Shibuya NFT: Pplpleasr is Revolutionizing the Blockchain!

    Given the recent NFT/Crypto market crash and FTX fraud drama, people are losing faith in everything blockchain-related. Honestly, it comes as no surprise. That’s what happens when this technology is used as a greedy outlet for swift money-making with no substantial vision. The dominating culture of “grinding” in the Crypto/NFT world is nothing more than a huge disappointment to the true potential of Web3. It takes brilliant minds like Emily Yang’s (famously known as pplpleasr) to bring us a project like Shibuya to prove that NFTs, Blockchain, and Web3 are the leap we have been in need of all this time! 

    Shibuya is more than NFTs, it’s a revolution in the blockchain and this article will explain why!

    What is the Shibuya NFT Project About?

    Say goodbye to all the years of cursing at movies that started out great and flopped toward the end, because the Shibuya NFT offers you the chance to participate in the plot of their productions! This project was first introduced by co-founder Emily Yang at the Ethereum Conference in Denver on February 18. In her own words, Shibuya is :

    “A Web 3 experiment where long-form content is free to watch but monetized on the blockchain to allow viewer participation on the creative process and also shared ownership.”

    Yang also describes Shibuya as a cross between Netflix and Kickstarter. “White Rabbit” debuts as the first web series to launch on Shibuya’s platform, directed by its co-founders pplpleasr and Maciej Kuciara

    Brief Project Timeline:

    • February 18, 2022 – Project Announcement and White Rabbit Trailer 
    • March 1, 2022 – Release of Chapter 1
    • June 8, 2022 – Release of Chapter 2
    • January 10, 2023 – Release of Chapter 3

    White Rabbit Web Series

    White Rabbit is an anime short film series cut into seven interactive chapters. Each chapter is a few minutes long and offers alternate choices at the end and so far only two chapters have been released. The plot follows the journey of Mirai set in the year 2069. It’s a very interesting premise imagining a world where “  AI advancement has become uncontrollable and irreversible, and the blockchain is no longer secure”. 

    The series will explore general themes of “self-sovereignty, free will vs. illusion of choice, and the ability to build new types of governance and economic freedom”. It is created as an homage to many themes in the crypto industry, as it’s saturated with easter eggs and symbolism. The first one is the title itself “White Rabbit”, signifying how we go down the crypto rabbit hole.

    I understand how that can be confusing in terms of what the hell NFTs have to do with any of this. Read and learn how the blockchain/NFT potential is used at its best.

    -Essentially “White Rabbit” is free to watch on the platform’s website.
    -When every chapter ends, you are left with a few choices the main character has to take.

    How do you take that decision?
    You have to mint a White Rabbit Producer Pass NFT.

    -Now not only are you participating in choosing the way the story flows, but also becoming a producer of this film and eventually an owner of it!

    Why is Everyone Interested in Shibuya NFTs?

    How often do you get to tell someone “Hey, have you watched this movie, I helped in producing”? Practically never! (Unless you have a fortune and serious connections in the film industry). Shibuya NFTs are offering an opportunity for every one of us to participate and create the movies we want to watch. It’s like a wild dream come true. How much did you enjoy the  Black Mirror: Bandersnatch experience? I’m sure the general consensus is “freaking a lottttt”!

    Not only is this awesome for every binge-watching story-telling-obsessed person inside us, but it’s also a good investment. I’m not talking about investment in terms of flipping and trading the Shibuya NFTs, but a rather money-well-spent experience. 

    Yang believes that blockchain-based funding models offer fans a more rewarding and immersive experience and she’s not wrong. This is the best use for web3 DAOs as it opens the doors of creativity for filmmakers and detaches them from seeking the approval of film-industry giants. Do you think I’m romanticizing this? Then check out pplpleasr’s own words:

    If I was to go about this traditionally, I’d need to get Hollywood contacts…Now, I don’t need to wait for anyone to say yes.

    white rabbit Shibuya NFT poster

    White Rabbit Producer Pass NFT

    • Type: ERC1155 NFT
    • Supply: 5,000 at the end of each chapter 
    • Mint Price: 0.08 ETH (103$ at the time of writing)
    • Where to get: 

    Steps to follow:

    1. To watch/vote for an ending from each of White Rabbit’s chapters, you need to mint a Producer Pass first.
    2. After voting using the Producer Pass token, you then temporarily stake it, check out this article to know more about staking NFTs.
    3. When voting concludes for a chapter, you can unstake the NFT and keep it as a souvenir in your wallet. Since there will be a new one for each chapter, users will have a “paper” trail in their wallet of all the chapters they participated in. It has sentimental value actually, it’s like proof of your journey in creating the movie memorialized in your wallet.

    $WRAB Token 

    When you vote by staking your Producer Pass, you earn $WRAB, an ERC20 token that represents fractional ownership of White Rabbit. What’s fractional ownership? Since roughly 5,000 token holders fund “White Rabbit”, all of them become owners of the movie. But the Producer Pass is staked and that’s where $WRAB tokens come into action. They follow the ERC20 standard which makes them fungible, so they kinda behave like stocks. Really smart use of the various crypto token standards. 

    The founders of Shibuya NFTs took a step further to make the process more interactive and fun by “gamifying” the mechanics of voting:

    • Users who vote on the chosen side will receive bonus $WRAB tokens. 
    • To prevent voting hesitation, voting early rewards extra $WRAB tokens.
      An early voting bonus is more rewarding than a popular vote bonus because their goal is to reward early voting and participation.

    Why Use Producer Pass NFTs and $WRAB Tokens?

    You first pay a price to fund the chapter by buying the Producer Pass NFT, when you stake it you ensure to the chapter creators that the money is not going anywhere so they receive exactly the amount you paid. In this case, staking is acting as a guarantee for the creators to use the money you paid. The staking reward is the $WRAB token, the more tokens you collect the more fractional ownership you acquire. It’s simple just think of it like stocks.In my humble opinion, that is just a brilliant use of blockchain token potential.

    How to participate in Shibuya’s NFT Film Experience?

    You can mint Producer Passes every time they launch a new chapter. Producer passes are only valid for the latest chapter, so once you mint it, make sure you use it before voting closes.

    1- Watch the latest chapter from Shibuya’s website. At the time of writing, the film is in Chapter 2, and Mirai is troubled between following a mysterious white Shiba and an anonymous whispering lady. 

    1 shibuya chapter 2 ending

    2- If you want to choose which mysterious character Mirai should follow, hover your mouse over your decision, and upon pressing a “ Mint Producer Passes” window will open. 

    2 connect metamaskk

    3-Unfortunately if you try that now, you will see that voting has concluded 

    3 mint end

    4- Press again and you can find out what everyone voted for

    5- Not only can you see the results but you can also watch a sneak peek preview. Now can we highlight what a thoughtful touch it is to include in the producer credits all the wallet addresses who minted the Producer Pass NFTs from Shibuya? 

    5 credits producers

    Behind the Scenes: Who is pplpleasr?

    Emily Yang adopts her artistic name “pplpleasr” which stems from her desire to please people with art. She dabbles in NFTs, DAOs, and web3 in general. Before crypto, her work as a digital artist incorporated visual effects credits in feature films such as Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman, and Star Trek Beyond. She also created commercials and Blizzard game cinematics.

    She’s a multidisciplinary artist who first gained mainstream attention after her Fortune magazine NFT cover raised $1.3 million! That’s when she became known as an NFT artist. Her influences include animated films, the underground music scene, video games, and traditional Chinese and Japanese art. 

    fortune pplpleasr magazine chainwitcher

    What’s interesting about Pplpleasr is her deep insight into the crypto world and its future. She advises crypto fans not to join a DAO in search of a “quick buck”, but to instead learn about the culture first. She pictures joining the culture of a community or DAO just like joining subreddits or video games. So only join a community with beliefs and visions you align with. In Decrypt’s podcast about her success, she tells people:

     “My advice to people is, you can be in the right place at the right time, but you still need to have first a high-risk appetite, and also be able to spot when something is coming or trending—and just sort of put yourself in a position where you can catch lightning in a bottle.

    The Inspiration: Why Shibuya?

    Yang is one hell of a deep thinker, the inspiration behind Shibuya is interesting. Briefly, it all stemmed from her observation of the human natural inclination to watch long episode series or movie series. Doing so despite the busy saturated life everyone carries. Therefore, she found a demand for this kind of long-form film story-telling, while acknowledging that it’s very challenging to fund long-running film projects. That’s how she found an answer with the potential of Web3.

    Now, why is the platform called Shibuya? Pplpleasr mentions that she wanted to use the exact name of a famous neon-decked street crossing in Tokyo. She calls Shibuya a “decentralized Hollywood” where “cultures and ideas meet in one eclectic and inspiring place.” Is it just me or is a good inspiration and concept just so soulfully pleasing?

    shibuya concept

    Her ambition is as big as her talent, for she aims to “be the A24 of Web3”. Friendly advice? You really have to check out the movies A24 productions make! You’ll understand the kind of artistic freedom ppleasr is trying to hit at. Especially when she mentions that  “Everything Everywhere All At Once” was one of her favorites.

    What’s Next for Shibuya’s Platform? 

    When the series completes, the whole thing is going to be minted as an NFT” Pplplaesr told CoinDesk in an interview. “The token holders are essentially DAO members that can vote on the show’s future. Whether that’s getting involved with a bigger production company, going to another streaming platform, that’s up to the token holders.

    People are already impressed and putting their money into this project, so you haven’t even seen anything yet! Shibuya only released 7 minutes of mesmerizing animated film and headlines are already buzzing! Recently Shibuya’s streaming service raised $6.9M in seed funding led by a16z, Variant, and many notable angels such as crypto Queen Paris Hilton! On top of already securing around $1.5M from their White Rabbit Producer Pass NFT sales, their total budget comes to $8.4M. What will they do with all that money? Hear it out from the founders: 


    Is Shibuya the Future of Web3?

    The future looks bright for Shibuya’s platform. Pplpleasr wants to build a Web3 service that encourages filmmakers to finance and distribute their movies by relying on the end user ( yes that’s us movie geeks) rather than the Hollywood studio system. AND THIS IS THE REVOLUTION! I hope this project becomes a manual for everyone who wants to properly utilize the full potential of using NFTs.

    On a closing note, not only is Shibuya’s NFT game on point, but also its marketing strategy! They knew how to reach out to the community and interested anime lovers. They recently hosted a vote on which PFP Azuki character should cameo in “White Rabbit” and the people chose well! I think they will do more of this in the future, we just have to wait and see!



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