NFT Tweet Tiles Allows You to Buy NFTs Through Tweets!

    The social media platform Twitter announced the integration of a new feature, NFT Tweet Tiles, that lets you directly display NFTs in tweets. The feature will make buying and selling NFTs much easier on its platform! 

    Twitter’s Support for NFTs

    Earlier this year, Twitter showed support for the NFT community by enabling their Twitter Blue verified subscribers to showcase their NFT profile pictures. If you are the proud owner of an NFT and you can prove it, Twitter will reward you by changing the profile picture interface from round to hexagonal! This way, NFT holders will proudly display their OWNED NFT and be distinguished from right-clickers who just downloaded the image. Owners have  to connect their web wallets in order to verify ownership of the Jpeg file of a certain NFT. 

    Twitter launched a new pilot project, Tweet Tiles, that will offer a system to display outsourced links. This will happen by implementing larger images, much detail, and more prominent CTAs to encourage more clicks. The social media platform tested the new feature with 3 publication houses: New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and the Guardian. 

    The success of the new CTA feature prompted Twitter to expand its Web3 presence, by enabling the feature for NFTs. Twitter’s rise of NFT and Web3 discussion will grow bigger  as the NFT Tweet Tiles will drive more referral traffic. 

    Twitter’s NFT Tweet Tiles Collaborations

    Twitter partnered with 4 marketplaces to test its new NFT Tweet Tiles. The marketplaces supported during the trials are Magic Eden, Rarible, Dapper Labs and Jump.Trade. The collaboration will allow NFT collectors to share CTA-enabled NFTs on Twitter.

    The NFT Tweet Tiles feature helps buyers easily notice the NFT collections’ artworks and metadata. How does it work? You just link the NFT (on one of the supported marketplaces) in a tweet and it will automatically expand to a full-size image of the NFT, granting you a deeper look at the artwork before clicking. 

    Rarible, the most significant NFT marketplace, tweeted yesterday that the NFT Tweet Tiles are currently being tested, and claimed that it’s a whole new way of experiencing NFTs. 

    Twitter already enabled the NFT Tweet Tiles in trial on the Web and iOS for the four supported marketplaces. Twitter is leaning into the NFT space by facilitating NFT community engagement and spreading its presence onto a bigger platform. Now Twitter serves as the interface of NFT transactions, allowing users to directly buy NFTs through the CTA-enabled links! This is a huge step in the acknowledgment that NFTs are legit forms of transactions. Also, it will definitely push the crypto world further. Not forgetting that Twitter might take further interest in the Web3 world with its new CEO Elon Musk in the picture. 

    Twitter is already weaving its way into Web3 and growing its NFT community by facilitating transactions. And consequently further solidifying the NFT space and giving it a bigger sense of legitimacy during a big wave of scams and rug pulls But in return, what are platforms like Diamond on Deso, a Twitter-like social media for Web3, offering?


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