PhantaBear NFT: The Bears Strike Again

    The NFT market is full of animal NFTs, but turns out they are never a miss. First cats, dogs, lizards, and now bears. Like many bear NFTs predecessors, PhantaBears NFT is hitting the market with a bang. The collection has investors rushing to claim their bears. With flying numbers, this collection is rising through the roof. Let’s dig in.

    PhantaBear NFT

    Phanta Bear is a collection of 10,000 digital collectibles that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Phanta Bear is unique and randomly generated The NFT collection launched on New Year’s Day 2022. The collection depicts virtual bears on the blockchain

    Furthermore, on January 1st, 2022, the 10,000 NFT pieces were sold in under forty minutes and generated over $10 million. Each bear sold for 0.26 ETH, equivalent to $1000. Therefore, many Phanta Bear buyers resold their NFT avatars at higher prices, with the most expensive one selling for 20 ETH ($77,000).

    According to CoinGecko, the statistics of this collection are as follows:

    • Floor Price:0.3939 ETH($652.57).
    • Market Cap:3,939.0 ETH ($6,525,743.36 ).
    • 24H Volume:4.262554 ETH.

    PhantaBear Founders

    The PhantaBear NFT collection was launched by Taiwanese Pop star Jay Chou in collaboration with the blockchain entertainment platform Ezek In return, Jay Chou is the proud owner of the fashion brand Phantaci.

    Hence why the NFT collection features Phantaci fashion, accessories, backgrounds, and color combinations. Each bear has its own unique attributes and properties.

    According to the Ezek Club website,

    “Phanta Bear has two bright, starry eyes, and his heart is filled with the artistic talent of the Mandopop king.”

    The Ezek platform is founded by Will Liu and Mark G, as well as ED Ow (pioneer of NFT and Crypto technology for HTC and FullDive), and producer Johnson Chiang too.

    PhantaBear NFT Roadmap

    The Founding Of The Community And Phanta Treasure

    PhantaBear Staking System. You can use the points to unlock a lot of perks and benefits combined with the release of Phancy Pets. More perks of Phanta Pass will unlock soon.

    More To Come

    • More Physical Merchandise Is On The Way.
    • PhantaBear NFT Custom T-Shirts.
    • PhantaBear Custom Figures.
    • PhantaBear Custom Accessories.
    • A PhantaBear NFT Online Store With Exclusive Products And Perks.
    • Air-Drops And Raffles From Collaborations Of PHANTACi And Other Renowned Brands.
    • Access To More Partners‘ Virtual Lands, Real Estate. And The Construction Of The Metaverse Scene too.
    • Opportunities To Interact With Celebrities And Artists.
    • Access To Parties And Exclusive Activities (Online And Offline).

    Furthermore, you can buy the collection on Opensea. Also, check out the Phanta Pets collection here.

    Exclusive PhantaBear Perks

    By owning a Phanta Bear avatar, you unlock many perks and utilities available only for the owners of a PhantaBear NFT. And these utilities are as follows:

    • Metaverse: PhantaBear NFT owners will experience the new entertainment world of Ezek Metaverse in advance. 
    • Membership: Your Phanta Bear doubles as your Ezek membership card. In addition, it grants you access to members-only benefits.
    • In addition, owning a Phanta Bear avatar, grants you access to an exclusive club where you could meet with celebrities, play in the metaverse, virtual concerts and games… where the membership benefits increase over time.

    Final Statement

    In conclusion, the PhantaBear NFT collection is promising many benefits to its investors and members. Not to mention the flying colors coating the collection’s statistics and charts. At this point, no investor would hesitate to put their money into this collection. But that’s the thing with NFTs you never know when it will soar or flop miserably.  Would you invest in this collection? Stay tuned.  


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