TBT: Nike Dunk Strangelove Takes Center Stage… Again?

    Can 2020 get better for Dunks? We didn’t think so, but Nike is here to prove us wrong. So before we get to the best 2020 ending, we’ll go back to early 2020 and remember an awesome pair! The Nike Dunk Strangelove made our Valentine’s day this year feel a little different. That’s why we decided to take a look at it and see how it’s doing today!

    Nike Dunk Strangelove: A Piece of Art in Shape of Kicks!

    No, we’re not exaggerating. With its velvet white and pink upper, it gives a lot of luxurious vibes. The red velvet swoosh spices things up, along with the weird skull-like heart stitching! The pair was done by two artists who made their name in the streetwear scene. The first was Todd Bratrud, the brains behind the Strawberry Cough and the Skunk Dunks! Both these releases are worth a lot on the aftermarket! In fact, the Strawberry Cough Dunks currently resell for $2,133! The OG Skunks are the stars on the resale market too at an average of $1,990!

    Nike Skunk Dunk 420

    The second artist is Sean Cliver. Now, if you’re into streetwear, you must know this name. Not necessarily through kicks, but through Supreme. Sean Cliver made some of the most controversial Supreme skateboard decks. And this collab is awesome because Cliver and Supreme kill it when it comes to giving us the heebie-jeebies!

    Sean Cliver Decks

    Oh, the Drama Drama…

    2020’s Nike Dunk Strangelove was a controversy itself! The kicks were set to drop online in February 2020. However, Strangelove skateboards canceled the online drop thanks to bots wreaking havoc on their website. They announced the news on their official Instagram page. According to the store, the most loyal customers were rewarded with this collab. Other people thought that was another way to say that the store backdoored the kicks! Whichever the case, the lucky few who got their hands on Nike Dunk Strangelove were, in fact, lucky. Especially if they got the special box with the illustration, stickers, and the extra laces!

    Nike Dunk Strangelove Special Box

    Release Date: 2/1/2020 (Special Box) – 2/8/2020 (Regular)
    Retail Price: $100
    Avg. Resale Value: $1,078 (Special) – $610 (Regular)

    Sean Cliver Strikes Again with A Holiday Special!

    Because, as we already said, 2020 should end on a high note, Sean Cliver and Nike are joining hands again! The kicks have the same Nike Dunk Strangelove aura, but a new fancy colorway to greet the new year. Nike Dunk Sean Cliver will feature a white and blue upper with a shiny gold swoosh. The sparkles don’t end here though! The light blue outsole features golden sparkles all over. So really, that’s a pair to rock on NYE.

    Nike Dunk Sean Cliver

    Release Date: 12/19/2020
    Retail Price: $110
    Avg. Resale Value: $1,243

    So far, the kicks are dropping on Nike SNKRS, so you’ll definitely need a powerful Nike bot. And if you wanna up your botting game altogether in 2021, here’s a list of this year’s best sneaker bots!


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