RTFKT & Ledger Promote Web3 Security Through Phygital Collab

    Digital fashion brand RTFKT and hardware wallet firm Ledger are joining forces in what looks like an attempt to educate people on the importance of security in the digital realm. The power duo announced their collaboration on February 24 at NFT Paris. 

    If you aren’t familiar with this event, it is by far among the biggest annual NFT conferences that bring together Brands, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Influencers, and Collectors of non-fungible tokens in the decentralized world. 

    In detail, the highlight of the launch will be educational programs and phygital product drops to enlighten people on the know-how when it comes to managing digital assets securely. 

    This is not Ledger’s first rodeo. They already have programs like Ledger Quest that incentivize the NFT learning process. With the ability to earn crypto along the way!

    Now, the two Web3 giants aim to bridge the gap between the off-chain educational experience and the excitement of on-chain participation via this RTFKT Ledger high-end Web3 collab.

    Basically, they intend to supply customers with safe purchasing guidelines and Web3 knowledge.

    Let’s learn more about this hot release!

    RTFKT x Ledger

    The collection includes 2 ledger wallets and an accessory. These can be purchased as NFTs and redeemed for the actual physical items:

    • A limited edition Ledger Nano S Plus with the RTFKT logo.
    • Limited edition Nano X with the RTFKT logo.
    • Limited edition Nano-case silver pendant with the RTFKT logo on the end caps for RTFKT and Ledger Genesis holders.

    Ledger Ledger Limited Edition RTFKT x Ledger Pendent

    Ultimately, this partnership aims to demonstrate the importance of hardware wallets in Web3 security. And once released, you can buy them on the Ledger Market!

    Not to mention that each RTFKT Ledger item sold through the market will unlock access to explanatory info. Like how to create a wallet, and how to navigate the Web3 space safely.

    RTFKT founder, Benoit Pagotto, shared his excitement about the partnership and stated: 

    “We’re super proud to continue our collaboration with Ledger and to push it to the next level with these products, allowing everyone to get into digital collectibles safely and in RTFKT style.” 

    The Takeaway

    Without a doubt, the collab between RTFKT and Ledger is a significant development in the Web3 space. Significantly, it brings together an innovative luxury brand and a Web3 security leader.

    Moreover, RTFKT and Ledger are working towards providing a holistic approach to safety. By launching a series of education programs and collaborative drops, they secure self-custody to the masses.

    This partnership is a smart way to make education not only accessible but enjoyable as well!  Not to mention that it is a promising step towards innovation without compromise. It offers collectors a desirable way to enrich their experience and ultimately protect their assets.

    Finally, we can hope to see new and exciting, highly curated niche items on the market with the ongoing partnership between RTFKT and Ledger.

    Will this duo establish itself as the go-to destination for high-end and innovative phygital collectibles?

    As always, stay tuned for everything Web3!


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