The 5 Most Hyped September NFT Drops of 2022

    Ignore all the rumors, controversial speculations, and doubts because the NFT industry is here to stay! There may have been a setback lately, but NFTs seem to be coming back with a strike. It’s not hard to tell that this is becoming a reality with all the effort, time, and money going into creating and releasing NFT projects in 2022. This includes the coolest upcoming September NFT drops!

    Lost in the maze of NFTs and can’t seem to navigate your way through all the upcoming drops? Don’t you worry, the Chainwitcher got your back with the TOP 5 September NFT drops! Check them out!

    What are NFT Drops?

    Let’s get you accustomed to the NFT slang first. Simply put, an NFT drop is the distinct time and date of when an NFT collection or project is released. Note that it is the ideal time for investors to buy since NFTs usually increase in price after their initial release. Think of it as seizing the best opportunity to own something before anyone else. You could then either keep it to yourself or make money off of it. 

    Oh wait, no one told you where you could buy and trade NFTs yet?! Don’t you worry, the Chainwitcher to the rescue! You’ll be a different person after reading this guide!

    Top 5 September NFT Releases 

    swaggy whales logoSwaggy Whales 

    Our first and one of our swaggiest September NFT drops is Swaggy Whales! Sparkle lovers, where are you at? You’re so gonna love this! Swaggy Whales is a 3D collection of super hip whales wearing jewelry. They describe themselves as a community-focused jewelry brand for Web3. At the time of writing, their website is not yet live. However, this didn’t stop anyone from drooling over it! This may be the MOST anticipated drop yet with 158.5K Twitter followers!


    super soldiers logoSuper Soldiers 3D

    OG CounterStrike lovers, I got you with this one. Super Soldiers is a 3D collection of 10,000 NFT game-inspired soldier characters. These fierce soldiers claim to fight on the Solana blockchain against Ethereum Network’s high gas fees. They kinda have the vibe of collecting skins for your favorite character. Fortnight mood anyone? This NFT is probably for you!


    citizen X game september nft CitiXens

    My fellow gamers, this particular next September NFT drop is gonna blow your mind! The gaming experience is on a whole other level with this one. Part of RFOX metaverse, CitiXens NFTs are 10,000 VR-enabled sophisticated avatars. Owning these NFTs comes with a variety of cool utilities, one of them being able to own the Creative Commons (CC0) rights license!


    icon world logoIcon World 

    The concept of Icon World is to represent honorary and reputable ‘icons’ with tokens and NFTs. Spicing things up, it is present on the Binance Smart chain network. Icons such as Micheal Jackson, Nelson Mandella, and the founder/CEO of Binance Chang Zhao! Oh, and somehow Elon Musk found his way on that list, because why not? With 88.8K engaged followers on Twitter, people are clearly hyped up about it!


    awesome possums nft september dropAwesome Possums

    This upcoming NFT collection on our list of September NFT drops comes with a noble cause. Awesome Possums NFTs are community-focused with an aim to empower mental health awareness and addiction recovery. They have a very ambitious road map

    Briefly, you can expect generous giveaways, games, merch, charity donations, AND – wait for it – student scholarships! It’s really impressive when NFTs come with an added value to our mental health, isn’t it? If you’re interested in similar NFT projects, then definitely check out our Psychedelics Anonymous PFP NFT review!

    All these September NFT drops seem too interesting, we know! But why pick when you can GET THEM ALL? No need to chill, guys; you totally have the green light. Stay tuned, and always trust the Chainwitcher to have your back in the overwhelming ocean of NFTs!


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