Learn About NFTs for Free Like a Pro (Learning Secrets Revealed)

    NFTs are the future of Web3 and blockchain technology. 

    With the non-fungible tokens, you will be able to make transactions, create collections, join metaverses and so much more. But, before you begin investing in NFTs there are a lot of terms you need to know about.

    A lot of people are worried that the process of learning NFTs is expensive and that you need some special course when in reality there are many free sources to get you started.

    Various content creators, e-books, and social media channels are focused on NFTs, so we’ll discover only the best and free ways to learn NFTs like a pro. Let’s go!

    Why Should You Learn About NFTs?

    Technology is developing all the time, so you might be wondering why learning about NFTs should be your concern. While it’s true that trends come and go, the NFT universe has been expanding in the last few years and it’s only beginning to develop into the utility and real asset tokens that you can use every day.

    Because the blockchain and Web3.0 technology are prominent for the future of the internet, and the NFTs go hand in hand with that progress it’s a good idea to learn a thing or two about the non-fungible tokens.

    Many people still consider NFTs silly art collections and profile photos, when the market reached an overall valuation of $41 billion. If that is not enough to convince you to get started, keep in mind that the lucrative opportunity of NFTs is not limited to only a handful of people but rather an open concept anyone can join.

    That’s why it’s essential to learn all the terms that define non-fungible tokens and additionally all the trends and tools that will help you make the best investments.

    Top Free Ways to Learn NFT Like a Pro

    If you think that learning about NFTs is expensive we offer the best free ways you can learn and even become a pro. It’s important to follow as many trends, channels, social media, and discord groups as possible, to stay on top of everything, but it’s even better to choose only the best and most reliable sources of information.

    NFTs might sound and look simple, but there is a lot to cover and that’s why we have a list of best ways to learn NFTs for free:

    Follow Prominent Youtubers

    YouTube has some amazing NFT channels and content creators that can teach you about the basics of NFTs, markets, and trading, and even give tips on upcoming projects and analysis. Depending on the level of your knowledge you can always browse the YouTube channels we mention and find the beginner’s lessons first.

    Here are some of the best and most reputable NFT YouTube channels to follow:

    Bento Boi – 52.1K subscribers

    Bento Boi is one of the early supporters of the NFT universe and he started sharing tips and tricks about the blockchain in November 2021. The channel has since grown to over 50,000 subs and now you can learn a lot about new projects, tips, and tricks for beginners, and even some expert advice.

    NFTsGuide – 757K subscribers

    This is one of the top NFT YouTube channels devoted only to NFTs. NFTsGuide is a comprehensive resource for everything from assessing new NFT projects to demonstrating how to obtain NFTs for free. This channel advice is usually always clear and practical, so this is an excellent place to discover step-by-step instructions and maybe even start your own NFT project.

    Max Maher – 902K subscribers

    Max is an entrepreneur that will give one of the best financial advice on anything NFT-related. You can follow him for more tips and tricks and really learn how to notice the fine print on any NFT project. It’s all easy to understand even if you are a complete NFT newbie but it’s also a great channel for experienced NFT traders.

    NFT TIMES – 59.6K subscribers

    As the name of the channel suggests this is one of the best places to learn everything about NFTs, how to get started with collections, create your own projects, or make some clever investments. The team has some clear and easy-to-follow instructions and experienced advice on NFTs in general.

    NFT Verse – 147K subscribers

    If you are looking for constant uploads and knowledgeable content creators this is the channel you need to follow. There are extensive tutorials, the latest trends, and all the tips and tricks he picked up along the way. The NFT Verse is versatile, easy to understand, and very in-depth content for any NFT and crypto enthusiasts.

    Read Reliable NFT E-books


    While YouTube videos are a great starting point, if you want to learn even more details about the amazing world of NFTs you should look into some e-books. There are many free e-books online that cover a variety of topics, and go into detail about NFTs, marketplaces, blockchain and so much more.

    It’s one of the best ways to fully understand the NFT universe, just keep in mind that not all e-books are the same, because you are reading this article we’re going to give an exclusive direct access link to our premium Ebook “Ultimate NFT E-book“, click here to access.

    Join Discord Groups

    Since the NFTs became a sensation in 2020 there have been thousands of Discord channels and servers dedicated to the topic. If you need additional information on NFTs, or you simply want to talk to like-minded people you need to join several prominent Discord groups.

    People there are usually very friendly and responsive, and it’s a great way to share experiences, keep up with new projects, and discover the best tips.

    Here are a few examples to get you started:

    Rarible – 56,6K members

    Rarible is one of the most popular NFT marketplaces but they also have an amazing Discord channel with a lot of active members. So, even if you don’t want to launch an NFT project on Rarible, this channel can help you a lot during the learning process.

    Decentraland – 175K members

    Decentraland is a famous NFT metaverse where thousands of players enjoy virtual adventures and have their own avatars. However, they also have a great Discord channel you can join if you want to learn more about this and all other NFT projects. 

    VeeFriends – 360K members

    The VeeFriends Discord channel is one of the most popular and populated servers you can find, and for a good reason. They have one of the best communities that are willing to share and learn everything NFT and crypto-related. It’s the best choice for completely new users who don’t know where to start as well as the experienced NFT enthusiasts looking for additional tips and tricks. NFT Community – 38K members

    Enter art is an amazing community of young and enthusiastic artists that are eager to share their experiences and create something new on the blockchain. Their Discord channel is very active and a great place to be if you want to learn about new trends and potential NFT projects, as well as learn how to launch your own NFT project on a budget.

    Follow the Trends on Social Media

    Social media channels might be the best way to stay in the loop and have all the latest news and updates in the NFT community. The most prominent platforms to consider are Twitter and Instagram, but you could check the Facebook and other links they might have.

    While you are learning about NFTs keep in mind that this is a developing stage of new technology and you need to keep up with trends daily. This way you can be an NFT pro and have all the relevant information you need to make good investment decisions.

    Here are a few social media channels to consider:

    Social media posts will give you a better perspective on upcoming projects, but make sure to do your own research before you make any investments and check the rarity tools to ensure only the best NFTs are in your collection.

    Listen to NFT Podcasts

    To learn more about the NFTs and have some genuine insight from people who are in the community for a long time it’s a good idea to follow a few podcasts. This is a great opportunity to listen and soak up the knowledge while doing something else.

    While there are thousands of podcasts available online a few of them really stand out because of the experienced hosts and tons of information shared on NFTs. So, here are some of the best podcasts to consider:

    NFTs for Newbies

    Following podcasts like NFTs for Newbies is the greatest method to learn anything new about NFT. Heather Parady and Rich Cardona, are the lovely hosts. Listeners may participate in enjoyable and instructional sessions in which these two share their knowledge of new projects, terminology, and the best method to begin your NFT collection with the audience.


    Kevin Rose’s Proof podcast, which he founded and hosts, is one of the greatest places to learn all there is to know about NFTs and much more. The generative art movement and gaming metaverse are covered in the weekly interviews with NFT icons and emerging personalities.

    The Proof is one of the most popular shows among crypto aficionados worldwide because it is simple to follow, entertaining, and informative.

    NFT Catcher

    The NFT Catcher podcast was developed to assist both seasoned NFT enthusiasts and newcomers in locating the finest projects and focusing on the market to earn a substantial profit. The popular podcast is hosted by Jennifer Sutto and Michael Keen, and it concentrates on their personal purchases and experiences in the world of NFT.

    Zima Red

    The Zima Red podcast, created and presented by venture investor Andrew Strinwold, is a terrific method to learn all you need to know about virtual worlds, NTFs, and the metaverse.

    Andrew delves into the future of the decentralized scene, Web 3, and the NFT credit market with the support of several guests. It’s a wonderful podcast to listen to if you want to broaden your knowledge and enjoy hearing from experts with immense knowledge.


    Laura Shin, the host of the Unchained podcast, is a crypto-journalist and the inventor of the Cryptopians. The Unchained podcast will take you on a crypto adventure and provide you with the most up-to-date news in the NFT and markets.

    Laura also devotes time to researching the impact of cryptocurrencies on current technology and the economy, so this podcast may provide you with a more comprehensive view of the future and NFT initiatives.


    So, Can You Learn NFT Like a Pro for Free?

    Yes, learning the basics and even gaining in-depth knowledge on NFT is possible without any investments. With our detailed list, you now have the best YouTube channels, Twitter accounts, and e-books that will lead you on your road to success.

    While it might take some time to learn all the terms and feel comfortable with your knowledge of the NFT topics you can become a pro if you are devoted and passionate. 

    And, why wouldn’t you be – the NFTs are the future of the blockchain and Web3 technology. Learning about past and future projects, possible investments and general terminology can help you a lot in the days to come. You can find out more about the projects that are developing and get your hands on some valuable NFTs or make it to the whitelists. 

    So, learning about the extensive NFT universe doesn’t have to be expensive. With unlimited and free sources it’s up to you to choose the best way to keep up with the trends.



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