Our 5 Favorite NFT Pixel Art Collection You Should Join!

    The artwork in the world of non-fungible tokens takes a lot of different forms. One of them is the NFT Pixel Art collection – one of the best and most fun collections to join. It takes your usual image form of non-fungible tokens to a whole new level.

    By pixel art, we do mean straight-out pixelated images and NFT art. And, although that might sound counterintuitive – to purposefully pixelate NFTs. People all over the industry LOVE these types of collections. And, they turn out to be one of the most popular and expensive collections in the industry! In fact, one of the biggest non-fungible tokens of the entire industry is actually pixelated as well. So, it is very interesting to check out more about them!

    Therefore, we’ve got 5 of our favorite NFT pixel art collections that we think you should be a part of. They do have this 8-bit Mario nostalgic feel to them, which might be the appeal. Keep reading to find out more about these collections. And to find out more about non-fungible tokens in general, click on the button below. It has a thorough and comprehensive NFT guide with everything you need! 


    (1) CryptoPunks

    Our first NFT pixel art collection is definitely one of the best ones out there – the CryptoPunks collection! They are one of the oldest ones in NFT history that also probably set the tone for pixelated NFTs. The collection was released back in 2017 before the entire BOOM of the non-fungible tokens actually started.

    Rumor has it that this collection started out as a game as opposed to a collection for sale. But, the creators eventually decided to create digital artwork instead. And so, on June 23rd, 2017, the full collection was launched. It featured 10,000 characters in 24 x 24 8-pixel art images of random guys! The characters come in different traits like earrings, lipstick, glasses, hair traits, and more. 

    Collection Website:
    Twitter Profile: @larvalabs
    Floor Price: 74.68 ETH
    Etherscan Address: CryptoPunks

    (2) Yubo Randos

    Another NFT pixel art collection that is definitely one of our favorites is the Yubo Randos collection! Yubo is a social media app that is all about live streaming. And in April 2022, the team of Yubo announced that they would be launching an NFT collection called Randos. 

    The collection features 10,000 digital art pieces on the Ethereum blockchain. Each piece of the collection is a 2D pixel-based character with different and unique traits. Digital designer – BanFan – designed the entire collection. Benefits of the collection include: using the NFTs as profile pictures in the Yubo app, exclusive access to private events, and earning passive revenue! Each Rando costs 0.1 ETH and will drop on the Yubo Rando website.

    (3) Meebits

    When Larva Labs saw how much people loved their CryptoPunks, they went on to create another NFT pixel art collection: the Meebits! This is one of the coolest collections on this list and one of the most coveted PFP collections! They created this collection also on the Ethereum blockchain and debuted their voxel-based characters. 

    The collection features 20,000 3D pixelated characters with tons of different features. This includes beards, earrings, glasses, hair, jersey number, and more. Of course, with different rarity levels for each art piece. The collection rode off the hype of the CryptoPunks with some of them selling for over $70 million! 

    Collection Website:
    Twitter Profile: @MeebitsNFTs
    Floor Price: 4.38 ETH
    Etherscan Address: Meebits

    (4) Moonbirds

    Also, there’s the adorable NFT pixel art collection – Moonbirds – featuring the cute pixelated owls! It is an Ethereum-based collection that released in April of 2022. However, it does come from a private community of NFT collectors – like a DAO. When the collection released, it got around $200 million in the first 48 hours and $500 million in total!

    The collection featured 10,000 pixelated owls with features like eyes, feathers, headwear, beak, and more. However, the coolest feature they have is their Moonbird nesting which is basic NFT staking.  

    Collection Website:
    Twitter Profile: @moonbirds
    Floor Price: 13.85 ETH
    Etherscan Address: MOONBIRD

    (5) BitCats

    Finally, the last NFT art pixel collection on this list is BitCats NFT. It is a project on the Ethereum blockchain, and it is their Genesis drop. They started working on it in 2020 all the way to July of 2021! It includes 81 Genesis BitCats and 1024 GenBitCats of 2D pixelated art. 

    Their website describes them as cute NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. They are all created by hand to make every NFT completely unique. You can mint 2 per wallet for 0.04 ETH! Their roadmap includes a lot of plans for the future so make sure to check it out!

    Collection Website:
    Twitter Profile: @BitCatsNFT
    Floor Price: 0.05 ETH


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