The Nike PG2 PlayStation Is More Alien Than Elon Musk’s SpaceX Rocket

    Nike and Paul George are collaborating once again, this time creating a more exciting new pair of sneakers. Nike PG2 Playstation is the brand’s latest co-creation alongside NBA Star Paul George and Sony PlayStation.

    After working together on the PG1 last year, Nike is soon releasing a more limited and exclusive version, the PG2. This new pair reflects Paul George’s passion for PlayStation, which he considers to be his personal getaway.


    Although this is the second version of the signature shoe, the PG2 has a lot more to offer in terms of design, performance, and durability.

    Designed by Tony Hardman, Nike’s Basketball sneakers designer, the PG 2 features a whole bunch of new elements. The new futuristic-looking design boasts a larger Zoom bag to offer more comfort, an enhanced traction pattern, and no strap on the upper for a better fit.

    Nike teamed up with Sony to create this Playstation-inspired design as a tribute to Paul George’s love for the gaming console. Ever since his father gave him a PS2 for Christmas years ago, PlayStation has been his passion. In fact, Paul George believes he’s the most passionate gamer among all NBA players. So these sneakers reflect both his gaming and basketball passion.

    The Nike PG2 PlayStation also features PS colored eyelets, speckled outsoles and the game controller buttons designs throughout the outers of the shoes.

    Sony’s PlayStation Logo sits on the tongue of the left shoe, while the right shoe’s tongue holds Paul George’s Logo. The best part is that these logos actually light up!

    Nike intends to launch the PG 2 signature shoe in collaboration with Sony PlayStation soon. This special edition release will drop on the 10th of February 2018 in limited quantities.

    Nike PG2 Playstation Release Info

    Release Date: February 10th, 2018
    Price: $110
    Style Code: AT7815-002 

    Check here to see where it’s dropping.

    Nike PG2 Playstation 1

    Nike PG2 Playstation 2

    Nike PG2 Playstation 3

    Friends & Family FOMO

    Usually, Friends and Family releases are sad. Because we never get them. And if they do show up for sale somewhere, they’re WAY too overpriced. Not cool. But sometimes the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) can be controlled.  That’s not the case this time. Friends and family of Paul George got a promo pack to celebrate the debut of the latest signature sneaker, and we’re jealous!

    Nike PG2 Playstation pack 15

    Nike PG2 Playstation pack 14

    Nike PG2 Playstation pack 14

    Nike PG2 Playstation pack 14

    Nike PG2 Playstation pack 14

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