[Infographic] TBT: Nike Air Mag Is Taking Us Back to the Future This Week!

    A lot of movies have made it and became pop culture staples that speak of a certain era. Michael J. Fox, aka Marty McFly, also made it to the sneaker culture! It was the mighty Nike Air Mag that left that print and made every 80s and 90s kif want a pair. Sneaker brands also noticed the impact the movie made on the industry. That’s why they decided to make TV and movie-inspired sneakers! So what’s the story of the Nike Air Mag that a lot of sneakerheads consider a grail? Let’s find out!

    But if you’re into the present-day releases instead of the past, this is for you.

    Nike Air Mag History

    Back to 1989!

    The Nike Air Mag made its first appearance on the feet of Marty Mcfly in Back to the Futur II. Making a 1989 movie look like 2015 was no easy feat! However, Nike and Robert Zemeckis made it happen. The audience and sneakerheads all went wild the moment the kicks made it to the big screen.

    Fun Fact: The kicks laced themselves up using an external battery and an entire crew working behind the scenes.

    A Nike Air Mag in the Works? 

    It’s 2008, and Nike just applied for a patent for auto-lacing. This news got everyone on the edge of their seats because when we hear auto-lacing, we immediately think Marty McFly! So what are they up to?

    2011 and the Start of Something New

    3 years later, and the Nike Air Mag is back! However, it wasn’t what we were expecting. We expected self-lacing Nike Air Mags, and we only got kicks with lights and bobs. However, that didn’t stop sneakerheads from losing their heads over them. Nike didn’t release the kicks to the general public. They put the pairs for auction on eBay and 100% of the proceeds went to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. The 2011 kicks released in September 2011 and currently resell for an average of $10,966!

    The Michael J. Fox Foundation

    In 1991, Fox was diagnosed with early Parkinson’s disease at the age of 29. However, he didn’t tell the public until 1998 when he decided to support Parkinson’s research campaign. Two years later, he launched the Michael J. Fox Foundation with the sole purpose of researching the disease and trying to find a cure for it.

    2015: Power Laces, All Right!

    It’s October 21, 2015, aka the Back to the Future Day! The sneaker community was expecting the Nike Air Mag to become a reality on that day, but Nike had other plans. It was none other than Michael J. Fox who unveiled the first-ever pair of self-lacing Nike Air Mags! The public didn’t get a release but got an amazing throwback instead.

    A Dream Comes True in 2016

    Finally, after almost 30 years of waiting, the techy dream of many sneakerheads came true! But, there’s always a but. Nike only released 89 pairs of Nike Air Mags in memory of the year Back to the Future II was made. However, kicks weren’t auctioned off like the 2011 release. Instead, Nike opted for a raffle, where each entry cost $10. All the proceeds, once again, went to the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

    How Much Are Nike Air Mags in 2020?

    The raffle for the 2016 edition of Nike Air Mag took place in October 2016, and lucky winners were contacted to claim their kicks. And today, the Nike Air Mag is worth an average of $30,667!

    2020 and the Huge Lost and Found Box

    What are the odds of finding a storage unit that contains 6 brand new pairs of Nike Air Mags? Slim, to none. However, somebody did find them, and definitely sold them for some really good cash too! Let’s pray one of us gets that lucky someday too.

    Nike Air Mag Alternatives!

    We know not everybody can afford the Nike Air Mag. So, we looked up a couple of alternative pairs that could cover up for the missing Nike Air Mag in your wardrobe. They all come in the Nike Air Mag grey and blue colorway! 

    Nike Dunk SB Low Marty McFly (2015)

    Nike Adapt BB Mag

    Retail Price: $100
    Avg. Resale Value: $282

    Nike Air Huarache Marty McFly (2015)

    nike air mag huarache

    Retail Price: $95
    Avg. Resale Value: $207

    Nike Adapt BB Mag (2019)

    It’s true, not the retail and resale values you’d normally pay, but technology comes with a price! Unlike the previous two, Nike Adapt comes with the same self-lacing system as the Nike Air Mag!

    nike air mag bb adapt

    Retail Price: $350
    Avg. Resale Value: $550 (US Charger)

    We Love Us Some Exclusive Kicks!

    Finally, missing previous exclusive releases doesn’t mean you have to happen again. AIO Bot V2 and ANB 2.0 are here to save you money and time. And don’t forget to keep checking our blog for the latest sneaker updates!


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