Ordinal Punks Floor Price Just Hit 4.069 BTC ($92.2K)!

    Can this space stop spinning at full speed? I’m getting motion sickness. Yesterday, news circulated that no crypto ads will be at the super bowl. And, now ordinal punks are taking us on an all-time high roller coaster. Its floor price just reached 4.069 BTC! That’s approximately 92.2 THOUSAND dollars per the current Bitcoin rate. One thing at a time. Anyway, let’s check what’s the deal with this collection.

    Ordinal Punks Fully On-Chain BTC NFTs

    Ordinal Punks are 100 punks minted within the first 650 inscriptions on Bitcoin. Bitcoin introduced an entire minting system causing a lot of controversies. Some people fully supported this new step. Whereas others rained criticism on BTC. We’ve covered how the minting system works and the controversy here

    Ordinal Punks Collection

    But, for now, let’s get into the specifics of these 100 punks (picture above). There are three different punks type: human, alien, and ape. Also, there are multiple punk races like orc, vampire, zombie, and more. You can check the NFT’s traits in the tables below. 

    Ordinal Punks Attributes

    Are They Actual NFTs?

    Well, the creator of this collection’s standard, Casey Rodarmor, doesn’t call them NFTs. He refers to them as “digital artifacts”. The reason is the data is inscribed in the blockchain using an ordinal theory. 

    But, did the name ordinal punks ring any bells? Cryptopunks maybe? Well, the two collections are similar. Both collections were algorithmically generated and are pixelated art. Of course, they have the obvious difference of one being on Ethereum and the other being on Bitcoin. And, Ordinal Punks’ is only 100 whereas CryptoPunks’ is 10,000. Below is an Ordinal Punk (left) next to a Crypto punk (right).

    Ordinal Punks vs CryptoPunks

    So, they do have similarities with “NFTs”. But, what differentiates them the most is the buying process. 

    How To Buy Ordinal Punks?

    How do you usually buy NFTs? Well, you either mint them or buy them on secondary through OpenSea or Magic Eden, etc. There are multiple minting processes that projects follow. Some are through their website or another party’s website. Or some are even minting an exclusive partnership with OpenSea like Chrysalism NFTs. 

    However, here the process is different. Buying and selling Ordinal Punks is done through manual order books and OTC trading. You will need a special wallet and block explorer (Ord Wallet) to index and track ordinal NFTs, but they can send and receive them with any Bitcoin address type. Some users also suggest using Sparrow wallet. 

    There are specific channels for selling and buying on their Discord server with over 3K members. 


    Also, there is a specific google sheet with all the data in it. They continuously update it with the latest asks, bids, and sales. 

    Ordinals Sheet

    Ordinal Punks Floor Price Reaches Insane Floor Price

    Currently, the full collection is sold out! As you can see in the picture above, the lowest ask is 4.069 Bitcoin. Meaning, the ordinal punks’ floor price stands at a whopping 92.2 THOUSAND dollars per the current Bitcoin rate. 

    Sold Out

    Moreover, the highest sale so far was for 9.5 bitcoin. NINE! That’s 205.8 thousand dollars! Even the known NFT whale dingaling has bought MULTIPLE of these punks.

    What’s The Reason Behind The Ordinals’ Hype?

    Why is the ordinal punks’ floor price shooting up? And, why are whales buying them in bulk? Like seriously, people are making an INSANE profit with these in such a short period of time.  

    Well, when it first dropped it created a controversy with its new minting system. This got people talking. Plus, the supply is VERY limited. The entire collection is made of 100 NFTs. You know, the smaller the supply, the bigger the demand, and the higher the price. 

    And, of course, Bitcoin has kept its name known and solid in crypto ever since its start. All of this is pushing more people to talk about this project and recommend it to people. Needless to say, it seems like a winning collection. 

    But, some people are skeptical in the middle of all this mayhem. 


    We are witnessing an all-time high for the Bitcoin project Ordinal Punks. With crazy numbers in floor price and sales, this collection seems to be promising. But, some people are doubting it regardless. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below. And, make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter so you don’t miss out on any news! 


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