Top 4 NFT Tools : Mint & Flip NFTs Like A Pro

    Did you just start your NFT journey? Have you already started and it’s overwhelming every cell in your brain? Are you a pro and need some tips? Your search is over, Chainwitcher got you covered. The NFT industry is a wild uncharted ocean of possibilities. You certainly need help if you want a shot of ever making money out of it. NFT tools are like a life jacket in an open sea (pun intended). No matter how good of a swimmer you are, you can’t keep it up for a long time. This article will be your lifeline. Hold tight and read it with eager eyes. 

    Now we did our fair share of research and tried almost every tool out there. So you can take our word for it when we present to you the best NFT tools. EVER. We’ll always stay on the lookout for any hot new tool and add it to our list. For now, tag along to know all about your favorite new best friends: ICY.TOOLS, NFTinit, ORIGINS, and yours truly Chainwitcher.

    The Best NFT Tools To Use

    NFT Tool #1 – ICY.TOOLS NFT tool overview

    Let’s get to know the best NFT tools out there. First up on our list is This tool is ideal if you’re just getting started in the NFT world. It’s user-friendly and gives you a great heads-up on taking major NFT decisions. is a platform where you can discover, track, and analyze blockchain-based NFT projects. Through charts and graphs, they provide NFT data around the latest floor prices, volume, sale history, trending projects being minted, transaction history, and the portfolio value of any wallet. 

    NFT Tool Overview:

    • Tool Type: Real-time info & data analysis 
    • Tool level: Beginner to intermediate NFT user
    • Beginner-level Free Access: Yes available but with limited tool options
    • Metamask Connection: Required
    • Founded in: 2021
    • Subscription Fees:  $62/month for a 6-month commitment – $75/month on a month-to-month plan. Payments are in ETH or USD.
    • Blockchain: Ethereum. Solana Coming soon.
    • Marketplaces Supported: OpenSea, LooksRare, Genie,, Nifty Gateway, X2Y2, 0x, and CryptoPunks market.
    • Community: TwitterDiscordRoadmap

    Main Features : 

    1-Discover NFTS “discover feature” has a system that monitors the blockchain for all ERC-721 mints. It, therefore, shows you mint stats in real time within seconds of transaction confirmation. Information like first mint date, all-time mints, and unique minters can help you get a swift understanding of whether or not you want to hop onto a project.

    2-Trending NFTS

    This tool is used to monitor NFT collections. It helps you check when is the best time to buy the NFT before its floor price drops or hold on to it if the floor price goes up. Also, if you don’t have an NFT, this tool can help you find NFTs to buy at a low price and sell later when its floor price increases.

    3- Custom Alerts

    1-Mint alerts: You can set up a certain NFT project’s Mint date alerts. You can also set alerts for Discord, Telegram, and SMS. recognize popular mints when 250 mints are processed in 5 minutes. That’s when they will notify you that a project seems important and you need to check it out.

    2-Wallet alerts:  Keep track of what the NFT whales are doing. You can get alerted via Discord or Telegram when a wallet you follow mints, buys, or sells. 


    This is also only available in the premium version. It goes in sync with the idea of mint and wallet alerts but takes it to another level. Watchlist is a second-monitor tool to track real-time NFT collections and wallets that you’re interested in. You just put them up on a chart in comparison to one another and see how they perform. It’s like watching a movie…with numbers.


    This feature is quite new on It’s a smart move to make the calendar accessible in the free version. The calendar lists the most upcoming NFT drops on all blockchains. Step 1

    NFT Tool #2 – NFTinit

    NFTinit NFT tool overview

    This NFT Tool is like a jack of all trades. It’s a platform where you can find, analyze, auto-bid, auto-purchase, and fast-buy NFTs on the market. It is exclusively synchronized with the biggest NFT marketplace OpenSea. Basically, this tool has all you need if you’re just starting out and if you have some experience in the NFT industry. At a first glance, the user interface can be overwhelming, but after your eyes get used to it everything works out fine. 

    It’s extremely useful if you want to advance or start with your NFT flipping game. This tool has the best sniping features that will guide you through buying the most profitable NFTs. What’s interesting is that the free access version of this tool is very rich. You don’t feel forced to subscribe to a premium until you really get the hang of the NFT world. They are also very transparent with the team behind NFTinit and are very active on discord with their community.

    NFT Tool Overview:

    • Tool Type: Advance Automation & In-depth NFT data analysis
    • Too level: Beginner to advanced user 
    • Beginner-level Free Access: Available 
    • Metamask Connection: Required
    • Founded in: 2022
    • Subscription Fees: 
      • Founder Pass: floor price 4.89 ETH; You can purchase from Opensea
      • Lifetime Pass: floor price 0.285 ETH; You can purchase from Opensea
      • Monthly Pass : 0.125 ETH per Month (around 162 $)
    • Blockchain: Ethereum
    • Marketplaces Supported: OpenSea
    • Community: YoutubeTwitterdiscord 

    Main features: 

    Here’s a run-down of all the features in the NFTinit tools. Credits of course are to the team as you can find this chart on their Twitter page.

    NFTinit twitter chart

    For now, we will highlight the following features:

    1-NFT Collections Data Analysis 

    The analysis section of this tool is very well-thought. You can simply type in any collection you want and view all its stats in the “Analytics” section. Also, you can view historical data and insights about the stats in the “Analysis” section. What’s impressive is the option to compare this collection to other holders of Blue-chip NFT Collections. This way you can directly see if any of the big whale wallets are investing in the collection you’re looking up. 

    2-Free Udemy Course

    It gives you all of the insights about NFT flipping methods such as Bidding, Sniping, and Auto-Buying based on Rarity. Even if you’re just getting to know NFTs, it’s not entirely a bad idea to look up advanced stuff. Worst case scenario your brain will overheat. No big deal. 

    3-Bidding/Sniping Bots (Dynamic, Rarity, Traits)

    You can select to bid on NFTs by using smart filters to narrow down collections by trait, rank, price, buy count, number of holders, and more. Autobidder will help you place bids on multiple assets in collections of your choosing. You can also save time with loop bidding and mass bid on collections. 

    4- Google Chrome Extension

    This sure is a smart extension. NFTinit analyzes the NFT collections and creates the rarity rankings forehand. Therefore, saves users tremendous amounts of time. Use NFTinit chrome extension to check rarities and rankings on top of assets as you browse through OpenSea. 

    NFT Tool #3 – ORIGINS

    origins NFT tool overview

    It’s a data-driven NFT community that helps every NFT trader become better. It equips an experienced NFT flipper with cutting-edge tools, automated bots, access to partnerships with top-flight tool providers, and lots of utilities It’s interesting to note that a mental health specialist is a core part of the ORIGINS team. 

    Is it worth paying a minimum of 1,500$ to join the community and use its tools? You can check their one-year anniversary video and decide.

    NFT Tool Overview:

    • Tool Type: Real-time info &  Advance data analysis
    • Too level: Advance level 
    • Beginner-level Free Access: Not available (Not useful)
    • Metamask Connection: Required
    • Founded in: 2021
    • Subscription Fees: Floor price 1.19 ETH. You can purchase on Opensea
    • Blockchain: Ethereum 
    • Marketplaces Supported: OpenSea
    • Community: YoutubeTwitterdiscord 

    Main Features : 

    1- Dashboard Overview 

    The dashboard overview is the one-stop go-to when you need to make a decision about an NFT collection. It displays all sorts of stats and analyses for an NFT collection in one view such as the price trend, volume trend, project statistics, and current listings. Actually, it combines most of the main features in the Origins NFT tools. 

    2- Market Summary

    The market summary is based on global market indicators. The stats are pulled from the top 24h volume on OpenSea’s ranking page. It gives you a quick feel of the market by pin-pointing the price, volume, and movements of the best-selling NFT collections. It’s like a daily diagnosis of the market. 

    3- Scatter Plot

    Scatter plot is an interesting data analysis tool by Origins. It gives you a visual indicator backed by numbers on whether the collection does well or not. For example, you determine how many sales you want to see. Let’s say 5,000 sales. The tool then groups all the sales in dots. On the horizontal margin, the time period for 5,000 sales will show.

    If these sales happened in a short time it’s a good indicator, and if took longer it’s a red flag. Therefore, a trendline forms for each collection and you can monitor how this NFT collection is trending with time.

    4- Yield Summary

    This is a really interesting feature offered in Origins NFT tools. Yield summary provides a daily schedule of projects that rank based on their passive yield. “Yield” represents the earnings you make from an investment over a certain period of time. The requirements for projects to enter Origins charts are having more than $40,000 in their liquidity pool and for ROI (return on investment) to break even in less than 2,000 days. It’s a really good NFT tool idea that keeps you up to date with which NFTs you should sell or invest in.

    5- Ladder 

    The ladder feature doesn’t fall short to impress in showing data. When you choose a collection it plots a ladder chart. This chart shows the distribution of all items from this collection listed for sale. The visual result, which is based on numbers, will help you identify potential trend flops or sell opportunities. In a nutshell, a collection with thin ladder steps is much better to invest in.

    6- Listing analysis 

    This tool will help you see how the collection is doing from the “listing perspective. It gives you insights into how many people are listing it versus how many are actually selling in the last 7-10 days. This gives you a grip on trends and sales activity. They also have a “conviction score” that is calculated in percentage. Basically, the higher the percentage the better the collection is.

    7- Heatmap 

    This is another visually representative tool backed up by data and numbers. It shows you via box size what collection volumes have gone up or down in the last 24 hours. The bigger the box size the more the NFT project got in comparison to the other projects in view. There also is a gradient color code. Obviously, red means bad, and green means good. A percentage of average floor prices is also tagged to each box. So, when the color is lighter it means the floor price didn’t increase so much, and vice versa. Gotta give them credit for these ideas.


    chainwitcher nft tool overview

    Last but not least is your favorite witcher on the blockchain. Chainwitcher offers you absolute free-access tools. You are not even required to link your metamask wallet. Just hop on to our site and use all the tools however you want. Our goal is to provide access to premium information and education about NFTs, web3, and blockchain to as many people as possible. This is the future and we believe everyone should have a chance to learn about its potential. You should feel well-equipped instead of intimidated. 

    So what are the chainwitcher NFT tools all about? We offer you insightful blogs that have tutorials, guides, and the latest news about the NFT industry. Our mission is to be on the lookout for everything beneficial. Then break it down for you in the most informative way possible. We also have three interesting tools you can try right now!

    NFT Tool Overview:

    • Tool Type: Guidance and Computation NFT Tools
    • Too level: Beginner to intermediate NFT user
    • Beginner-level Free Access: available
    • Metamask Connection: NOT Required
    • Founded in: 2022
    • Subscription Fees: Free no subscription or limitation
    • Blockchain: Ethereum
    • Marketplaces Supported: OpenSea
    • Community: Blog – Twitter – discord

    Rarity Tool 

    chainwticher rarity tool

    Let’s say you landed yourself an important NFT collection. You want to know which NFT in this collection will make you the most money. Logically speaking, the most unique NFT in that collection will make you the most money. Now how are NFTs identified as unique or rare? It all depends on their traits, or in other words the design elements in a visual NFT. For example, these traits include the NFT’s physical features like color, design, and costume, or arbitrary influences such as the artist or project’s reputation or profile. Rarity is one of the most important factors in NFT evaluation. 

    Chainwitcher offers one of the best Rarity NFT Tools. Don’t take my word for it, go try it yourself. How does it work? Here’s all you need to know.

    NFT Profit Calculator

    chainwitcher NFT profit calculator

    When you want to buy or sell anything in real life, you always make sure to cut yourself some profit. Now the NFT industry is a bit tricky. Specifically because of gas fees, royalty fees, and marketplace fees. That’s where profit calculations can become a hassle. Especially if you’re not that much of a math person. That’s what NFT profit calculators are made for! Here’s a detailed guide on how to use ChainWitcher’s profit calculator.

    All our data syncs with OpenSea. So we keep the ETH floor price on display for you on the left bottom of the NFT’s picture. You’d be shocked to know that even if you buy an NFT at its floor price and sell it a bit higher, you will not profit. That’s because the service fee by the marketplace, the creator fee or royalty fee, and gas price fees are often overlooked. Also, keep this tip in mind: When you sell anything on OpenSea you have to pay a gas fee. However, when you buy an NFT from a seller in an auction, the seller will pay the gas fees. 

    Chainwitcher NFT Blueprint

    NFT course cover

    This handbook is assembled for the person who just heard of the buzzing phrase “non-fungible tokens”. We guarantee that after reading it you won’t identify as an NFT noob. It equips you with every fundamental aspect of the industry of NFTs. 

    Here’s a highlight of what to expect from this blueprint:

    1- Learn every little detail about the blockchain technology and web3 

    2- Understand the business of cryptocurrency 

    3- Know everything ever related to NFTs 

    4- Get familiar with the basics of NFT investments. 

    Now, Are You an NFT Believer?

    You wouldn’t reach this point if you weren’t on the path of becoming a believer. However,  KEEP IN MIND that the trade of non-fungible tokens is risky. Do very well-informed research before investing in NFTs. Don’t let excitement blind you, you need to be extra careful. There are lots of scams you need to know about. I know you’ve heard of the rumors. The phrase ” NFTs are dead ” makes up most of the headlines these days. After everything you read and all the effort put to create NFT tools, do you really think that the NFT industry is dying? Tell us in the comments!


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