Psychedelics Anonymous NFT: Tugging at Your Heartstrings 

    Have you ever related to a song so much that the lyrics could be the anthem of your mental health? Was a character in a book or movie so damn relatable it had you sobbing and obsessing for days? Okay, I got you if you’re ready, check out the Psychedelics Anonymous NFTs, a WHOLE collection of 9,595 characters that will tug at the strings of your heart!

    With a fully doxxed team, ambitious roadmap, clear mental health awareness goal, and a haunting Psychedelic aesthetic – the good kind of creepy aesthetic – this may turn out to be your favorite cup of tea! Brace yourselves, and let’s dive into the night. 

    Psychedelics Anonymous NFT - LOGO

    What is Psychedelics Anonymous NFT?

    Collection Website:
    Twitter Profile: @psychedelic_nft
    OpenSea floor price: 0.75 ETH
    Etherscan Address: Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis 

    Psychedelics Anonymous NFT is the brainchild of Lewis Gale – the owner of the branding and marketing company Voltura – who stated in an interview that the founding idea of the project is to educate, help, and further research mental health issues. The core team of this project consists of 7 highly talented individuals with a clear vision.

    With an out-of-the-box strategy, Psychedelics Anonymous NFT project launched late December 2021 with 38,380 NFTs of four different types. Each being their own collection on OpenSea :

    It sure sounds like an overwhelming number of NFTs, but in the creators’ scheme, this scale amounts to creating a large community. 

    PA Collection

    Benefits of Owning Psychedelics Anonymous NFT

    The Genesis Profile Picture NFTs are designed by the team’s lead artist Joshua Connelly, featuring 18 different traits. Their art philosophy is as poetic as one can be, often disturbing in a really satisfying way. 

    Psychedelics Anonymous PFP NFT sold for 0.088 ETH (plus gas) each on mint. Its current floor price is 0.75 at OpenSea, but it is impressive to note the peak it once reached at 3.25 ETH. Now, this is the most sought-out collection in the Psychedelics Anonymous NFTs not only for its visual art but for providing the most valuable utility to the community. And as you know by now, utility increases hype and, as a result, drives floor prices up. So what does this collection offer?

    PA spiral

    – Physical merchandise
    – Metaverse wearables
    – Support services
    – Web3 accelerator access
    – VIP metaverse areas
    – VIP areas at IRL events
    – Future staking and DAO allocations

    Not sold yet on the mental health benefits? Well, as of July 27, 2022, Psychedelics Anonymous released its “Coaching App”. Holders of Psychedelics Anonymous NFT get access to coaching sessions with experts in crypto security, psychedelic medicine, life coaches, and more. Indeed a project with a cause!

    Finally, to learn more about this collection and upcoming successful and crazy NFTs, keep it locked to the ChainWitcher.


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