NFT Sneakers: Top Collections Related to the Sneaker Industry

    NFT sneakers are one of the greatest industry crossovers in history. Why? Because this includes the merging of two of the largest industries in the world. Also, they happen to be one of the two most profitable industries as well! Therefore, being a part of that common area means all the more money for you! 

    The world of non-fungible tokens got much better once the big fish of the sneaker industry stepped in. We’re talking about Nike and Adidas, including some other notable names of the game. You see, once the craze of the non-fungible token world took flight, it was only a matter of time. Soon enough, everyone was trying to find a way to become a part of the hype.

    So, if you’re interested, allow me to show you the top NFT collections related to the sneaker industry and how it all went down!


    #1 RTFKT

    RTFKT NFT Sneakers

    The first NFT sneakers collection we’re here to talk about is RTFKT. In 2020, Benoit Pagotto, Chris Le, and Steven Vasilev founded RTFKT to create digital sneakers.

    They’re mostly known for their collaboration with Fewocious on the $3.1M sale they did. Together, they created three different pairs of sneakers with retail prices of $3K, $5K, and $10K. 

    Nike acquired RTFKT to add to its Metaverse in December 2021 in an undisclosed agreement. Their first digital sneakers dropped in a collection back in April 2022.

    Owners of the NFT completed RTFKT quests to bid over a cube’s content. Each cube contained a pair of virtual sneakers called Nike CryptoKicks.

    #2 Fewocious


    Next, this brings us to Fewocious NFT sneakers and their collaboration with RTFKT. Let’s go into more detail about this sneaker collaboration in the virtual world! Around the beginning of the COVID outbreak, RTFKT created the next-gen sneakers for the Metaverse.

    Together with Fewocious, they created a series of virtual sneakers with digital merch called “Charm” and “Drip”. Basically, people were able to try on the sneakers on Snapchat before they bought them.

    Not to mention that were able to redeem their NFTs for physical, real-life pairs of sneakers. They created three styles of sneakers and sold over 600 pairs, pooling in $3.1M in USD. On the other hand, their “Charm” merch sold for $88.88K in USD and “Drip” for $1.5K each. 

    #3 BAYC x Adidas

    Adidas BAYC NFT Sneakers

    The NFT sneakers collaboration between BAYC and Adidas is also one for the books! Near the end of 2021, Adidas started hinting at a new project within the Metaverse.

    In December, they announced their collaboration with Bored Ape Yacht Club, gmoney, and PUNKS Comic with their project: Into the Metaverse. And they even launched an Adidas Originals NFT capsule on OpenSea! Their collaboration with Bored Ape Yacht Club resulted in a very cool-looking avatar.

    It came in a banana-yellow Firebird tracksuit with a matching bucket hat. And a set of heart-shaped glasses and very bored eyes! This was just the beginning of Adidas’ venture into the world of NFTs!

    #4 StockX Vault


    Finally, the last NFT sneakers are probably the most controversial of the lot! Have you heard of the StockX vs Nike lawsuit? Well, this is where it all started. StockX’s “Vault” is basically a virtual vault of digital sneakers.

    But not any sneakers. No. The most hyped and limited Nike and Adidas sneakers out there. When you buy their Vault NFT sneaker, you get a non-fungible token representing a real sneaker. 

    The whole concept behind it is that StockX holds on to the NFT in place of the actual physical sneaker. But, this raises the question: are the value of the NFT and the physical sneaker the same?

    Also, Nike’s all mad about StockX making a profit off of their name! But, StockX is still doing it. And, people are still making money!


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