Proof of Skill Protocol: Mark Your Expertise On The Blockchain!

    You’ve heard of proof of work (PoW), proof of stake (PoS), and proof of attendance (POAP), but have you ever heard of Proof of Skill? This protocol is a way to flaunt your skills on the blockchain for everyone to lo and behold. Think of a decentralized Linkedin, but way more credible.

    As we all know the career industry is becoming more competitive by the minute and specialization is ever more important. Basically, the old-school degree doesn’t signify whether an individual is qualified enough to pursue a job opportunity. It just doesn’t cut it anymore!

    Without further ado, let’s dive in.

    What Is Proof of Skill?

    It is a decentralized credentialing protocol where industry experts validate your skills by granting you Soul Bound Tokens minted on the blockchain.

    In case you missed our article on Soul Bound Tokens, they are essentially tokens on the blockchain that can NOT be sold or sent to any other person. They are yours forever! 

    In detail, they represent your identity on the blockchain and can reflect anything! From a person’s affiliation with a community or a crypto project to real-world credentials or achievements. 

    Now, the Proof of Skill protocol allows job applicants and candidates to showcase their abilities to their employers in an objective and transparent way.

    Moreover, this protocol is a reliable way for an individual to turn their talent into an investment and main asset. Thus building a decentralized and trusted consensus for the skills they possess without any bias or prejudice. 

    Why Do We Need Proof of Skill?

    Importance of Proof of Skill

    Why Implement This Protocol on The Blockchain?

    In order for Proof of Skill to actually make sense, it must be publicly accessible to anyone worldwide. So, what better way other than the immutable and VERY public blockchain?  

    In detail, the protocol utilizes the power of smart contracts to bring together and monitor the confirmation of any skill obtained, enhanced, or utilized within the ecosystem. 

    Proof of Skill will essentially tokenize a person’s professional identity and reputation for everyone to see. This will in turn push users to put forth their best selves and further cultivate their skill sets.

    Proof of Skill Scenario

    If an individual is looking to upscale his expertise, he’ll first join an e-learning platform to learn a new skill. After that, he will go on to enhance this skill on another platform.

    Then, he’ll secure a freelance job on a different platform to add to his expertise. He might even contribute to many projects at once.

    And throughout all of this, this individual will collect and earn Proof of Skill from each experience, and as a result, he will build an impeccable professional reputation.

    Proof of Skills

    Final Words

    It’s worth noting that your Proof of Skill reputation is ONLY owned by you rather than a centralized entity, and it is publicly accessible by anyone.

    Finally, your only key to succeed in the future is your very own ‘Human Capital’ or set of skills. It’s no longer about who knows the most, but rather who utilizes this information more efficiently!

    The final goal of this protocol is to create a transparent and unified Meritocratic society aka a community governed by people selected according to their own merit and expertise.

    As always, stay tuned for more!


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