NFT God Hacked: When Does This End?!

    This year is officially the hacking and scheming year. Many scammers are targetting influencers’ and famous collectors’ NFTs and stealing them and one of them is NFT God. And it does not seem to be stopping anytime soon.

    Popular NFT influencer NFT God lost his assets last night. Like many NFT collectors, the scammers stole all his NFTs and Crypto. NFT God went to Twitter and shared the sad news with his followers. Let’s dig in.

    Who is NFT God?

    NFT God is an iconic name in the NFT world. An influencer and investor extraordinaire, almost everyone who is into NFTs follows him or at least has heard of him. NFT God has an entire  Blog and Newsletter to inform people of the latest NFT happenings. It also includes tips and tricks to ace the NFT game.

     In addition, he created the “1% Club”, where people can join to learn about growth and help each other. Thus, creating a community that supports and helps. The NFT community is proving that some influencers really do care about their followers and don’t necessarily have any personal benefit behind it. 

    NFT God’s The 1% Club: Rewards

    NFT God just keeps on giving. The collector is debuting his first NFT collection, and he will be minting 1 NFT weekly starting at the end of January. This collection is not like your typical collection it is not a PFP (profile pic) or access pass. This is a collection by the community and operates as a rewards collection hence the name 1% Club: Rewards. 

    Every Sunday, NFT God will create a content challenge on the 1% Club Discord (which you will have access to when you subscribe to the Newsletter). It could be a thread, tweet, or video challenge. At the end of the week, the community will vote on which piece of content was the best. 

    NFT God will send the winner a Rewards NFT completely for free. This will happen every single week for the rest of the year and into 2024. Backing his claim the art is made completely by the community, you can submit your art, and each Monday, NFT God will choose one as the NFT reward of the week. 

    To participate in the competition, you must be a member of the 1% Club the premium tier of his newsletter, and it only costs 5$ to join. But, NFT God claims that if you are not able to pay the 5$ fee, contact him, and he will make sure to get you in any way “ I believe education should be democratized, not token gated.”

    The Hack

    Today, NFT God announced on Twitter that scammers stole all of his NFTs and Crypto when they hacked his computer. The influencer took a positive turn on the sad event and thanked the people for their support. 

    The community raged with anger and sadness and set about to help the influencer who always helped them. Some even offered to send gifts to help him reclaim some of the value of his stolen NFTs.

    While others shared their grief with the influencer and hoped he will get back on his feet soon.

    This shows that the NFT community is truly a ‘real one’, and people don’t forget those who always give back to the community s much as they earn. And for that, we say kudos to everyone who stands next to people in their time of need. 

    Similar Hacking Situations

    2023 came, and along with it came a wave of scamming and NFT theft. Big names in the industry are suffering from these operations. Similar to NFT God, there was  CryptoNovo who lost  4 of his precious CryptoPunks. 

    Moreover, there was RTFKT’s COO who lost nearly $200k worth of NFTs this year.

    All of this happened, and January is not even over. So, it is safe to say that the hacking attacks will not be over soon so be careful and try to avoid scams

    Final Statement

    Scamming and hacking NFTs is a never-ending story. People should be careful when dealing with links, invitations, and fishy DMs. And if you ever feel uneasy about a link quickly go and change your password just to be safe. And always take heed from others’ situations and take extra precautions. Stay tuned for more scams and hacks. 


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