this airdrop (that’s promised to be bigger than the first) you have to top their points leaderboard. Therefore, NFT bots have stepped in an included a blur farming module to help users safely farm insane points.

    4 Top NFT Bots

    Showing group of bots standing

    Since NFT bots are important for your success, choosing the wrong bot will be a total loss for you and a bad RIO. We did our research for the top NFT bots: 

    ” All the bots listed below are out of stock and you should join their discord groups to wait for a re-stock and have a chance to buy them at retail price. You can always buy these bots at resale but they are pretty expensive. We’ve provided you Discord invitation for each bot.”

    #1 NFT Thunder


    NFThunder is one of the top NFT bots in the industry nowadays! Its packed with advanced features with a strong community. It even has its very own exclusive Alpha group!


    Ethereum and Solana blockchains (OpenSea, MagicEden, and Premint as well!).

    Features of the top NFT bot: 

    • OpenSea sniper bot
    • OpenSea automatic bidding bot
    • Magic Eden Sniper
    • 4 mint modes (Fast, flip, hybrid, and safe)
    • Contract minting
    • Token sweeper
    • Gas fees calculator
    • NFT wallet generator


    • Twitter: 14K followers
    • Discord: 5K members


    #2 Mintech Bot


    This NFT bot is one of the leading ones in the market. You can only access it via OpenSea where the floor price stands at 0.495 ETH. If you don’t like to run the bot via CMD and you would like a bot that has multiple marketplaces, this bot isn’t for you.


    Open-sea marketplace only.

    Features of the top NFT bot: 

    • ETH contract minting
    • NFT sniping
    • Captcha solver
    • Multi-wallet support/Currency
    • Mass wallet creation
    • Private RPCs/Nodes



    • Monthly subscription: 0.4 ETH initial price + 0.2 ETH / Month for renewal
    • Alpha access
    • Discord Invitation

    #3 Breeze AIO

    Breeze AIO

    This NFT bot provides users with the finest alpha and automation. It promises to always alert you before big releases, and gives you a better chance of minting the best NFTs!


    Ethereum and Solana (OpenSea, Magic Eden, LooksRare, X2Y2, and more.)

    Features of the top NFT bot: 

    • Enters pre minting raffles on your behalf
    • NFT sniping
    • NFT minting
    • Solves Discord Captcha challenges
    • Completes Twitter actions
    • Multi-wallet support/Currency
    • Mass wallet creation
    • Bulk Listing
    • Bulk Bidding
    • Private RPCs/Nodes


    • Twitter: 55.2K followers
    • Discord: 3.4K members


    #4 NFTs Minter



    Ethereum blockchain (contract address minting)

    Features of the top NFT bot: 

    • CLI interface
    • Full Wallet Management
    • Full Blur module and automation
    • NFT calls, Drop calendars, WL and guides


    • Twitter: 11.5K followers
    • Discord: 185 members


    Other NFT Bots

    Here are other NFT bots if you also want to check them out.


    They have a really cool UI design, great branding, and customer support with a high reputation among NFT botters. However lately, their success and online presence are weak.


    Multiple marketplaces OpenSea, Magic Eden & more

    Features of the top NFT bot: 

    • NFT Sniping
    • NFT minting
    • Multi-wallet support/Currency
    • Mass wallet creation


    • Twitter: 4.8K followers
    • Discord: 500


    Quantum IO

    The only good bot that supports Veve marketplace. Their downside is just like that of mintech bot. You can use the bot with only CMD, no UI is implemented.


    Veve, Opensea, Magic Eden & more marketplaces 

    Features of the top NFT bot: 

    • Pre minting
    • NFT sniping
    • NFT minting
    • Multi-wallet support/Currency
    • Mass wallet creation
    • Private RPCs/Nodes


    • Twitter: 2.7K followers
    • Discord Members: 4,000


    For now, this is the end of the list for our pick of top NFT bots. We will keep updating this article if any bots stepped into the market with great success. For your own benefit, keep an eye out for the Chain Witcher!


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