NFT Discord: Should You Join One?

    Ever since the big boom in the NFT space a couple of years ago, NFT enthusiasts have been referring to Discord as means of communication. Discord is the best platform to build NFT communities. Where people could get information about upcoming NFT projects and gain access to early NFT news. After two years of the mainstream attractions NFTs have gained, there are thousands of NFT Discord servers accessible to everyone. Discord’s operation through servers and other functionalities made it the perfect platform for NFT promotions. 

    So, what is an NFT Discord? And why should you join it? Read along to find out everything you need to know about this platform, its role in the NFT space, how to set up your own server, and the best NFT servers to join. 

    What is Discord?


    Developed back in 2015, Discord is a free communication platform that was initially created for video game players providing them with the means to communicate while playing. The platform revolutionized the way chatting and playing occur by offering a semi-public, forum-style community platform. Players with common interests would create or join servers where they can hang out and chat. Users can create both private and public channels where they can discuss various topics. While being a social network, it stands out from other platforms for the variety of chat options available. It offers voice, written, and video chat as well as the ability to share the screen with other players. 

    Although most servers relate to gaming, there is a wide range of public servers that discuss a variety of topics such as anime, self-improvement, and most recently cryptocurrencies and NFTs. So how do NFT communities use this platform? 

    NFT Discord 

    Have you ever wondered how collectors always know exactly when a certain NFT collection will drop? Or wondered how you could get on the famous whitelist of a project? Well, NFT Discord servers are the answer. It offers a great way for NFT communities to find announcements on potential airdrops, promote their NFT projects, and build a strong supportive community. Since the NFT space gathers a variety of people, from artists and developers to investors, Discord servers present unique attributes that manage the whole community. 

    An NFT Discord server usually focuses on one NFT project, where the creator can set up multiple channels for the different categories of the project. For instance, the creator can set up a separate channel for announcements, Q&A, and general discussions. In addition, in each separate channel, the creator can assign roles to members depending on the utility. Roles help to manage the Discord server and put clear rules and guidelines. 

    Importance of NFT Servers

    NFT Discord servers act as the main hub or space for NFT communities. Creators can curate an NFT community and a following for their upcoming projects. Also, they can create whitelisting opportunities for collectors before the launch of their NFT collection. This can hype up the projects and make them gain attraction from NFT enthusiasts. Moreover, NFT Discord servers can be beneficial to the NFT space based on who is using them.

    • NFT Beginners: NFT Discords are the best place for NFT newbies to learn about everything related to NFTs. 
    • NFT Enthusiasts: For individuals who are interested in timely updates and announcements of major NFT projects, an NFT Discord server is the best place to be. 
    • NFT Collectors: Joining a Discord server helps collectors and investors to determine which NFT collection is worth investing in. 
    • NFT Artists: A Discord server is a great way for NFT artists to meet each other and be inspired. 

    NFT Discord Scams 

    Although NFT Discords are a great way to join an NFT community and promote NFT projects, it is, however, a target for scammers. New users in particular often fall for a Discord scam. Scammers would send phishing links to airdrops, or direct message users by impersonating other community members. Here’s how you can avoid scams on NFT Discord servers: 

    •  Don’t fall for links that offer exclusive information or spots on whitelists, most probably it’s a scam. 
    • Turn off direct messages or don’t reply to anyone you don’t recognize as a legitimate source
    • Enable two-factor authentication (2FA)

    Pros and Cons of NFT Discord

    Seeing both sides of the coin, joining an NFT Discord has both advantages and disadvantages just like any other platform. So what are the pros and cons of NFT servers?


    • NFT Updates: NFT Discords are the first place you go to when seeking updates and major announcements regarding NFT collections. NFT servers act as a source of the latest NFT news that you can’t find anywhere else. 
    • NFT Community: NFT collections have more success rate when they breed a large following and a tight community. Discord servers have the biggest range of NFT communities to choose from.
    • Whitelists Spots: Who wouldn’t want early access to mint a hyped NFT? Whitelists are an important part of the NFT space and getting on one requires joining a Discord server most of the time. 
    • Tips and Guides: NFT Discord servers act as a great source of information regarding everything related to NFTs. 


    • Scams: Discord servers act as a pool for scammers to jump into. Scammers would fish out for NFT newbies and newcomers to the Discord servers and steal their cryptocurrency and NFTs by attacking their wallets
    • Time-consuming: Just like any social media platform, it is easy to get lost in the endless updates and discussions surrounding the NFT universe. 

    Joining an NFT Discord 

    Joining an NFT server on Discord is quite simple. The first thing you need to do is to create an account on Discord. It is advisable to download the app version on your mobile device because it is more convenient to use. Then you can find a specific NFT collection’s server and join it. The left side of the screen shows you the list of servers you have joined for easy navigation. Moreover, if you choose to sign up for a whitelist you’d have to provide your ID as well as your wallet’s address

    Where to Find NFT Servers

    The best way to find an NFT server on Discord is to find the NFT project’s official website, social media accounts, or marketplace where you can find a link to the project’s official Discord server. It is IMPORTANT to make sure that the Discord server is the OFFICIAL server of the project or else you will be exposed to hackers and scammers. 

    Promoting NFTs on Discord 

    If you are a creator who wishes to make your own Discord server to promote your NFT project, we have some tips and steps for you to follow. 

    • Create a Server on Discord: After signing up for a Discord account, add a new server for your NFT project.
    • Invite People: You can share the Discord server’s link on your social media platforms and invite people to join in. It is best to curate a small following on other platforms before you get on Discord. 
    • Make it Engageable: Fill the server with channels that offer conversations and discussions, and invite other creators, artists, and influencers to engage with the community you have built. 

    The Best NFT Servers

    If you are not sure where to begin with NFT Discords, don’t worry, you can find below some of the best NFT servers to join. 


    rNFT Discord

    This Discord server has more than 150,000 members and it is the official server of the largest NFT community from Reddit. This NFT server covers a variety of topics that suit both beginners and experts in the NFT space. The r/NFT subreddit has created this Discord server so members can debate a variety of topics ranging from cryptos to NFTs. Also, The r/NFT discord also provides great guidance and advice on developing, investing, and creating NFTs. Moreover, it is very beginner-friendly and questions are answered here 24/7. 

    OpenSea NFT Community

    Opensea discord

    Considering that Opensea is the largest marketplace for NFTs, it is quite clear why its Discord server would gain much popularity. Opensea’s Discord has over 230,000 members that could find the answers to almost any question in the #Community-Help channel. This server also provides an active #News channel that receives all updates on the latest NFT drops and announcements. Opensea’s server is always active and full of discussions and updates surrounding everything NFTs. 

    Bored Ape Yacht Club 

    BAYC Discord

    A more specific NFT server, the BAYC server has over 160,000 BAYC enthusiasts. Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs have the second-largest market cap and are one of the most recognizable collections on the blockchain. This server is one of the best NFT servers for people who are invested in the blue-chip collection and want to learn more about the benefits of investing in the project. 

    The Bottom Line

    An NFT Discord server is the best platform to find out more about NFT projects. You can receive updates and join a dedicated and supportive NFT community. If you are an artist, collector, or developer, it is advisable to join an NFT Discord if you want to be up-to-date with the latest information about the NFT universe. However, always keep wary of potential scams that might drain your wallet. 


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