Nyan Balloon NFT: Nyan Cat’s 2023 Comeback

    NFT memes are one of the community’s best assets and deserve much love. Nyan Cat is one of the world’s most iconic memes! Also, a great moment for NFTs when it sold for 300 ETH. Whatever this adventurous cat does we are so in for it! Chris Torress is aiming for the softest corners of our hearts with his latest drop of the Nyan Balloon NFT! If that’s not exciting enough, these NFTs were so affordable and delightful. Let’s get into it.

    History of Nyan Cat

    Before we get into the adorable Nyan Balloon NFT let’s have a little flashback. In 2011, Chris Torres created the iconic Nyan Cat meme inspired by a pet cat, cookies, and rainbows. Someone added the “Nyan Nyan Nyan” song by Danielle-P and uploaded it to youtube. It became an internet sensation with over 2 billion views! Some even claimed that this meme is the greatest invention of all time.

    In 2021, when NFTs were booming, Chris made history with one hell of a smart move. He figured everyone was so psyched over NFTs, so why not turn the most iconic meme into an NFT? His Nyan Cat NFT meme sold at an auction for 300 damn ETH and it made it to the headlines of the New York Times! Friendly reminder that 300 ETH at that time was about $600,000. That was the birth event of NFT memes.

    Chris then further launched Chris his full Nyan Cat (Official) NFT collection sometime between 2021 and 2022. People were crazy over it, even Vitalik ( Ethereum blockchain’s founder). In an interview, he declared he would rather have a Nyan Cat over a Mona Lisa. I mean, seriously this Nyan Cat Meme has a life of its own!

    Why Nyan Balloon NFT?

    The Nyan Cat NFTs are fairly expensive. Check out the sales chart from NFTGo, and notice how some of these NFTs sold at 2.5 ETH- Shiny Nyan Cat to be exact. At the time of writing, and the bear market NFT and crashes, the Nyan Cat NFTs have a floor price of 0.77 ETH. That’s approximately $1,280 at the current ETH rate. Basically not very affordable by the masses. That’s what led Chris to launch Nyan Balloon NFTs, a more affordable alternative to owning a piece from the story of Nyan Cat. So sweet!

    Nyan Cat Sales

    Nyan Balloon NFT

    Announcement: Jan 20
    Supply: Open Edition
    Mint: Opened for 7 hours – Currently Closed
    Price: 0.0077 ETH (around $12.71)
    OpenSea Floor Price: 0.016 ETH

    Nyan Balloon NFT Cat

    The Balloon Cat character was personally created by Chris back in October 2011. The same time he created our beloved rainbow Nyan Cat. It was originally meant to be a backstory to a space cat he had in mind. Then he felt that this idea should be unique to the person imagining it. He digitally remastered this piece for 2023 in hopes of everyone being able to collect the Nyan cat NFTs. That’s also why the mint supply was an open edition.

    An open edition is when there is no cap on the number of NFTs available in a mint. Rather, the mint takes place over a limited time frame. So basically, many people can mint as many NFTs as their heart desires while the mint is open.

    After the mint closed there was a total mint of 21,191 Nyan Balloon NFT in total. People were overjoyed to be able to afford part of Nyan Cat’s history!

    What’s in Store for Nyan Cat’s Future?

    Chris Torress has definitely made history with his Nyan Cat. Especially so with his full NFT collection that featured Nyan Cat with Snoop Dogg and Steve Aoki. Nyan Balloon NFT is one of the cutest gifts he gave to the community, especially since he priced it at approximately $13. But, the big question remains: what’s next? What will this NFT do? Will people be satisfied by only holding a part of a historic artifact? ( I WOULD). Chriss took to his Twitter to announce:

    “Sharing my art with the world through Nyan Balloon was a dream come true and I couldn’t be more grateful. Now, the logical next step would be to trade them in for something new in the future. Please give me time to plan, but I think it’ll be cool”

    Don’t we all just love a good nostalgic pixelated NFT art? Imagine if a game actually comes out of this, an endless flying trivia till Nyan cat reaches space… Sounds awesome. I bet it might actually beat Yuga’s Dookey Dash!


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