NFT Butler: Is This OpenSea Bidding Bot Worth It?

    NFT Butler is a 100% automated Swiss-made bidding bot created by Edelverse Labs. This tool has gained prominence in the NFT market because it offers users an advantage in mass bidding on OpenSea. And who doesn’t like the sound of that?

    In the NFT game, you either love to use bots for your selfish advantage. OR you hate their existence, refuse to operate them, and lose your footing and cadence in the long race. There is no in-between!

    And with the many bots available on the market, the quest for the best is always ongoing. So, how does this bidding bot make itself stand out in this highly saturated market?

    Basically, this bot aids users in obtaining valuable NFTs by automating tasks for collections and traits, allowing bids to be placed automatically at specific prices and for set periods. 

    In detail, NFT Butler supports auto-flipping of NFTs on OpenSea & other marketplaces after accepted bids. Not to mention that it comes with safety features like protection from dropping floor prices (ex: auto-unwrap WETH). 

    Not to mention that they promise to keep on innovating! Basically, the NFT Butler clan is very community-driven. So, you can join their Discord and drop in your ideas and suggestions for the future of the bot!

    It’s worth noting that several users are recording their success stories using NFT Butler!

    NFT Butler:
    -Release Date: January 2022
    -Twitter 3.5K Followers
    -Discord 1.9K Members
    -Youtube (Check it out for handy videos by the creators!)

    How much does NFT Butler bot cost? 

    • 0.06 ETH for 1 week of access via the official website.
    • 0.225 ETH for 1 month of access via the official website.
    • 1.9 ETH on OpenSea for a lifetime license (About $3,164 at the moment).

    Note that only 200 NFT lifetime licenses were released on OpenSea. Of which, only 58 are still up for grabs. So you better act fast!

    Bonus Point: Pro-access: It costs 0.12 ETH per month. However, you must have one of the above 3 (base access) subscriptions to unlock a pro-access subscription.   

    Check out the features that come with each plan below, and pick your poison!

    To find more details on each bidding feature, check out their blueprint > here 

    Features of The Bidding Bot:

    • NFT Butler can hold up to up to 7,000 bids per hour (116 Bids/Minute).
    • It automatically outbids competitors using dynamic filters and automated looping. 
    • Cost-effective solution for fully automated bidding without an auto clicker.
    • Users retain complete control over their bids.
    • Responsive user-friendly interface.
    • Filtering collections: It has a search engine that provides a comprehensive understanding of a collection’s analytics and features. 
    • Gas-free bidding enables users to bid on rare NFTs without paying high transaction fees. 

    How to get started with NFT Butler:

    • Buy and unlock your access!
    • Download the desktop app here!
    • Provide your private key (Unless you wish to fill it in every single time during those 7K bids…)
    • Put your gear on and start bidding!

    Final Words

    Through NFT Butler, users are creating tremendous amounts of tasks and running them forever! They’re buying NFTs and flipping them for a respectable profit. Basically, it is revolutionizing mass buying on OpenSea, and we think it’s totally worth a try!

    Finally, I am not trying to ruffle any feathers here, but might this be an under-the-table OpenSea move to overshadow the Blur boom? Since the over-achieving Blur airdrops, OpenSea has been feeling its competitor’s heat for quite some time now.

    With the latter rolling out its new mobile feature, could this be a well-orchestrated checkmate? Or will NFT Butler become compatible with more marketplaces soon, and we’re just being delusional? A penny for your thoughts… 

    Without a doubt, we’ll find out soon enough. Stay tuned for more!


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