Sappy Seals: The Next ‘It’ Community?

    Created in 2021, the Sappy Seals collection is currently called the most-promising Europe-based project! In detail, it is comprised of 10,000 extremely cute seals that live across the Pixelverse along with other NFT families like BearX, Winter Bears, Axolittles, Chubbicorns, WeAre24Px, and Caked Apes. Let’s learn all about them!

    First of all, there are a ton of 1/1 Sappy Seals NFTs swimming around, and these resemble everything from NFT Influencers to something crazy like a mushroom. And the ridiculousness is not lost on us! Moreover, if you’re looking for a PFP, look no further! These marine mammal NFTs will work perfectly for that purpose. 

    We are here to give you all the stats your investigative heart desires! And upon further scrutiny via NFT inspect, the number of Twitter users sporting their Sappy Seals PFPs is on the rise!

    Sappy Seals PFPs Graph

    It’s worth noting the creators of @SappySealsNFT are none other than Wabdoteth and Camol, co-founders of @ThePixlverse and @PixlLabs. They are among the most-renowned founders in Web3. Moreover, Wabdoteth’s project Lunar Crush formerly ranked #1 on Cardano. So the pair clearly know how to handle a project!

    As I’m writing this, the Sappy Seals’ floor price sits at 1.08 ETH or approximately $1,290, with a 24-hour sales volume of 71.2 ETH. Not to mention the outstanding $12.9 Million market capitalization! 

    At the moment, there are 4259 unique Seal owners, however, due to the ongoing staking, the holder count for the collection is constantly changing. However, you can get an up-to-date count on their official website. Now, let’s talk about the real Sappy Seals deal… 

    Sappy Seals: Community is Key

    The heart of every NFT collection is without a doubt its community. Funny and cute artwork can only get you so far in the Web3 space. So, let me tell you more about the community-led Sappy Seals! 

    They call themselves the most inclusive, culturally-rich, and forward-thinking group in this space. Furthermore, these Seals pride themselves in their community-based content creation, and they constantly strive for what’s next. Are they tooting their own horn? Let’s find out what the main attraction is.

    As I was inspecting their community across all social media platforms, what caught my attention most was the lack of floor talk bs. I was baffled, I tell you. Most often than not, floor talk is the most frequently discussed stigma, however, these Sappy Sealers are flopping in a different direction! 

    Basically, we’re all aware that members who only discuss the floor price fluctuations are only in it for profit and don’t care about the actual project. Well, on the Sappy Seals Discord, members genuinely enjoy talking to each other about the roadmap of the project, speculations, and any trivial topic really! 

    The Sappy Seals founders broke the proverbial wall between creators and holders, emphasizing communication with all members! In a recent interview with RCSPod, the founders said, and I quote: “If you hold a Seal, you tag me or Cam on Twitter, you will get a response.” And kudos to that!   

    Utility of the Sappy Seals Collection

    • The open-world cross-community Pixlverse & Pixl Pets.
    • Sappy Seals game in the Pixelverse.
    • Rarity-based staking for the $PIXL utility token.
    • Auctions and raffles give people equal chances of winning. 
    • $PIXL is the native Sappy Seal currency in Pixelverse, and the only way to get that is by staking your Seal.
    • A metaverse and DAO are underway. There you will be able to get gear for your seal using the native utility token.
    • A long-term goal of making the Sappy Seals a lifestyle brand with collectibles, branded content, and merch
    • A marketplace is available for exclusive metaverse items.
    • The project’s legal team is working on IP licensing. This will allow holders to tap into the monetization of their brands. 

    The Takeaway 

    Finally, Every member of the Sappy Seals community wants to be a part of something bigger. This goal-oriented approach is a utility in itself. In brief, they do have our seal of approval… So, our advice to you: if you ever find a project with a good track record with a team that seems to understand how to build a brand, then you are likely on the right path to finding the best long-term community to chip into. And as always, stay tuned for more collection breakdowns!


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