What is a Proxy Server? And Why Should Sneakerheads Care?

    Whether you’re a sworn sneakerhead or just a beginner at this game, getting here means you understand what sneaker bots are. It’s all you need in this crazy sneaker world. If you got yourself a good sneaker bot, you’re halfway there. So yeah, a sneaker bot on its own is not enough. Well, it’s great if you want to get just one pair from a certain release. But if you’re ambitious and up for some extra cash, you’re gonna need more than one pair. And to have that, you’re gonna need to mix your bot with a proxy server.

    First things first: What is a Proxy Server?

    A proxy is basically an intermediary that operators use to hide your identity online. They supply sites with a variety of different IP addresses, other than the one you actually have. Making you look like a different visitor, located in a different area.

    But What Are We Hiding From!?

    Well, while surfing the internet, your personal information such as your address, billing info, and even browsing history are prone to exposure. So generally speaking, proxies help you keep that info safe. As for sneakerheads,  using proxies help you address 2 main concerns: Buying sneakers online in MASS & buying from overseas.
    With your own IP address, sneaker sites will only allow you to buy one pair of sneakers.proxy-server

    Instead of grabbing one pair of a sneaker, you want to, a proxy server allows you to access a site multiple times. Thus giving you the chance to buy the same item, many times. Be it Crazy Supreme apparel, or exclusive Jordans, a proxy server works the same on all. Why do you need more than one pair? That’s simple: Money! Or professionally speaking: Sneaker reselling. You can grab yourself one nice shoe with a good sneaker bot, or perhaps even without it. But if you’re planning on having your own sneaker reselling business, then you will get nowhere without a proxy server.

    How do sneaker proxies work?

    A sneaker proxy hides your actual IP address and allows you to use multiple IPs so you can buy many pairs instead of just one. It’s the only way you can beat the “1 pair per buyer rule”. Which sneaker sites to keep the game fair and square. However, A proxy server will provide you with multiple proxies or IPs, and each IP will get to cop a pair on its own. proxy-server

    What happens if you use your own IP Address to cop multiples of the same product?

    Well, first of all, it simply won’t work. And not only would you not get just ONE pair, but you’ll be risking getting banned from accessing the site or having your purchase cancelled.

    BUT proxies don’t work solo. The ideal combo is a good sneaker bot PLUS sneaker proxies. That’s the way it goes! And for an optimal experience, you gotta know what kind of a proxy server you need.

    What Does That Mean?

    Well, it means you aren’t gonna flex no slick pair of new kicks no more. And you can easily forget about copping in bulk or making a hobby out of reselling sneakers. No more slinging pairs for additional bling. That’s a pretty sad ending, fam. But that’s what happens if you don’t have your copping gear: a good bot, good proxies, and a kick-ass server. Without these to the mix, your chances are lower than low. And all you’re gonna witness is one big fat L.

    Types of Sneaker Proxies

    Each website is coded in a different way and every sneaker retailer has a different antibot system. For that reason, there is more than one type of proxies, and each type performs better or worse depending on the site being used. There are three main types of proxies that you can use with sneaker bots: residential, datacenter, and ISP.

    1. Residential Proxies

    Residential proxies are IP addresses that are provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). IP addresses are assigned to residential locations with an actual legit location like your home. Residential plans are very commonly used because they allow you to generate unlimited proxies and are also cheap. A typical residential data plan costs around $10-$20 per GB. But generating unlimited proxies doesn’t mean you have unlimited data usage. You can purchase resi plans with a certain about of data measured in GigaBytes, and this depends on the plan you buy.

    2. Datacenter Proxies

    Datacenter proxies are IP addresses that are created by a secondary provider and have nothing to do with an Internet Service Provider. And because of that, they have a much higher chance of being flagged by websites. Since ordinary person shops, while connected to a residential IP, DC proxies are easily distinguishable and hence easily blocked.

    So why would someone use DC proxies?

    DC proxies have several pros:

    – They are very fast, and definitely faster than Resi proxies.
    – DCs can give you a big shot at limited releases that sell out quickly.
    – They have unlimited data usage, up until the expiration date of your DC plan.

    3. ISP Proxies

    ISP proxies are the new babies in the game. They’ve been around for a while but they have just gained hype only recently. ISP proxies are as reliable as Resis and as Fast as DCs. Technically speaking, ISPs are DCs provided by an Internet Service Provider.

    The only disadvantage about ISP proxies is that they are quite expensive. Each IP can cost around $2-$2.4, and since a typical ISP plan has 25 proxies, that’ll be around $50-$60.

    So, when choosing proxies, make sure you’ve got the right one for your copping game. Also, make sure you know where to get your proxies from. And that’s pretty much all you need to know about a proxy server. If you want to dig deeper into this, you can check out this detailed article that tackles every inch of proxy servers.


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