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Nike SNKRS Bot

(10 customer reviews)



ANB Nike SNKRS bot, non-refundable six months subscription.


Works with the latest Windows 10 and Mac OS X Mojave (under a virtual machine, we provide a full video tutorial).

( Instant Delivery via email – Always check your Junk/Spam Folder )

You can buy from AIObot.com

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The ONLY bot you’ll ever need to cop limited Nikes.


Nike SNKRS Bot is of the rarest bots that actually work on multiple Nike stores and SNKRS! It’s extremely simple to use and comes with effective features that will skyrocket your chances and performance on releases.



  • Up to 500 tasks
  • Nike Account Checker (including Mobile Verified & Exclusive Access)
  • Proxy Tester
  • SNKRS Calendar
  • Auto Checkout
  • Checkout Manually via browser for WebStore sites
  • All Sizes Support (random size included)
  • Multi-threaded
  • Super Easy to Use
  • ANB Sensor Generator
  • Schedule Start
  • Webhook Reporter
  • Discord support


Supported Sites:

  • Nike SNKRS US, All EU & JP sites
  • Nike AU
  • Nike CA
  • Nike SG
  • Nike MY
  • Nike TW

10 reviews for Nike SNKRS Bot

  1. Mikey

    @AnotherNikeBot never failed me, thanks for all the Adidas checkouts!

  2. Dan W

    Thanks to all the updates and fixes i managed to check out a couple of V2’s,can’t wait for the latest version to be released!

  3. Curly

    Thanks @AnotherNikeBot for all 3 pairs of Kyrie’s

  4. Yang

    Copped an AM1 Susan! 1st time running on a server, had some probs entering all my accounts, but I still got one! 2019 looking good! Thxxxxx ANB

  5. Sal

    caught 3 pairs of susan’s this morning, thanks ANB

  6. Sari

    Nothing will ever take down the ANB family & their awesome Devs. Got realy lucky today. Had so many more check outs but you get the idea.

  7. Dre

    Been a good month and have got only 1 bot to thank! Def worth d money

  8. Winkatya

    over expectation, ANB is back and with lots of success…

  9. Fouad

    This Bot is so good, was testing it while it’s a Beta version and copped 3 pairs of Nike Jordans. Also, the Discord server is good!!!

  10. Ken (verified owner)

    It did increase my chances i copped 1 Jordan in beta testing, but the issue is SNKRS releases are hard, Thank you keep up the excellent work.

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