Full Guide: Shopify Bots, Proxies, & A List of the Main Shopify Stores!

    Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms and home to some of the biggest online sneaker stores. A lot of our favorite and hyped releases drop on Shopify sites – like Jordans, Nike sneakers, and more. This is why having proper Shopify bots by your side can truly be a game-changer for you!

    You see, there are 30+ stores that host hyped releases of sneakers, accessories, apparel, and so much more! But, of course, it’s mostly about the sneakers for us. But, the competition is FIERCE – everyone is in the Shopify race. So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about copping on this platform: Shopify bots, proxies, and stores!


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    Shopify bots – in the sneaker industry – are sneaker bots that support websites hosted on the Shopify platform. In other words, they are bots that cop Shopify stores (check the list below!). They should support ALL Shopify sites and NOT some of the sites. That’s just a marketing tactic that fool sneakerheads into buying those bots! If they don’t support all the sites, it’s probably a scam bot. 

    Here’s a list of the best Shopify bots in the game. And, if you want to learn more details about them, click here


    Shopify BagOther than Shopify bots, you’re going to need to use proxies. Proxies can help you fool the sneaker sites into thinking you are multiple people. This means that you can get the chance to cop sneakers in bulk without getting banned. But, proxies come in three different types, so which one are you supposed to use on Shopify?

    The best Shopify proxies are ISP proxies

    This is because Shopify tends to filter out and heavily ban other proxies, and ISPs are pretty savage! Shopify also has very low stock numbers – this means that the competition is FIERCE! Add to that the anti-bot security on Shopify! ISP proxies are FAST, RELIABLE, and let you run MULTIPLE bot tasks! Everything you need for Shopify bots! 

    Click here to buy some proxies on your own!


    • A Ma Maniere
    • Bape
    • BB Branded
    • BdgaStore
    • Blends US
    • Concepts
    • Deadstock
    • DSM EFlash
    • DTLR
    • Eflash Dover Street Market
    • Exclucity Life
    • Fice Gallery
    • Funko Shopify Stores
    • Hanon Shop
    • Haven Shop
    • Just Don
    • Kith
    • Kylie Cosmetics
    • Noirfonce EU
    • NRML
    • OctobersVeryOwn
    • PackerShoes
    • Palace Skateboards
    • Public School NY
    • Ronnie Fieg Shopify Stores
    • Shoe Palace
    • Shop Nice Kicks
    • Sneaker Politics
    • Social Status PGH
    • SoleFly
    • Sole Steal
    • Stussy
    • SUEDE Store
    • Travis Scott
    • Trophy Room Store
    • The Closet Inc.
    • Undefeated
    • YCMC
    • Xhibition

    Finally, that’s all there is to know about Shopify bots, proxies, and websites! Now you know what to look from and how to act! All you need now is to assemble the parts! Get a proper sneaker bot, buy some proxies, and get copping!

    Furthermore, you can also check out AIO Bot – the all-in-one bot that truly does it all! Not only does AIO Bot support all Shopify sites, BUT it supports Demandware-hosted sites, Footsites, and more! Click on the button below to learn more about AIO Bot with everything you need!

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