Pixelmon: One of the biggest NFT Comeback!

    How is the mock-worthy Pixelmon topping the charts? If Goblins can, anyone can! Except that Pix was far more hideous. Let’s go down memory lane, shall we?

    Pixelmon first launched its 10k-piece collection in February 2022. The collection thrilled NFT fans. It was promised to be one of the best NFT games on web3. And was inspired by Pokemon.

    Fair to say, expectations were sky-high. The collection fetched more than $70 million in sales!

    However, the characters got revealed and everything went downhill. As it should, honestly. The NFTs looked like a 5-year-old’s lego. Actually, a 5-year-old lego would look much, MUCH, nicer. 

    Pixelmon GFX 1

    Pixelmon Twitter Backlash

    Pixs were laughably horrible that everyone took to Twitter to express their opinion on them. Some were enraged and thought the whole thing was a rug pull. If you don’t know what that is, here are the Top 20 NFT terms that you should know

    PixelMon Backlash

    All these assumptions were justifiable. Just look at it. How is that $70 million worth of art?

    Other NFT fans made a mockery of it. Soon enough, the entire thing was a meme. Especially on Kevin, one of the most famous Pixelmon characters. 

    Kevin Meme

    The Kevin meme really took off to the point that an entire collection Lives of Kevin released. This is proof that anything can happen in the non-fungible world. It, in fact, isn’t the first meme NFT collection. Check this NFT meme trivia

    Creator’s Apology

    After the severe reactions, Syber, the pseudonymous creator of Pixelmon, apologized on Discord. He wrote “I’m not going to sugarcoat it — we made a horrible mistake. This is unacceptable. We felt pressured to push the reveal, and the reality is we weren’t ready to push the artwork. This does not represent the brand, and we will fix this as we have let many people down with this reveal.”

    But, how did Pixelmon bounce back? 

    In hopes of redeeming their mistake, Martin van Blerk, former head of Pixelmon, reached out to potential partners to better the Pixels creations. Blerk partnered up with Giulio Xiloyannis, Co-Founder of the Web3 VC studio LiquidX, who is now Pixelmon’s CEO.

    Sure enough, the new iteration is a true piece of art. Their website is gorgeous. 

    PixelMon Collection

    The collection is now topping the charts! And the community is going insane over it.

    The excitement over Pixelmon is skyrocketing. Someone supposedly is selling BAYC to get more?! Just when you thought things can’t get any weirder in the NFT world. 


    PixelMon Utility

    If you’re an owner of this NFT you get exclusive access to:

    • Pixelmon Land airdrops
    • Token airdrops
    • Increased in-game earning
    • Alpha game release
    •  Limited in-game items and NFT airdrops

    All things considered, the comeback is quite impressive and also quite fishy to some. It’s raising the suspicion of collectors who think there’s a secret behind all of this. 


    Most importantly, Kevin is here to stay (after a well-needed makeover)!

    This leaves us wondering, are refurbished NFTs the new trend, or Will NFTs die in 2023? 

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