Your Ultimate Guide to Memeland’s Potatoz NFT

    Created in July 2022 by the iconic pop culture memesters 9GAG, the sassy Potatoz NFT collection is in the spotlight for all the valid reasons. Everyone wants to be a part of the metaverse project Memeland, and these Potatoz are your entry ticket into this interactive world! Who doesn’t appreciate some good Potatoz? 

    And despite being in a downwards market, the Potatoz NFT collection is proving to be a worthy opponent by climbing top charts and playing the big leagues! Moreover, according to OpenSea, the floor price for this collection is 1.619 ETH or $2,512.12, a s-mash-ing price for our good ol’ Potatoz NFT.

    As I’m writing this, the trading volume for this collection is 193.7086 ETH in the past 24 hrs. In addition, the collection consists of 9,999 utility-enabled PFPs each with unique properties. Much like us humans, Potatoz are born different! Judging by the amount of members they have on Discord, it seems the hype is real here.


    Meet The Potatoz NFTs

    Once upon a time, Memeland was not a place that could sustain life. But years ago, its ecosystem improved, and it welcomed its first inhabitants. One question boggles our mind, “Who left The Potatoz There?”.  The collection had 2 main selling points at launch: it was a free mint, and it consisted of utility-enabled PFPs. But wait, did someone say Captainz? 

    Who are The Captainz?

    No, the Potatoz are not loners and require some company. Don’t we all? These NFTs are side-kicks to the Captainz NFTs, another collection by 9GAG that is currently being minted! Furthermore, our companions reside in the Memelands, where laughter is the best medicine. Potatoz to Captainz are like Robin is to Batman, if you will… When the creators announced that minting 3 Potatoz NFTs guarantees you 1 Captainz NFT mint, a solid 3 for 1 deal… The NFT community was sold on the value the Potatoz presented. 

    Stages of Growing your Potatoz NFT

    Stage 0 (Type): Much like the life-cycle of any authentic potato, our Potatoz NFTs initially started out as seeds in pixelated dirt. Take care of your precious plant and watch it grow over time 

    Stage 1 (Mutation): You can immediately go ahead and “grow” (stake) yours! Watch your  NFT sprout its stalks.

    Potatoz NFT

    Stage 2 (Element): Users who’ve nurtured their Potatoz for 14 days will now be in this stage. The stalks will grow-into their unique elements. These ain’t no ordinary potatoes.. Your NFT will start to reveal itself, bottoms first! Literally…  


    Stage 3 (Size): Another 14 days and your Potatoz NFT will be flexing its guns.   

    Stage 3

    Stage 4: It only took those Potatoz NFTs 14 days to make all those gains. What’s your excuse bruh? Do you even lift? The artist “Mamypoko” was inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger in his youth… Not a joke, he said it himself.. 

    Stage 4

    Stage 5 (Final Stage): From day 0 to day 69, if you’re still taking care of your Potatoz NFT, I salute your dedication. And as I am writing this, this stage is well underway, with not much out concerning the artwork for the Potatoz NFTs. Stay tuned to Memeland’s Twitter to find out more!

    The Perks of the Potatoz NFTs

    The Potatoz NFTs bring much more to the table than just their delicious taste, by owning one from this collection you’ll get the following:

    • Private club membership.
    • Exclusive access to the creator NFT marketplace.
    • Exclusive access to events IRL!
    • Whitelist privileges in upcoming 9GAG drops and projects.

    memeland x potatoz

    The Wrap-Up:

    Finally, the roadmap of the Potatoz NFTs resembles that of previous successful NFT projects like Doodleverse and BAYC. That may be a key-factor in its success on the Web3 marketplace. Moreover, the creators of this collection have cleverly monetized their big audience and reputation of bringing happiness into people’s lives. So there’s no question this collection will find passionate fans to invest in it. 

    As for you, whether you’re just intrigued or want  to secure yourself a Potatoz  sidekick, this collection is a worthy-investment according to all the stats. Don’t forget to use our NFT rarity tool to aid you on your NFT quest. Bye!


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