On-Chain Detective ZachXBT Uncovers Phishing Scam

    On February 3, the FBI posted an official notice that outlined how Chase Senecal, known as Horror (HZ) on Twitter, stole $100k worth of NFTs and a Piguet (AP) Royal Oak Watch worth $41,000. As a result, the FBI seized the stolen goods on October 24, 2022. Did you know that on-Chain Detective ZachXBT uncovers phishing scams regularly? He uncovered this scam months ago. Let’s learn the full scoop… 

    ZachXBT Uncovers Phishing Scam

    Back in September 202, the alleged scammer in question was initially exposed via a lengthy investigation by independent blockchain sleuth ZachXBT.

    While the FBI has not come out with an official statement commanding ZachXBT for his impeccable investigation, the on-chain sleuth took it upon himself to spread the news. 

    Yesterday, he tweeted that the property seizure did “come as a result” of his investigation. So, ZachXBT uncovers phishing scams AND deserves all the due credit…

    Zachxbt Tweet

    How Did He Find The Culprit?

    Twitter Detective ZachXBT Uncovers Phishing Scammer through the flashy AP watch…

    In detail, the Piguet (AP) Royal Oak Watch was one of the key identifiers that helped ZachXBT unmask Senecal’s identity and on-chain activity during the investigation.

    On September 2, ZachXBT explained that after seeing Horroz (HZ) brag about the new watch on social media, he asked around a few mutual friends known for selling watches.

    Later, he managed to get in contact with the person who sold that specific luxury watch to Senecal through Discord.

    What did he find? The payment was said to have been made on the blockchain via the use of USD Coins.

    And that is how he made the mind-blowing connection…

    The Phished NFTs

    ZachXBT uncovers phishing scam and FBI unveils the stolen small fortune… 

    The culprit stole Bored Ape Yacht Club #9658. And it was valued at $95,495 at the time of seizure by the FBI.  Not to mention the iconic Doodles #3114 valued at $9,361 at that time. 

    The community immediately started to joke about when the FBI will change its profile picture to Ape #9658. And it’s pretty hilarious, we’ll give them that… 

    ZachXBT Uncovers Phishing Scam: The Fate of The Investigation

    Remember how ZachXBT reported the Monkey Drainer scam back in September? Time and time again, our on-chain sleuth proved his might by unmasking the We3 thieves and scammers.

    So, long story short, ZachXBT uncovers a phishing scam, and the FBI takes action…

    Now, what? The legal proceedings against Chase Senecal AKA Horror remain unclear. 

    However, according to the FBI’s law enforcement bulletin, federal forfeiture is a law enforcement tool that will be used. In detail, it enables the government to “remove—without compensation for the individual—ownership of property involved in a crime.”

    “It may occur in a civil procedure, like a lawsuit against the item, or after the conviction of an individual in a criminal trial,” the FBI states.

    As always, stay tuned for more breaking news!


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