TBT: Nike Foamposite Galaxy. When Stars Came to Earth!

    There are moments in sneaker history that you can’t just simply forget. Moments that helped shape the industry and get it to where it is today. One of the major contributors to this influence on many generations is Nike. And 8 years ago, Nike took us to space and left many of us with a serious case of space addiction! So let’s take off and check up on Nike Foamposite Galaxy!

    Update (4/15/2020):  We sure love a galaxy theme! Nike obviously knows how popular it is since 2012, that’s why we’re gonna get a new “Galaxy” Air Max 90. The kicks will don the galaxy graphic upper with dashes of red and blue here and there! All in all, we’d totally rock this colorway. There is no exact release date yet, but we know it’s gonna be some time in 2020. So brace yourselves!

    The Story Behind Nike Foamposite Galaxy

    Penny Hardaway Wearing the Nike Foamposite Galaxy All Star

    It all started in 2012 when the All-Star Weekend took place in Orlando, Florida. Now, the Kennedy Space Center, one of the 10 NASA centers in the US is in Orlando! So Nike decided to go with the space theme for their All-Star collection. However, one pair of sneakers stood out among them all: the Nike Foamposite Galaxy in collaboration with Penny Hardaway. The man himself rocked them during the All-Star Celebrity Game!

    Penny Hardaway Wearing the Nike Foamposite Galaxy

    The Design

    What we originally thought will stay a sample, became the first pair of kicks to come with a graphic print upper! The laces, tongue, and sockliner were plain black. However, the Foamposite upper, made from a material called polyurethane liquid, is a mix of space colors and stars. In short, a galaxy! That’s not all though, to add to the space feel, Nike added a glow-in-the-dark outsole. Finally, we can find Penny’s signature logo “1 Cent” on the tongue and heel. And if you’re wondering what the meaning behind the logo is, 1 Cent is the equivalent of a Penny!

    Nike Foamposite Galaxy Glow in the Dark

    Release Day Riots!

    We already mentioned that Nike Foamposite Galaxy is one of the kicks that changed sneaker history. Let’s tell you HOW! It’s February 24, 2012, and only 1,200 pairs of Nike Foamposite Galaxy are dropping in different shops! So with VERY low stock, and a LOT of eager sneakerheads and resellers, supply and demand laws dictate that there will definitely be some action out there!

    And that’s exactly what happened. A riot started in Florida Mall while people waited for Footlocker to open its doors. Other cities also witnessed some shoppers going out of control like Indianapolis, San Antonio, and others. The police managed to control the scene, and the release was canceled to everyone’s disappointment. Along with Jeff Staple’s Nike Pigeon Dunks and Air Jordan XI “Concord”, Nike Foamposite Galaxy became a legendary and problematic pair of kicks!

    Nike Foamposite Galaxy in Numbers

    When the kicks dropped on February 24, 2012, they retailed for $220. It’s not exactly a cheap pair of sneakers, but if you resell them, you’ll forget that price really quick!

    Nike Foamposite Galaxy Resale

    Due to their exclusivity, the kicks were reselling back in the day for as high as $2,500. However, 8 years later, Nike Foamposite Galaxy is now going for an average of $1,305! Still a pretty good deal and a little more than pocket money for you!

    A… Sequel?

    Was 2012 the end of the story? Definitely not! Nike Foamposite Galaxy got a sequel in 2018 in the name of “Big Bang”. The graphic on the 2018 edition is actually the one Nike scrapped in favor of the Galaxy graphic!

    Nike Foamposite Galaxy Big Bang Sequel

    The kicks dropped on February 18, 2018, and retailed for $230. And though a bit less hyped when it dropped, the average resale value for the “Big Bang” is $727! Out of this world NUMBERS!

    And speaking of iconic sneakers, Air Jordan 6 DMP and Hare Jordans are dropping soon!

    So make sure you and your sneaker bot are fully prepared to do some copping.


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