Oh Ottie NFT Collection: Otter Madness 

    The NFT market has a huge flood of animal-inspired collections. Monkeys, bears, lizards, cats, and now OTTERS. Oh Ottie NFT collection is a representation of the founding corp’s mascot. The friendly animal is seen in many cute clothes and accessories along with suitable backgrounds. Get ready to go crazy for these cuties. Let’s dig into the Otter madness. 

     Oh Ottie NFT Collection

    Oh Ottie NFT is a collection by AltLayer it has 2000 NFTs of cute Otters. And this PFP collection like many others is living on the Ethereum blockchain. Created by AltLayer, this collection is a way to serve as a mascot for the company. To say the least, the Oh Ottie NFT collection is serving with a cute theme, and really? Who doesn’t love Otters? 

    The collection showcases how Altlayer’s superior flash layer functionality can boost a blockchain’s processing capacity on demand. Oh Ottie! is a true demonstration that scalability, when strategically applied, is the most coveted superpower in Web3.

    The lovely otters each have their own profession and traits which you can check out on Opensea.

    Oh Ottie NFT Perks 

    Like many NFT collections, Oh Ottie NFT collection offers many perks and benefits for its holders and some of these are: 

    • Future token/NFT giveaway application
    •  Exclusive access to merchandise and offline events
    •  Priority access to testnet test program
    • AltLayer will represent the community that will adopt and sponsor otters in zoos around the world, including but not limited to the Singapore Zoo.


    With AltLayer using its Flash Layer technology for the mint. Over 35,000 addresses have been whitelisted to participate in this event by connecting ETH, BNB, and MATIC tokens to the Ottie Flash Layer. The mint event ended instantly within 100 seconds.

    The Ottie Flash Layer was designed to prevent a gas war. Additionally, AltLayer pre-funded each whitelisted address with 1 ALT (Voidless Gas Token) for the minting event. Moreover, all NFTs were minted on a first-come, first-served basis within 100 seconds without any gas cost.


    The Oh Ottie NFT collection community is very giving and supportive. The community encourages newcomers to participate and become part of the family to support their cause. Which is saving Otters around the world. 

    Final Statement

    Lastly, the Oh Ottie NFT collection is a representation of you. So, when you purchase an Ottie make sure to pick one that best represents you and you find yourself resonating with it. Moreover, this NFT collection is more than just a cute mascot it also has a purpose which is to represent AltLayer’s Flash Layer. And help the Otters around the world. So, keep that in mind when you invest in this collection. But the question is Would you invest in it? 


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