NFT Drop Schedule: The Best NFT Drops to Follow in MAY22!

    With every month that comes, a new batch of NFTs is minted and listed throughout all the NFT calendars. The upcoming NFT drop schedule for MAY 2022 isn’t short of any non-fungibles, that’s for sure! But, knowing the BEST ones to follow or invest in makes all the difference. 

    Therefore, we’ve put together the top 5 NFTs that you should check out this May! They’ve got all the potential and all the signs to look out for in a good NFT. You should note that we’ve filtered them based on their Twitter following and Discord server volume. These are 2 very good indicators of how much people are engaging and invested in this project. So, no rug pulls here! Keep reading to check them all out.

    And, if you’ve been wondering about the whole NFT crash situation, we’ve got answers. We know things have been a little off with rumors flying everywhere about the NFT sales decline. Click on the button below to check out the complete rundown!


    MAY 15 – Magic Craft Genesis

    Magic Craft Genesis - ChainWitcher

    The first non-fungible on the MAY 2022 NFT drop schedule is the MAGIC CRAFT GENESIS dropping on May 15th, 2022. The collection includes 9999 NFTs with unique in-game utilities of 3333 Warriors, 3333 Archers, and 3333 Wizards.

    Each NFT has its own unique set of skills, attributes, and traits that result in 3 rarity levels. The higher the rarity, the bigger the in-game rewards! This is definitely one you don’t wanna miss out on! The collection belongs to the Binance SC blockchain and has a minting price of 0.75 BNB. Check out Magic Craft’s website here!

    Twitter Following: 73.7K
    Discord Server Volume: 12.6K

    MAY 15 – Pig Gang

    The Pig Gang - ChainWitcher

    Next on our NFT drop schedule, this month is the PIG GANG – a collection of 10,000 randomly generated NFTs. According to their socials, they are a community that is driven by LOVE… and Ethereum, of course. So, you can already establish at this point that the Pig Gang works on the Ethereum blockchain. And, they have a minting price of 0.035 ETH

    Each Pig is a pass to all their upcoming events and exclusive content like merch, collaborations, airdrops, and more. It’s basically like being a part of their whitelist for all the exclusive access. You also have to join their Discord server for a chance to participate in their public sale! Check their website here!

    Twitter Following: 20.0K
    Discord Server Volume: 10.6K

    MAY 19 – SixthRéseau

    SixthReseau - NFT Drop Schedule MAY - ChainWitcher

    However, the BEST upcoming release on our May 22 NFT drop schedule is SixthRéseau. According to their website, they are ‘the most exclusive clothing brand in the world’. Their mission and goals are to establish its premier luxury fashion brand in the Metaverse and connect with Web 3.0. In other words, they’re trying to create something extremely forward-thinking and luxurious. 

    The upcoming release will be using a Dutch type of NFT auction with: a whitelist at 0.15 ETH and a public mint at 0.4 ETH to 0.25 ETH. Make sure to check out SixthRéseau NFT on May 19th, 2022!

    Twitter Following: 194.1K
    Discord Server Volume: 50.1K

    MAY 23 – The Populars

    The Populars - NFT Drop Schedule MAY - ChainWitcher

    Also, another pretty awesome spot on our NFT drop schedule this May is The Populars! This is a collection of 3333 Pop Culture NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain. They even have a complete roadmap of their goals for all those who have a taste for culturally-relevant things. Make sure to check out their social media for their latest updates. And, don’t forget to catch The Populars release on May 23rd, 2022 for 0.07 ETH!

    Twitter Following: 24.2K
    Discord Server Volume: 16.1K

    MAY 28 – The Egg Society

    The Egg Society - NFT Drop Schedule MAY - ChainWitcher

    Finally, the last spot on the top NFT drop schedule list for the month of May is The Egg Society. They are a collection of 8888 unique NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection features 200 unique, hand-drawn traits featuring a lot of different egg-head characters. Also, you should note that they have a completely doxxed team AND a roadmap. Both of which you can check out on their website!

    Also, their main goal is to create a community-led project with a seeded treasury of 500K USDT! And, one of their coolest features includes: if you own a 2D Egg, you get a free 3D egg mint! You can also benefit from checking out their exclusive merch like hoodies, T-shirts, and caps! Make sure to catch The Egg Society release on May 28th, 2022!

    Twitter Following: 24.7K
    Discord Server Volume: 2.1K


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