NFT Profit Calculator

    We've developed this NFT profit calculator tool to help you in being insightful when selling, buying or flipping any NFTs. Save your time and your wallet by using this tool to determine the ROI of the NFT you're buying/selling.



    1. Find the Collection you want to resell/buy

    Search for the NFT collection you are willing to Buy or Sell. We're going to choose AZUKI for this demonstration.

    enter NFT price

    2. Enter Buy Price

    Enter the PRICE of the NFT you bought or are willing to buy. Let's imagine we bought an AZUKI NFT for 10 ETH, now we should enter 10 ETH in the "BUY PRICE" field. "ROYALTY %" is the percentage the collection owner takes for each transaction. "BUY GAS FEE" is the fees that paid or going to pay when buying.

    nft profit calculator sell price

    3. Enter Sell Price

    Enter the price you are willing to sell your NFT. We are going to sell our AZUKI NFT for 10.5. "SERVICE FEE" is the fee that Opensea takes for the transaction. "LIST GAS FEE" will be deducted from you when listing your NFT.

    NFT profit calculator profit summary

    4. Check Profit/Loss

    Our tool will calculate the ROI whether it's a LOSS or PROFIT. After entering all the input the tool ROI output was -0.2957 ETH which is equvalant to -$390 of total loss, but remember we bought AZUKI NFT for 10 ETH sold it for 10.5 ETH should be a profit right? The answer is if you calculate the Royalty Fees, Service Fees, Listing Fees, Gas Fees, the price we sold it for wasn't enough. This is where this tool comes in handy, you can always calculate your RIO before buying or selling your NFT.