NFT Tracker | Track Any Portfolio & Flip History

    Track your or any NFT wallet’s portfolio, trading history, total win flips and losses and a lot more.


    wallet tracker part 1 UI

    Step 1: Enter Wallet Address

    Enter the wallet address you want to check then click the “Search” Button. Note: If a wallet has a lot of transaction history, it will take some time to load.

    NFT tracker UI portfolio

    Step 2: History Vs Portfolio

    Once the wallet loads, there are two options you can check: “History” and “Portfolio”

    History: Shows the selected wallet’s activities for selling NFTs. It calculates the profit the wallet made in detail (entry price, exit price, profit, and HODL duration).
    Portfolio: Shows where the selected wallet’s current NFTs stand in today’s market (24H volume, floor price, the quantity of owned NFT from each collection, CRT value, and buy cost).

    NFT tracker total profit history

    Step 3: History

    If you click history, you’ll access the following details about the NFTs you sold:

    Entry Price: The price the selected wallet paid to buy or mint the NFTs.
    Exit Value: The price the NFt was sold for in ETH.
    Profit: Total amount of profit, calculated through the following formula: Total Amount of Profit = Entry price - Exit Value.
    HODL Duration: For how long the wallet address holder owned the NFT before selling.
    Summary Box: Shows the selected wallet’s total winning flips, losing flips, total spent, and total profit in ETH.

    NFT tracker Portfolio Summary

    Step 4: Portfolio

    If you click portfolio, you’ll access the following details about the NFTs you still hold:

    24 Volume: Shows the total transactions made in the NFT collection in 24 hours. This reflects how much the NFT collection is receiving hype. “0” means no transactions were made.
    Floor Price: Lowest amount you can pay for an NFT in a collection.
    Owned: Quantity of owned NFT from the same collection.
    CRT value: Reflects the Current Value of your NFTs. How it’s calculated: CRT = Floor Price x Number of NFTs you own.
    Buy cost: The amount you bought the NFT for. “0” indicates it was a free mint, and you only paid the gas price.
    Summary box: Shows the number of total owned NFTs, owned collections, total spend, and the minimum value. The minimum value is the sum of the NFTs’ floor prices.