Moonbirds’ PROOF Cancels NFT Conference

    Set to run in May, the NFT conference known as “Proof of Conference” has been canceled. According to the Co-Founder of the Web3 project Proof, Kevin Rose, the sole reason is ‘less interest than anticipated’.

    However, people are writing their own narratives about company funds and possible slow rugs… 

    Let’s find out more!

    The CEO of the company behind the iconic Moonbirds NFT collection called off their flagship conference scheduled from May 11 to May 13 in Los Angeles.

    On February 20, Rose released a note regarding the canceled Proof Conference to all the ticket holders. The event was said to feature NFT Artist Beeple, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, Greg Solano and Wylie Aronow of Yuga Labs, NFT entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk and others.

    It’s worth mentioning that Moonbirds is the top 10 collection in Web3 in terms of their market cap! 

    So, canceling their IRL event stirred some drama… 

    Why Did The Proof Conference Get Canceled?

    Let’s go back to when Proof announced the “Proof of Conference” IRL meet-up.

    Back then, they charged .75 ETH (Almost $1232 as I’m writing this) per ticket! Which is absurd in itself. 

    Not to mention that Holders were also expected to pay for the tickets like non-holders. So, where is all the “put your community first” mojo? 

    Naturally, not everyone was willing to pay that ridiculous amount and book a plane ticket as well as a hotel to attend the LA conference… 

    Although Proof did not clearly state the reason it was canceled, we can all guess that not a lot of people bought a ticket, and the scale of the event would have been a joke. 

    They released the following statement: “After several weeks of sales data, speaking with potential sponsors, and talking to community members, it’s clear that there is considerably less interest than anticipated for an event like this right now.” 

    In their Discord, the Proof team told its listeners that only about a hundred people purchased hotels through Proof’s links, which led the Web3 firm to believe there wasn’t enough interest in the conference.

    Who’s to say that there weren’t others who may have booked accommodations elsewhere?

    Refunding The Community

    “As you know, in the world of NFTs, timing is everything. And today, it’s time for us to recognize that right now isn’t the right time for the PROOF of Conference.” Read the founder’s letter… 

    Of course, anyone who has already bought the tickets will be eligible for a full ETH refund covered by Proof.

    This includes the following: 

    • Hotel bookings.
    • Transaction fees.
    • Flight tickets.

    Proof will assess other refund requests on an individual basis. 

    However, beware that you will not be refunded in case you decide to stay in the venue despite the event standing canceled. Fair enough. 

    More Events To Come

    After the Proof conference got canceled, the company stressed that they’ll announce other plans with better execution in the future. 

    However, we can expect that the upcoming events will definitely be on a smaller scale to avoid the same mishaps. 

    Feel free to check out their future events right here!

    For now, the team promises to deliver products and art that benefit the communities of Moonbirds and PROOF.

    Community Reactions After Canceling The Proof Conference

    The cancellation of “PROOF of conference” has left many confused and disappointed. And the Moonbirds community is experiencing major trust issues right now with several holders trying to buy out of the project… 

    Why? Some people are accusing Proof Collective of slow-rugging. 

    However, not all Moonbird holders are looking for a quick exit! 

    According to Proof’s “nesting” data, only about 150 Moonbird holders unstaked their NFTs after the news broke on February 20. Some silver lining at least… 

    Moonbirds 'Nesting' Graph

    It’s worth noting that Staked Birds provide owners with rewards for locking up their NFT and essentially “hodling” the asset.

    Do you think that Proof Collective can regain the trust of its community members?


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