Introducing GPT-4: OpenAI’s Next Generation AI Language Model

    Ladies and gentlemen, this new upgraded language model has been in the works for 6 months. And it finally happened! Not only did OpenAI announce GPT-4, but it also just launched. Let’s learn more!

    Basically, OpenAI has spent the last six months aligning GPT-4 using lessons from their adversarial testing program and OG Chatgpt.

    As a result, this version is estimated to be 571 times more powerful (Someone did their math) than Chat GPT-3. Aka better performance! 

    CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, tweeted the following: “it (GPT-4) is still flawed, still limited, and it still seems more impressive on first use than it does after you spend more time with it.”

    It’s worth noting that when Chatgpt first came out in November 2022, it took the world by storm! Impressively, it onboarded over 100 million users in JUST 2 months. A mind-blowing first-of-its-kind achievement for any platform! 

    If you wish to try it out, the new model is available to the general public via ChatGPT Plus, OpenAI’s $20 monthly ChatGPT subscription powered by Microsoft’s Bing chatbot. 

    Without further ado, let’s dive in for the good stuff!

    Features of GPT-4:

    1) GPT-4 Supports Visual Model Inputs:

    GPT-4 is multimodal. What does this mean in simple English? It accepts both image and text inputs for text output. And to put it mildly, GPT-4’s image recognition & understanding capabilities are mindblowing.

    Chatgpt-4 Describes Visual Inputs

    I mean, how insane is the above scenario? Chatgpt can now critique any picture you input. Are we scared or amazed? I have no clue… 

    2) Creative Task Writing & Processing Lengthy Documents. 

    This new upgrade is so much more creative! For the average day-to-day user, it can help write essays, compose songs, and even write screenplays.

    Also, the new upgrade can read longer files or PDFs of over 100 pages. It can now process and handle upwards of 25K words. That’s about 8x as ChatGPT. So, you can feed it a large knowledge base!

    Someone out there even composed a J. Cole song using GPT-4 and we are SHOOK… Check out the iconic song right here!

    What’s even more mind-blowing: GPT-4 can even learn your writing style and tone! 

    GPT Creative

    3) GPT-4 For Engineers & Developers

    The differences between GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 will likely not be as dramatic as exaggerated by all the hype for ordinary chatGPT users. But for engineers and devs, it’s a whole different story. Let me explain!

    For those building prompt chains and developing themselves in prompt engineering, automated work, and system building it is likely to be a revolutionary advancement.

    One important improvement in GPT-4 is its steerability tooling. What does it do? It is an API capability, aka “system” messages, that allows developers to prescribe style and task by describing specific directions.

    Extra interesting find: At one point, a user reported this mind-blowing find with GPT-4:

    Finally, this model will be accessible as an API for developers to build on. Join the waitlist here! OpenAI already started admitting users!

    4) 40% improvement in misrepresenting information

    This new upgrade limits AI ‘hallucination’. Basically, it promises to show us reliable returns with more complex prompts! And that honestly seems like the most important improvement.

    Not to mention that GPT-4 is 82% less likely to respond to requests for disallowed content. And it is 40% more likely to produce factual responses than GPT-3.5.

    Error Margin Graph

    The following is an example of how the earlier version would respond as opposed to the new version…

    5) GPT-4 has human-level performance on academic benchmarks

    For the uniform bar exam:
    ChatGPT scored in the 10th percentile.
    GPT-4 scored in the 90th percentile.

    For the biology olympiad:
    ChatGPT scored in the 31st percentile.
    GPT-4 scored in the 99th percentile.

    For more on that, check out the full list of exams GPT-4 undertook (with results) in the below graph!

    GPT-4 Passes Exams

    6) Integrated Human feedback

    OpenAI incorporated more human feedback with GPT-4. This includes feedback submitted by ChatGPT users to improve GPT-4’s behavior. In the long run, this will vastly improve the performance of the AI-language model!

    Note: GPT-4’s database is only relevant up to the year 2021, that much is a bummer… But on the positive side, if you ask GPT-4 about its predecessor Chatgpt-3.5 it will have all of the answers! So, bonus point… 

    How Much Does It Cost?

    The current model behind the GPT-4 API is named gpt-4–0314. And the pricing is as follows:

    • $0.03/1k prompt tokens (parts of words fed into GPT-4), or about 750 words.
    • $0.06/1k completion response tokens (content generated by GPT-4), or about 750 words.

    The default rate limits for the GPT-4 API are 40k tokens per minute, and 200 requests per minute.

    Final Words On GPT-4

    All in all, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that GPT-4 will fundamentally change the future of work. And it’s worth noting that OpenAI says it’s already partnered with a number of companies to integrate GPT-4 into their products.

    These include:
    Khan Academy educational platform to build an automated tutor.
    Stripe dashboard app to scan business websites and deliver a summary to customer support staff.
    Duolingo language app for a more immersive, flexible conversation experience.
    Morgan Stanley investment company to organize its vast knowledge base.
    ‘Be My Eyes’ app to create AI chatbots that can assist the visually impaired. 

    In a world where AI is omnipresent, it is extremely overwhelming for many people, and this gives rise to many daunting questions.

    Will artificial intelligence ever compete with humans over job positions? And what should we prioritize and value in this era of fast-evolving technology?

    What we can confidently say is that AI can never be more than a tool to enhance human presence. Why? AI is still limited in its abilities.

    While artificial intelligence algorithms can be trained to perform specific tasks with a high degree of accuracy, they are not capable of the kind of creative thinking and problem-solving that humans excel at. So no need to worry just yet!

    As you can see, this Chatgpt upgrade can be an extremely valuable tool. But only if you treat it right from early on! And last but not least, GPT-4 will teach us to work smarter, not harder!

    Change is here, and we better embrace it. Stay tuned for more!


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