Paris Hilton Launches ‘ParisLand’ In The Sandbox Metaverse

    The icon Paris Hilton went from topping the tabloids to conquering the Metaverse. The heiress/DJ is launching her very own Dating show with a twist. The show is in the form of a virtual game in The Sandbox. The ‘ParisLand’ metaverse game will help bring together people in matrimony as the game launched for Valentine’s Day. Let’s dig in. 

    The ‘ParisLand’ Metaverse Game

    The queen of the metaverse is back with another project. This time it is in the shape of a dating show. The ‘ParisLand’ metaverse game launched on February 13. The game takes place on a tropical island where a player is greeted by Paris and gets to meet 5 other participants and embark on quests and find love. 

    Furthermore, the challenges include finding wedding rings and outfits and discovering the secret of the island chef’s famous love burger. Rescuing castaways and flirting with other contestants. The grand prize for the couple is a virtual wedding ceremony with Paris herself as the DJ. 

    The Sandbox

    The Sandbox is known for its user-created virtual lands and NFT collectibles. Many brands and public figures have collaborated with The Sandbox and created their own Metaverse worlds. The most recent collaboration goes to Warner bros. Warner Music in collaboration with The Sandbox hosted a DJ contest in the metaverse. Check it out here. And it also features Brands like Snoop Dogg, FaZe Clan, The Walking Dead, and much more.  

    As for the ‘ParisLand’ metaverse project, 

    “I can’t think of a better way to light up the winter months than a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway to Paris Hilton’s tropical island in the metaverse,” said Sebastien Borget, COO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox.

     “Parisland offers a dazzling escape to sunny beaches, lighthearted romance, and genuine emotion as you discover and woo your romantic partner and celebrate with a destination wedding.”

    The ‘ParisLand’ Metaverse NFT Collection

    The game ‘Parisland’ also features a bunch of NFTs that help the users on their journey in the virtual dating show. And these NFTs are:

    • Ether in a Backpack 
    • Lucky Bouquet: Only one person can catch the Lucky Bouquet, and only one will EVER be minted!
    • Tuxedo Vest
    • Wedding Fairy Wings
    • Parisland Flower Necklace
    • Wedding Veil
    • Interlaced love rings
    • Flower of kisses 
    • Love Boat
    • Love Balloons
    • Love Air Dancers

    Final Statement

    Paris Hilton has projects other than the ‘ParisLand’ Metaverse game. Her journey started with a Roblox New Year’s Eve party, and an NFT collectionParis: Past Lives, New Beginnings.’ Due to her massive social media followers her NFT collections and projects have made them more popular. This alone helped name her the ‘Queen of the Metaverse and Cryptoween.’ In addition to that her latest venture, the virtual reality dating show “Parisland” in The Sandbox, promises to take NFT-powered entertainment to new heights. 


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