Nike Is Inviting People To Create Sneakers In New Web3 Studio

    The famous brand Nike is creating a new engaging way to gain popularity and attention. The brand announced that it would launch a Nike web3 studio where the community can submit their own sneaker designs. This co-creating studio will be available via the SWOOSH platform that Nike released a while back. Let’s dig in.

    What is Nike.SWOOSH.? 

    The new digital community and experience is a home for Nike virtual creations and uses blockchain-powered technology or what many call “web3”  to offer an inclusive, fair place for athletes, creators, collectors, and consumers to design and own the future of the sport. Upon its launch this year, SWOOSH allowed Nike Members to learn about, collect and help co-create virtual creations, which are typically interactive digital objects such as virtual shoes or jerseys. The SWOOSH platform is still in Beta, and you can only enter it via an access code, or you can click ‘Join’ on the website to enter the waitlist. 

    The Nike Web3 Studio 

    The SWOOSH platform launched on the 25th of January. Shortly after the announcement, an invitation to participate in a creation challenge dubbed “ Your Force 1 Challenge” surfaced. And people were going crazy over it.

    Additionally, the co-creation aspect of the platform is the reason people are racing to join. Think about it, if you got a chance to create a sneaker and it won. Wouldn’t that be the biggest flex ever? 

    Here are the reasons the Nike Web3 studio, SWOOSH, is using to make us join: 

    • Create, Collect, Trade, and Flex: Build your collection, display it, trade it, or flex Nike virtual creations as wearables in games or other immersive experiences.
    • Unlock Special Acess: Get special access or content, and pre-order upcoming drops.
    • Build with the community: Collaborate with other .SWOOSH members, compete in community challenges and co-create next-gen Nike virtual creations. 
    •  Pull up to Nike Events: Check out virtual Nike web3 studio events, or show up in person and meet Nike athletes, designers, and Nike fans who shape culture.  

    The #YourForce1 Challenge for the Nike web3 studio

    The first project or challenge the Nike Web3 studio announced is the ‘YourForce1’ challenge. The headline for this challenge is: 


    The challenge registration was open on Jan 25 till JAN 29. The competition is to create a visual mood board with 8 original images through an IG post. The contestants had to adhere to certain guidelines provided by Nike. The 8 different slides are structured with the following prompts:

    • Slide 1: The story.
    • Slide 2: The mood.
    • Slide 3: 3 keywords.
    • Slide 4: Color palette.
    • Slide 5: Man-made or nature.
    • Slide 6: Something tactile. 
    • Slide 7: Something unexpected.
    • Slide 8: A place/scene/location.

    Furthermore, the.SWOOSH team will select 4 concepts. Winners will partner with a Nike designer to create their own virtual Air Force 1 and receive $5k. Challenge results are TBA.  

    Final Statement

    What Nike is offering is not just an opportunity to create a sneaker. On the contrary, the Nike Web3 studio’s concept is to unify the Nike community bringing them together as one. Moreover, the Nike team wants to bring Web3 and Nike fans together on one platform. Nike’s first signature collection of virtual sneakers will be dropped on the Polygon Network. Awaiting the results, we look forward to future Nike Web3 projects. 


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