POAPS: Collect Memories with Proof of Attendance Protocol NFTs

    Have you ever been backstage at a concert but no one believed you since you lost the backstage pass? Well, the blockchain is about to make attending events a memorable experience that could last a lifetime! Literally. Proof of attendance protocol or just POAP if you don’t have the time, is a unique digital badge or collectible that signifies and proves your attendance at an event. POAPs are minted as NFTs, therefore, the immutability that NFTs provide makes attending an event etched forever on the blockchain. So, the next time someone questions whether or not you’ve been to an elite convention, show them your attendance on the immutable ledger as a POAP badge and tell them to piss off. 

    So, how do proof of attendance protocols work? What are their utilities? And should you collect one? Read along to find out everything you need to know about these digital badges. 

    What is the Proof of Attendance Protocol?

    Proof of attendance protocol (POAP) is a non-fungible token that proves someone attended a virtual or a physical event. Consider them as actual concert tickets or event passes. While these physical items might serve as proof that you went to these events, they could easily be lost or stolen. While with POAPs, these digital badges of attendance are minted on the blockchain with a lasting effect. Moreover, you can see them as an upgrade of social media check-ins! POAPs can also act as proof of achievement. For example, you can claim a POAP badge by attending certain online or offline activities. They can also be used to mark in-game events. 

    POAP badges bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds by linking off-chain attendance to an on-chain commemoration. They create a sturdy record of your existence in both the physical world and the Web3 one. 

    How do POAPs Work?

    Just like any other NFT, POAPs are unique digital badges. However, these unique NFTs are usually given out for free at events for all attendees to have verifiable proof of attendance. Initially, POAPs were minted in the Ethereum mainnet. POAPs were first distributed at the ETHDenver convection in 2019 as an award to attendees. POAPs have then migrated to the Ethereum side-chain, Gnosis chain, to lower the fees of transactions. That’s why these proof of attendance protocols are free. However, if someone chooses to move their POAPs to the Ethereum mainnet, they can if they pay the required gas fees

    However, to something be considered a legit POAP badge, it must be minted through the official POAP smart contract and contain the metadata of the specific event, such as time, date, and image. Moreover, you can only mint one POAP for a specific event for a single wallet, since you can attend a unique event only once – unless you went back in time or cloned yourself! 


    POAPs Usage

    POAPs are a proof of attendance, however, they could have several other benefits, including: 

    • Token Freebies: Some organizations will airdrop free tokens to the wallets of attendings who collects POAPs of their events. These DAOs gift free tokens to their long-term supporters who showed up at their events. 
    • Blockchain Resume: Employers, specifically in the crypto and technology sector, can trust the immutability of these POAPs as a resume of their potential candidates. Instead of trusting the applicants saying that they have attended several crypto conferences and workshops, now they have the actual blockchain to prove it. 
    • Exclusive Access: Collecting POAPs can grain enthusiasts access private events and voting rights. The more POAPs one collects, the higher voting power in crypto communities they have. 
    • Attendees Management: POAPs could save event managers the long hassle of conducting mailing lists and having direct contact with their attendees. 
    • Gifts, souvenirs, Collectibles: POAPs could be given to attendees or fans as a gift for achieving something. They could also act as a souvenir from a specific event. And act as a collectible to showcase the commitment to one fanbase. 


    Do POAPs Have Value? 

    POAPs as they are, proof of attendance protocols, have a growing value. The ability to collect POAP badges to participate in community meetings or vote on governance proposals places POAPs on a higher pedestal of community engagement. However, POAPs might not have a high monetary value. Since POAPs are free to acquire, selling and trading them won’t get you much money. However, in the case of owning a super unique POAP badge for an exclusive event, you might be able to find someone who is willing to buy it for a lot of money. However, in this case, POAPs will contradict their original use since they are proof of attendance. Whoever buys a POAP from someone else did not physically attend an event – It’s like buying a used Guns and Roses ticket after the show is over. 

    The POAP Platform

    If you are a crypto enthusiast wanting to claim a POAP for attending an event or you’re an event planner trying to set up POAPs, below are how-tos to navigate your way through the POAP platform. 

    How to Collect a POAP

    The POAP FAQ section clearly states three ways to claim your proof of attendance protocol. 

    • Batch Delivery of Badges: If you were required to enter your wallet address when signing up for an event, the organizers will send you the badge directly to your wallet.
    • Manual Sending: By scanning your wallet QR code, an organizer can instantly send you the POAP badge. 
    • Self-service Claim: In this method, attendees need to claim their badges by using a link or other methods.Claim POAP For example, if you want to claim a POAP, first you have to create an account on the official POAP app and click on Mint. You can then select different options (organizers will usually provide you with what options to choose from) and go from there. 


    How to Create a POAP

    To create a POAP for your event, first, you have to navigate to the proof of attendance protocol platform and click on create a new POAP. 

    Create a POAP

    • Fill out the metadata and information about your event including location, date, website, mint links, and more specific details.
    • You should have a PNG graphic artwork of your POAP that doesn’t exceed 200 KB with dimensions of 500 x 500 pixels. 
    • After filling out the form, you will receive an email that has your POAP edit code and claim codes. Make sure to save the edit codes for later use in case you needed to edit the POAP. 
    • Later you will receive your POAP ID digits which you can use to access the POAP scan website. 

    New Way to Commemorate Events?

    Proof of attendance protocol can certainly change how we attend events, seminars, or even jobs in the future. Consider how many people lie in their resume about working at certain places. Or how many people flex going to certain events they never even went to. POAPs can provide immutable proof of attending on the blockchain that no one can refute. In addition, POAPs act as a great way to commemorate memories tied to certain events that you can never lose. Will let the future dictates the full potential of these enduring stickers of attendance.


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