Opera Crypto Browser: Easy Access to Web3 Like Never Before!

    With the recent interest in cryptocurrencies, and the decentralization concept gaining popularity each day, browsers are going into the path of evolvement to accommodate recent technological advances. Web browsers are now shifting from Web2 to Web3, facilitating users’ experience of decentralized apps (dApps). Web3 browsers are forming into existence, allowing safe usage and easy access to crypto-wallets. Browsers like Brave, Puma, and Beaker are Web3 in nature. However, the most recent Web3 browser to be announced and implemented is the new Opera Crypto Browser.

    Opera is a well-known multi-platform web browser that promotes a safe, fast and secure web experience. So what is Opera Crypto Browser all about?

    What is a Web3 Browser?

    Before we discuss the features of Opera Crypto Browers, we need to define what a Web3 browser is. Web3 browser allows its users to access decentralized apps and digital economies safely and smoothly. Chrome and Firefox are Web2 browsers that allow access to crypto through installing extensions. However, Web3 browsers offer the ability to switch between applications without having to connect to a crypto wallet in each website, and without any intermediaries. Moreover, Web3 browsers are just like any other browsers with the addition of the seamless usage of dApps. 

    So in short, Web3 browsers offer:

    • The integration of cryptocurrencies on multiple blockchains and the ability to connect wallets. 
    • High security and transparency
    • Confidentiality and complete privacy
    • Decentralization 

    Opera Web3 Browser

    Opera Web3 Browser

    Before the conception of the Opera Crypto Browser, Opera had previously launched the Opera Web3 browser for Android back in 2018. The browser was the first-ever major browser to incorporate built-in crypto wallets. Opera first tested the integration of Web3 on its already established and well-known browser. This means the browser was not a separate entity. Instead, it was designed into the Opera standard browser as an added feature. “ We took Opera, a full-featured, standards-compliant and Chromium-based browser, and integrated crypto wallet functionality into it”, Opera wrote in a statement. 

    The Opera Web3 browser supported multiple blockchain channels like Ethereum, Tron, and Cobak Token. It featured a built-in crypto wallet and supported online payments with cryptocurrency by enabling a payment request dialog that pops up when making a purchase. The Web3 browser also took security and safety measurements by enabling an ad-blocker that hinders unauthorized tracking and data collection. 

    Opera Web3 browser quickly became one of the top-rated browsers implementing Web3’s decentralization. 

    Opera Crypto Browser  

    Opera Crypto Homescreen

    After nearly four years of the Opera Web3 browser’s implementation, Opera announced in January 2022, the big step in their new journey, the Opera Crypto Browser. Unlike its predecessor, the new browser is a dedicated Web3 browser that functions on its own. According to Opera, the shift to a stand-alone browser was needed to shape the next generation of the Web. Therefore, the Opera Crypto browser is built by putting Web3 centerstage and by facilitating the usage of blockchain technology. 

    Ever since Opera launched its first-ever Web3 browser back in 2018, the company has been building upon its features and developing the Web3 experience even further. The Opera Web3 browser was a testing ground for the development of the new independent Opera Crypto browser. Throughout the journey into Web3, Opera worked on improving the seamless usage of crypto wallets, made the first-ever browser to support built-in wallets for IOs, and started supporting Bitcoin, Celo, and Nervos. 

    So, what does the Opera Crypto browser really offer? Well, features like:

    Crypto Corner

    Opera Crypto

    When Opera stated that the Opera Crypto Browser wouldn’t be like any other regular browser with a wallet add-on, it really meant it! The new and improved Opera Crypto browser is designed to easily access all sorts of decentralized apps. The new Crypto Corner tab provides the latest crypto market news and updates. Here, you can find the latest news that covers blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, future airdrops, NFTs, educational content, crypto communities, events, podcasts, and much more all in ONE spot!

    Native Wallet and Multi Wallets Integration

    Opera has included a new native non-custodial wallet in its Web3 browser that will allow users to easily access their crypto. The browser supports a built-in VPN and ad-blocker for a safe web experience. Therefore, Opera is providing maximum security for its users. The native wallet support ETH, ERC-20, and ERC-721 tokens and will support ERC-1155 in the future. You will also be able to buy crypto via a fiat to crypto on-ramp, send and receive crypto, and check your balance and gas fees

    However, you don’t have to use Opera’s native wallet, as the Opera Crypto browser implements a new wallet selector tool that allows you to choose whatever wallet you wish to choose! 

    NFT Analytics Tool

    Just two days ago, Opera launched a new NFT analytics tool, DegenKnows. Unlike any other analytics tool, DegenKnows analyzes both on-and-off chain. Meaning, users can get insights into what NFT collections are gaining popularity from both on-chain charts and off-chain platforms such as Twitter and Discord. That way, users can see tweets corresponding to the NFT collection’s key opinion leaders. It also provides crucial info on each NFT project. Such as the number of social media followers, total mentions over 24 hours, and much more. The tool also offers a ‘smart filter’ system that filters out scammy NFT projects. Users can also set reminders on certain collections for raffles and mints

    The Impact of Opera Crypto Browser on Web3

    As we know, Opera is a major well-known web company. Therefore, the shift to the Web3 browser will definitely evoke trust and reliability from users. As decentralization becomes a more relevant aspect of the internet, Opera is choosing to play a major role in shaping Web3’s future. Therefore, the Opera Crypto Browser provides a safe way for anyone to get involved in blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies, by providing secure and easy access to its users. 

    Web3 is evolving FAST, and the only way to keep users on track with its quick development is to give it a dedicated, full-fleshed space on the internet. This may be the first step in implementing Web3 browsers for day-to-day usage. Indeed, web3’s future is both an enigmatic and exciting journey!


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