NFT Raffle Bots: Do You Need One To Win Raffles?

    Who wouldn’t want a 100$+ whitelist for free? Or, any whitelist for a project they got their eyes on? Probably no one. This is why raffles are highly competitive. Everyone wants a piece but the number is limited. In this case, NFT raffle bots might be exactly what you need. But, what exactly is an NFT raffle? And, can’t you win without a bot? 

    What’s an NFT Raffle?

    An NFT raffle is a way to airdrop NFTs to randomly selected winners. Usually, projects do raffles leading up to their collection drop. It’s a marketing strategy to get people to talk about the project prior to its launch. Some even do raffles for whitelist spots. Especially in these cases, NFT enthusiasts use NFT raffle bots to win. 

    What are the different types of NFT raffles?

    There are multiple types of NFT raffles. Some simply require you to sign up for a whitelist. Then, based on supply, number of winners, and your chance you might win. Others require you to do even more tasks like:

    • Adding your wallet
    • Adding your Twitter account
    • Adding your Discord account
    • Following some Twitter accounts, etc. 

    And, entries are generally limited to once per account. 

    Why Are NFT Raffles Important?

    NFT raffles are important for both creators and collectors. Creators often use the raffle strategy to market their projects and upcoming drops. In almost all collections’ marketing budgets, there is a certain percentage set aside for raffles. 

    Again, some raffles require you to post on Twitter which would get more people talking about the project. In fact, the majority of big projects hold raffles for whitelist spots. These are usually the projects whose whitelist sells for more than 100$ per WL. 

    A good example is BlankSlate which held a raffle for 50 WL spots. 

    NFT Raffle example

    Therefore, this is the main win for collectors. If you win a whitelist for a very hyped-up project, you’d have saved yourself a lot of money. And, you’d be getting a chance to mint without paying anything.

    NFT Raffle Websites

    Furthermore, there are even websites that gather all raffles and tasks in one place so you don’t have to look for them. 

    Alpha Bot

    AlphaBot NFT Raffle Bot

    Alpha bot is the “raffle tool of choice for top alpha communities”. They have:

    It’s not an NFT raffle bot. It’s actually a site that gathers a lot of raffles that are being held in the space. On their website, there’s a specific place where you can find all raffles. Once you click on a specific one, you get a page with all the information you need. For example, the one below is a raffle for a whitelist for VLVT. 

    NFT raffle bot alphabot

    The page provides specific details on the deadline, number of entries, number of winners, and the blockchain [in red]. And, it also provides information on the project itself [in green]. 

    Raffle details

    Furthermore, on the right, you can see all the tasks you need to complete to be eligible for the raffle. 

    Raffle tasks

    In this case, you need to:

    • Have a premium membership
    • Connect your wallet
    • Connect Discord
    • Join the project’s Discord
    • Connect Twitter
    • Follow the project’s Twitter


    Premint alpha bot

    Premint is known as “the web3 allowlist platform”. Again, this is not an NFT raffle bot but a platform showcasing raffles held. It has 98.2K followers on Twitter! Once you’re in, there’s a specific tab for “allowlist offers”. These are given out on a raffle basis. 

    You can click and surf through the different options. 

    Premint allowlist offers

    Then, you click on the allowlist you want to join. Just like with Alphabot, you can see the raffle details as well as the projects.

    premint raffle

    You can see:

    • Registration deadline
    • Mint date
    • Mint price
    • Total supply
    • Spots reserved 
    • Selection method
    • Raffle Time
    • Verified Discord and Twitter
    • And, official website link

    On the right, you can see the tasks you need to complete to enter the raffle. Below these, there are further details about the project. 

    Further details

    Raffle Problems and How NFT Raffle Bots Solve Them

    Now that you understand how these raffle websites work, you might notice a few problems:

    • Raffles are accessible to almost everyone
    • Supply and the number of winners are limited
    • Entries are limited to once per account

    The common thing among all is that there are a lot of people fighting for the same thing. And, this leads to people creating multiple accounts and wallets to increase their chances of winning. Usually, this is where raffle NFT bots are your best friend. 

    What Are NFT Raffle Bots? 

    There isn’t a strictly-raffle NFT bot. However, there are NFT bots that have the feature “raffle” in them. An NFT bot is a software application programmed to perform tasks through Robotic Process Automation. We’ve already fully explained bots here and how they work. What you need to know is that they automate tasks. So, the bots that have the raffle feature, automate the entire process for you.

    NFT Bots typesHow Can You Use NFT Raffle Bots To Increase Your Chances Of Winning?

    The main focus here is getting that whitelist or NFT for free. So, can NFT raffle bots actually help us? The short answer is yes definitely. The long answer is, it technically makes it easier for you to win. 

    What does this mean? Basically, what increases your chances of winning is your increased number of entries as already mentioned. Let’s say the project is giving away one whitelist. They usually give away more but I’m taking the simplest example not to confuse you with the math. 

    So, they’re giving away one whitelist. And, there’s a total of 100 entries. If you enter one time, your probability of winning is 1/100 = 0.01. So, that’s a 0.01% chance of winning. 

    However, if you enter 5 times (with 5 different accounts), your probability of winning is 5/100 = 0.05. That’s a 0.05% chance of winning. 

    Of course, with an increased number of whitelists given, the math becomes more confusing but it’s technically the same. More entries = more likelihood of winning. 

    The raffle bots simply save you the trouble of having to manually enter all the accounts you have. Can you imagine how long it would take you to fill the same tasks from, let’s say, 50 different accounts? 

    But, How Do NFT Raffle Bots Work?

    Again, there aren’t NFT bots strictly for raffles. But, we’re calling them this way to avoid confusion. So, how would you be able to use the NFT raffle bots? We already agreed that you need multiple accounts and wallets.

    So, the first step is you either make your desired number of accounts or buy them. Your next step is getting proxies. Why? Simply because you can’t be doing the tasks from the same IP address. Then, you feed all of this to the bot and they do the rest for you. It’s that simple.


    If there’s a raffle you got your eye on, now you know how to increase your chances of winning. Raffles are literally everywhere and they’re a great way to get profit. There are projects that give away whitelists while these same whitelists sell for hundreds of dollars. Raffle NFT bots can help you make a lot of money. I understand if you don’t like bots. But, if you do, here are the top NFT bots in 2023! 


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