Nouns DAO Approves Movie: We’re Going to Noun Town!

    It’s always refreshing to witness NFT projects evolve to more than just JPEGs and more than just a fast cash-grab opportunity. Let me put it out there, Nouns NFTs are by far one of the most innovative and creative projects, and it’s truly remarkable what the Noun DAO is accomplishing. If this is the first time you hear of them I won’t judge you. Just check out this quick noun NFT guide and you’ll be all caught up. Won’t make this long but you heard it right, Nouns DAO approves movie adaptation of the Noun NFT characters! 

    When is the release date?
    Who will animate the movie?
    Are we dreaming?!?!
    HOW did this happen?! 

    Let’s find out.

    Nouns DAO Movie Approval Process

    Let’s take the story of the nouns DAO movie approval to the beginning. First, at its core the Nouns are CC0, so the intellectual property of the project is in the public domain. As is the case with Nouns’ Prop House, anyone could submit a proposal to utilize the Nouns IP in any project. Literally, any kind of project, from commercials to sustainability to parades and even songs! For example, recently the Nouns Fashion line debuted in NFT Paris – so random, right? But that’s the point, Nouns aim to be the first open-sourced brand. 

    Atrium’s Proposals

    Back to the beginning, Atrium submitted a proposal (Prop 195) at the end of last year to experiment with a short animation featuring the noun characters. The Nouns DAO approved the idea and funded Atrium with 20 ETH upon their request. On February 7, Atrium posted the sensational video to their platform and I’m pretty sure we were all sold on the idea even more. Atrium submitted another proposal (Prop 237) to mint Prop 195’s short movie in a timed open edition for 0.0069 ETH where 60% of its return would go into the Nouns Treasury fund. That was also approved and 1,101 wallets minted the 2-minute-long short movie, bringing in 7.5969 ETH in total! Here’s the video:

    And now to the main event, Atrium submitted another proposal (Prop 245) to make a full-length Noun movie cut into segments. That was also approved on March 11, less than a week ago, and it got the world spiraling in glee.

    You can view all proposal details here:

    • Prop 195 – A Lore Experiment – Approved on December 28, 2022
    • Prop 237 – Mint Short Movie  – Approved on February 19, 2023
    • Prop 245 – Nouns: A Movie – Approved on March 11, 2023

    Proposal 245 – Details About Nouns Movie

    Atrium drafted a detailed proposal mapping out exactly what they will be doing for the upcoming Nouns movie. Here’s a brief about the upcoming Noun DAO-approved movie:

    • Proposal 245 is only for the pilot episode of Nouns Movie.
    • The pilot episode runtime is 3.5 mins.
    • The pilot episode will cost 125,000 USD to produce.
    • If the DAO doesn’t like where it’s headed, it can stop funding the proposal at any time.
    • The movie will be split up among story acts, so it’s a series of episodic content.
    • When this content is pieced together retroactively, you can binge the episodes as a single movie.
    • The pilot will debut after 90 days (beginning of June).
    • A teaser for the pilot will debut after 45 days (end of April).
    • Nouns members will be allowed to submit story arcs and ideas for future installments.

    Atrium Tweeted excitedly about the approval and you can tell the community in general was very hyped for the project. 

    Who is Atrium?

    Wait, but who is Atrium and why are they so good at animation? Well, the Nouns DAO’s movie approval from Atrium is very justifiable because the platform has top-tier artists that worked with world-favorite studios like Pixar, Disney, Netflix, and HBO. 

    In a nutshell, Atrium is a crypto-native network of independent artists. The platform doesn’t identify as a studio but rather a “meta-collective of incredible people who are representing the top of their craft – storytelling, animating, music, and more”. If you’re curious you can always check out their website!

    Meet the team who will work on the Nouns Movie:

    • ZenDoubt: Has over a decade of experience in the film industry. Zeun is a 3d generalist who has been responsible for a multitude of blockbusters you have already seen. He was a resident artist at Luma Pictures, where he worked on over 40 productions. 
    • HKjay: Animation maverick behind Lego Movies, DC Superpets, The Sea Beast, and more. He has over a decade of experience in blockbuster movie creation. 
    • 3DPG: 3D print Guy created the “Welcome to Nountown” short film and you can clearly tell the talent and smooth animation he can produce. 
    • William Yu: William started the #StarringJohnCho movement, a viral project that used Photoshopped movie posters to spark a global conversation about Asian American representation in media. Director Jon M. Chu credits the movement as an inspiration for making Crazy Rich Asians.


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