The Sashiko Blue Jordan 4 Gives Winter a Stylish Look in 2020

It’s official, December is here… And so are the holiday sneakers and everything in between. But when Jordan represents different cultures and traditions through kicks, we’re in. So if you’re looking for a pair of sneakers to spend some of your savings on, better keep reading! The new blue Jordan 4 takes us all the way to the east, specifically Japan. So let’s take a look at the new Jordan 4 Sashiko!

Sashiko Stabs Our Hearts… and Pockets!

So Sashiko is a traditional form of embroidery in Japan. The word literally translates to “little stabs”, and that’s what this pair is doing! No, but, jokes aside, the new blue Jordan 4 actually features a greenish-blue upper with Sashiko on it. This type of embroidery makes use of the spaces on the fabric with the geometrical design. Historically, Sashiko was a way to winterize garments for peasants in the past.

Sashiko patterns

However, it’s not actual embroidery on the kicks, it’s just a print of the patterns, and we’re okay with that! Although the majority of the pair is of the same color, hints of red and white appear there too. This makes the upper look like a pretty awesome patchwork! It almost feels like a custom pair of kicks. Moreover, mismatching laces give a whole vibe to the kicks, along with the greyish-white midsole. So all in all, the blue Jordan 4 might accidentally (or intentionally) be the best pair to own this holiday! And speaking of amazing releases, J Balvin’s Jordan 1 is here to make a statement!

Deep Ocean Blue Jordan 4 Release Deets

Blue Jordan 4 Sashiko Holiday 2020

Release Date: 12/5/2020
Style Code: CW0898-400
Retail Price: $190
Avg. Resale Value: $371

Bad news to sneakerheads who live in the United States. The new Sashiko Blue Jordan 4 won’t drop there for you. It’ll be dropping in Canada though, so better contact them Canadian friends before the drop! Or, to save the embarrassment, maybe go for a good Nike bot and strong proxies. Your last option is resale shopping, but why do that when you can flip and earn that almost $200 profit? Retail is always good, and having the profit come into your pocket instead of out is even better!

Blue Jordan 4 2020 Sashiko

Make Use of Your Black Friday Shopping!

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