Small Bros NFT: small people with a big mission 

    The small bros NFT collection is rising up the charts and gaining attention fast. The cute PFPs are proving that the NFT community is just one big family. With an amazing roadmap ready and up to go before the actual launch the small bros NFT collection smashed it and continues to do so even after the launch in 2022. Let’s find out more  

    What is Small Bros NFT?

    Small bros NFT is an 8,888 PFPs collection on the Ethereum blockchain by a team of NFT artists, collectors, and crypto enthusiasts. Leading the team is the professional NFT developer Ralph. The collection launched on March 24, 2022. With a clear roadmap, this collection entered the NFT world with a strong attitude. With promising words, the creators assured the investors before the launch:

    “Considering we invested prior to launch on our Phase 1, most of the funds will then be invested in the execution of our roadmap Phase 2.

    Our community members can expect quick delivery on the roadmap phases, keeping a great momentum throughout the process.”

    “Funds are well divided and shared between the community and the leading team, enabling the project to grow rapidly and sustainably. Holders can rest assured that the project will grow into something bigger.”

    This collection focuses on creating a brand that follows its roadmap thoroughly while building the strongest and most welcoming community. 

    Small Bros NFT statistics 

    According to CoinGecko, small bros’ most recent stats are as follows:  

    • Floor Price: 0.1339 ETH ($189.28)
    • Market Cap: 1,190.1032 ETH ($1,682,363.32
    • 24h Volume: 6.35977243055556 ETH

    Most expensive Small bros NFTs:                                                 small bro nfts

    Small Bro #2954

    Price: 100 ETH ($141,153.00)

    small bros nftSmall Bro #5017

    Price: 100 ETH ($141,153.00)                                                                         

     Small Bro #5962

      Price:45 ETH ($63,518.85)   

    Small Bros NFT Roadmap

    Phase 1

    Creating a custom VR hub available to all small bros owners, giving them a place to meet and have fun with the Bros. The hub contains conferences, events, hangouts, games, giveaways, and much more. You can access the hub with or without VR as the phase 1 hub is hosted on AltspaceVR which is available on a VR headset, PC, or Macbook. 

    Phase 1 also contained many stages including  

    • The art gallery 
    • The Bros stage (an opportunity to host events regrouping the bros together). 
    • Merch store (IRL &VR) 
    • Bros charity donation

     “We’re aiming at supporting a charity organization that is into Mental Health. It’s important for us to be physically there, talk with the representatives and get to know more about their own journey. Everything will be filmed so you guys can enjoy it as much as us!” — Rvph

    • Bros VR giveaway 

    Phase 2

    Phase 2 of small bros NFT is still very hush-hush, but what we do know is that it contains full immersion and 3D avatars. One of the creators made it clear that he gave way too much info before the launch and he settled for saying: 

    “We are already working closely with Unity developers and Blender experts in order to create this completely unique immersive experience. Be ready to feel the bro’s experience of Phase 2.” — Xav

    Final Statement: 

    Small Bros NFT collection is skyrocketing in value, no doubt. And you could also become a WeBro and join the proud owners of the Small bros community. If you are looking to join one of the most interactive communities out there don’t hesitate to mint a small bros nft they will surely give a warm welcome. As always stay tuned for more collection reviews and news. 


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