Hot Upcoming NFT Drops in October 2022

    Let’s agree to ignore the speculations about the death of NFTs in 2022. I mean, seriously, if NFTs were really dead how the hell are people investing all their money, time, and energy into creating new NFT collections?? If we want to speak numbers, according to CryptoNews, 2022 witnessed an increase in the amount of NFT collections estimated at 104.5%. So let’s cut a long story short and talk about the hottest upcoming NFT drops in October 2022! 

    The Top 10 NFT Drop Picks for October 

    October apparently is a very competitive month for NFTs. Many heavily-anticipated and hyped-up collections are dropping this month. Here’s a pick of 10 upcoming NFT drops that grossed the most hype and public interest! 

    october NFT drop calendar 2022

    Upcoming NFT Drops in October 2022: Insights

    #1 Lords of the Lands 


    • Type: Metaverse
    • Blockchain: Ethereum
    • Mint Price: 0.15 ETH
    • Supply: 5K
    • Twitter: 98.3 K
    • Discord: 80 k
    • Release Date: Oct 4
    • Project Team: Fully Doxxed

    Lords Of The Lands, or as they like to abbreviate themselves “LOL”, is a decentralized utility-driven metaverse on the Ethereum Blockchain. This metaverse is themed as a “futuristic medieval era”. It is ruled by billionaires of the world, obviously the Lords. This project claims to be the future of entertainment, music festivals, sports & E-gaming. It will be available on all platforms including Web, IOS, Android, and VR Apps. Does this ring any bells? Seems like Decentraland and Sandbox have a new competitor.

    LOL metaverse has a total of 5,000 NFTs. Of which 2,000 are Lords – the characters of the game- and 3,000 are Lands- real estate of the game. The “Landlord” is the highest title in the LOL metaverse. To achieve a Landlord status you must purchase a minimum of 1 Lord NFT and 1 Land NFT. In the metaverse’s teaser trailer you can sense it has that graphic vibe of when GTA first came out. Also, it seems like you can only be a man in this metaverse. I don’t recall the title “Lord” being given casually to women.

    Experience Expectations:

    • NFT Museum & Auctions
    • Music Festivals
    • E-Gaming Tournaments
    • Play to Earn: Treasure Hunts
    • Virtual Shopping
    • Future Of Sports
    • Monthly Rentals.
    • 25% of LOL creator royalty is shared with all LANDLORDS.

    #2 Warrior Bears


    • Type: Collection
    • Blockchain: Solana
    • Mint Price: 5 sol
    • Supply: 2000
    • Twitter: 20.9K
    • Discord: 3763
    • Release Date: Oct 4
    • Project Team: Fully Doxxed

    Next on our list of upcoming NFT drops in October is Warrior Bears. Words escape me as I try to understand this NFT collection. It’s both vague and clear. The creators don’t give us much to go on. Probably that’s the intention. Surprisingly despite all this vagueness, the project has a big following on Twitter. Maybe it’s due to the fully doxxed team, storyline, and graphics. 

    Now the graphics are to-die-for. It instantly triggers Kong-Fu Panda memories.  In a world invaded by child brain-eating monsters, Warrior Bears come to the rescue. Who knows, this may end up as a game with time. So far this upcoming NFT drop includes staking, where you can stake and earn $WBN tokens. Also, a warrior shop where you can own physical products such as t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, masks, and more inspired by the collection.

    #3 PsyCatz


    • Type: Play-to-earn 
    • Blockchain: Solana
    • Mint Price: 1.5 SOL
    • Supply: 8 888
    • Twitter: 56.8k
    • Discord:  46 086
    • Release Date: Oct 4 
    • Project team: Undoxxed 

    PsyCatz is one of the highly anticipated upcoming NFT drop for October this year. With 56.8k followers on Twitter and 46k members on Discord, people are clearly hyped up for it! It’s astonishing because the team is not fully doxxed yet. They do however promise to reveal their identity to a trusted company to initiate trust with their NFT investors.

    A collection of 8,888 randomly generated psychedelic-themed cats will earn you rewards and game access as the PsyCatz community grows. The project aims to have the most “unique and extensive blockchain entertainment platform on the market”. Now that’s a big statement. They also intend to give back to the community via voting power and rewards.

    What we know so far is that PsyCatz aspires to have a DAO. It also promises features of breeding, which is similar to the cryptokitties concept. They will further create games other than the “racing” one they are marketing. Could this be the new AxieInfinity? We have to wait and see.

    #4 TWD Lands – 3D Avatars

    TWD LANDS Avatar

    • Type: Metaverse
    • Blockchain: Ethereum
    • Mint Price: 80$
    • Supply: 5000
    • Twitter: 28.5
    • Discord: 3617
    • Release Date: Oct 5
    • Project Team: Fully Doxxed 

    It’s been 12 years since The Walking Dead hit our screens and invaded our hearts. This post-apocalyptic comic-based series developed a huge fanbase. With the eleventh and final season dropping this November, it only makes sense for TWD Lands to be one of the upcoming drops in October. The Walking Dead creators paired with Orange Comet Company to carry on the legacy of the series on the blockchain. The Walking Dead Metaverse will eventually become a reality, and everyone’s all in for it. Look, I’m not biased but watch this series and you’ll get it.

    The Walking Dead Lands is a post-apocalyptic build-and-earn experience based on The Walking Dead universe. You will need at least one avatar to enter the experience. Here comes the drop of the first batch of lifelike 3D avatar recreations of our favorite characters. This drop will feature Michonne and her pets, Mercer, Rick Grimes, Carol Peletier, Daryl Dixon, and various soldiers from the Commonwealth and the CRM. It’s interesting to note that they have their mint price at 80$. Therefore, whatever 80$ is worth in Ethereum on that day will be the ETH mint price. 

    #5 Project 369


    • Type: Collection
    • Blockchain: Solana
    • Mint Price: 0.963 SOL
    • Supply: 9630
    • Twitter: 36k
    • Discord: 13 661
    • Release Date: Oct 7
    • Project Team: undoxxed

    Fifth on our list is the most philosophically sophisticated upcoming NFT drop in October. Project 369 is an NFT collection of 9,630 avatars and a very vague roadmap. Nonetheless, they sure are into poetry. Here are quotes of some of their words, let’s make sense of them together: 

    • The NFT space has run aimlessly like a ship without a rudder. Having desire with no direction, blind ambitions. 
    • The Forerunners are here to set the stage for the multitudes to pull the curtain and reveal crypto’s first Kickback NFT.
    • Once the final act commences society will be given a chance to join the Forerunners and usher in a new beginning.

    You can notice an obvious play on numbers here. Why would they name the project 369 and release specifically 9630 NFTs? We did some digging and figured out that the number 369 has a spiritual significance. The meanings of these numbers are about change, new beginnings, and abundance. Apparently, when you see the number 369 it’s a reminder that good things are on the way. Well, let’s see what they got up their sleeves with all this symbolism and mystery.

    #6 Zee Among Us


    • Type: P2E game
    • Blockchain: Solana
    • Mint Price: free
    • Supply: 55555
    • Twitter: 8.26k
    • Discord: 2172
    • Release Date: Oct 7
    • Project Team: Unknown 

    I know I have already mentioned vague too many times, but this upcoming NFT drop in October must be the vaguest. Zee Among Us has literally one line about the whole thing. It’s a collection of 5,555 unique generated avatars on the Solana blockchain. They are to be part of a future PVP & PVE game. It is definitely inspired by the hit game Among Us that broke the internet during the Covid pandemic. 

    Also, did I mention they are offering FREE MINT on the 7th of October? No one can figure out what’s going on but it seems interesting. We’ll probably know more about the roadmap and game details after mint.

    #7 Oxya Origin Land 


    • Type: Metaverse-Play to earn game
    • Blockchain: Ethereum 
    • Mint Price: 0.2 – 0.6
    • Supply: –
    • Twitter: 114.1 K
    • Discord: 214.7 K 
    • Release Date: Oct 9
    • Project Team: Fully Doxxed

    This upcoming NFT drop in October ranks high on the social score. It has the most number of Twitter followers out of all the other 9 picks. Oxya Origin is a play-to-earn game with its own metaverse. It is definitely one of the biggest projects to come. It promises to empower gamers and creators in a community-owned and inclusive metaverse. This metaverse is composed of three planets that reflect the “historic human condition in a dystopian future”.

    After the release of the Oxya origin Characters which is available on opensea, the project creators are now launching Oxya Origin Land. It basically is an NFT collection of Lands with unknown supply at the time of writing. 

    So far there are three types of Land.Each one belongs to a planet with distinct cultures and environments: 

    • Kryo: The business, finance, political, medical, and tourism hub.
    • Naya: An artistic, full of music, education, and wellness environment.
    • Luxion: This is the Action Zone where gaming, media, sport, gambling, and technology.

    Storytelling, gaming, history, lore, characters, and more! This is definitely worth a try. Find everything you need to know about Oxya Origins in their whitepaper

    #8 Procrastination World


    • Type: Collection
    • Blockchain: Ethereum
    • Mint Price: 0.01
    • Supply: 10K
    • Twitter: 79.9 K
    • Discord: 12.3 K 
    • Release Date: Oct 11
    • Project Team: Unknown 

    Probably with a title like that, this upcoming NFT drop doesn’t need to offer too much to impress. We have to face the fact that procrastination hits all of us equally. Sometimes it even turns intoa guilty-pleasure. 

    The Twitter description just says “Most distinctive NFT project, Bringing together Procrastinators from all over the world.”. They also mention the supply and mint price. That’s it, all the information you need. With a 79.9 K total following on Twitter , the hype is certainly over the roof. Let’s see what this collection has in store for us , other than its quirky memes.

    procrastination world meme

    #9 Meta Arcata


    • Type: P2E Game
    • Blockchain: Ethereum
    • Mint Price: 0.3
    • Supply: 10 000
    • Twitter: 28.9 K
    • Discord: 2 k
    • Release Date: Oct 13
    • Project Team: Doxxed

    Meta Arcata is another upcoming P2E NFT drop for this year. Can we pause and notice how many play-to-earn games are dropping this year, specifically this month! This NFT collection comprises 10,000 Tokens of 8 unique characters. These NFTs are the tickets to access the game.

    The game’s teaser trailer sure has most anime lovers on the edge of their seats. The gameplay claims to be inspired by retro arcade games. They do have a familiar catchphrase though. It goes about how everyone will be fighting for the same goal: to be the last one standing. Cool.

    #10 Twinkle Town


    • Type: Collection
    • Blockchain: Ethereum
    • Mint Price: FREE
    • Supply: 5000
    • Twitter: 33.7k
    • Discord: 9.8 K
    • Release Date: Oct 31
    • Project Team: Unknown 

    Okay, this is the last time I say this, but Twinkle Town is so far the most mysterious upcoming NFT Drop in October! There is no data whatsoever to know in-depth details about the whole thing. 

    Despite all that, they have a huge following on both Twitter and Discord. Probably because they mention that “ 5000 Free NFTs, Are ready to Twinkle in the Metaverse & NFT space”. They also say in one of their tweets that the reason behind their FREE MINT is due to them wanting to “underpromise and overdeliver“. Interesting marketing strategy. I hope it pays off. Let’s wait and see.

    Also, maybe it’s just me but doesn’t this collection’s aesthetic and vibe remind us of the Doodles NFTs


    Did you get what the hype is all about after skimming through the upcoming NFT drops in October? Great, which one was your favorite? Tell us in the comments section! I’ve definitely fallen for Oxya Origin and TWD Lands.

    However, we need to make one thing clear. You need to ALWAYS do your own research before you invest in an NFT! Don’t go too easily with the flow. You better be smart and safe about these things. Until next time, keep it u for your Chainwitcher!


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