Busting Myths about Sneaker bots. They’re Actually Easy to Use

    Sneaker bots are programs that can increase your chances at buying limited edition sneakers. Online. For retail. Legit ones! How these programs do it, technically, is sometimes difficult to explain. But in short, you stand almost no chance at getting those Jordans or Off Whites unless you use them.

    Bots, in general, aren’t a new thing, and their abilities go beyond just sneakers. There are social media bots, ticketing bots, raffle bots and a lot more. In fact, any activity online that’s automated is usually attributed to a bot. So there are bots for almost any activity you do on the web. The main purpose is to automate this activity and perform it repeatedly. And using bots, you can get the 10, 20 or 100 times the results you’re looking for.

    With sneaker bots, it’s the same thing. You run a bot to buy those sneakers you like so much, online. And chances to get what you want are high. And you can even get more than just one pair.

    Now, buying sneakers with a bot doesn’t always mean you’ll get’em, but it’s your best bet at securing them.

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    When and why they were first created?

    The concept of buying and reselling sneakers escalated due to Michael Jordan’s influence on the sneaker industry. You got limited edition shoes that hundreds of fans would kill for e.g. rare Air Jordan 1s? Then you can sell them for over 10 times the original price!

    This potential profit made sneakers appealing even to non-sneakerheads. Hence, the sneaker community is now split between legit sneakerheads and resellers, who all seek the same pairs.

    As competition increased, it was time to find a solution. Something that can beat the crowds to the confirmation email. And that can also cop more than a single pair. That’s when sneaker bots stepped into the game.

    Everything changed from that moment. You just can’t level up unless you use a sneaker bot.

    Why are they used now?

    The name sneaker bot sometimes doesn’t do these tools justice. Some of them can actually give you access to other limited items. Such as Supreme, Palace, Kith and even Funko. These bots allow you to expand your reselling business to reach a wider audience. You’ll cater to the needs of sneakerheads, streetwear fans, and figurines collectors.

    sneaker bots easy steps

    Old Complicated Bots

    The first sneaker bots to join the copping game were more like scripts, created by amateur developers and freelancers either to make money or to cop personal pairs.

    Those scripts were difficult to run, with little to no support. And the setup instructions were too complicated for an average user. Heck, you’d have to be a developer yourself to know how to run such primitive sneaker bots. And updates were rare. It was difficult at the beginning of this phase to know what’s going on with those sneaker sites, and thus updating the bot wasn’t always possible.

    Back then, you most likely copped an L, on every release you really wanted. But as the game leveled up, and more sneakerheads joined, more sneaker bots were developed to keep up with the needs of the community.

    New Sneaker Bots

    These days people are more into UI and user-friendly programs. So there was no way sneaker bots could remain as plain, complicated and basic as they used to. And after so much time in the game, sneaker bot makers seem to have cracked the code to copping sneakers. Most of it at least.

    On a basic level, sneaker bots all work the same. You’ll always need to insert a link, pick your shoe size, add proxies, and run your tasks. It’s the little tweaks and details that make some bots, like AIO Bot, more powerful, and easier to use than others. But generally speaking, once you’ve used one bot, the rest all work the same way. And no more coding skills required. 

    The major difference lies in the performance. Sneaker bots look very similar, and use the same information to cop but how they do it is completely different.

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    In addition to full desktop sneaker bots, sneaker copping extensions are also taking part in this game. In fact, sneaker extensions are so easy to use that most newcomers and amateurs are using them to develop their copping skills with. But with such simplicity comes a limited copping potential. You can only cop a certain number of pairs using an extension. So if you wanna become the next big sneaker dealer, stick to desktop sneaker bots.

    Where to Find the Best Bot

    In this industry, good sneaker bots, and professional teams are known. You can find success proof for every sneaker bot in the game on Twitter and Discord. For example, check the success for AIO bot via Twitter. Screenshots don’t lie.

    In addition, knowledge of how many sites the sneaker bot supports is important. Go for a bot that supports as many sites as possible that are of interest to you. Get one that can cop you more than just sneakers if possible, like apparel and accessories which are great on the aftermarket. That will give you the best bang for your buck.

    Although it’s getting a lot more competitive, copping sneakers can become a smooth ride using the right sneaker bot. One that is easy-to-use, powerful, and always updated. Such as AIO Bot. 

    With over 175K successes on limited sneaker releases and more than 100 supported sites, AIO Bot gives you the highest chance at copping your favorite sneakers at retail. Check out AIO Bot’s Success here!

    AIO Sneaker Bot Success


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