What Sneaker Releases to Expect In 2020?

    Here are the last couple of weeks until new year, and with them come the expectations and speculations about 2020’s sneaker releases! Some might end up being just rumors, some will definitely drop, and some might just get postponed. But we should always hope for the best and wait. Anyway, let’s skip the introductions and whatnot and dive right into the 2020 sneaker releases!

    2020 Best Sneaker Releases

    Air Jordan 6 DMP (Defining Moments Pack)2020 sneaker releases jordan 6 dmp

    14 years later, Air Jordan 6 DMP makes its way to the list of interesting sneaker releases in 2020. The kicks are staying true to the original 2006 version with the all-black nubuck upper, black tongue and laces with a bit of gold on the black midsole. The outsole is the familiar translucent ice. It’s worth mentioning that the sneaker will drop in the original ‘06 gold box along with the dog tag.
    The kicks will definitely have a high resale value. Afterall, the 2006 AJ6 DMP resells for a minimum of $400 on resale platforms!

    Release Date: January 25, 2020
    Style Code: CT4594-007
    Retail Price: $200
    Avg. Resale Value: $400+ (2006)

    Air Jordan 5 x Off-White2020 sneaker releases jordan 5 off white

    Virgil Abloh is just not taking it easy on anyone! His eccentric -to say the least- take on the Air Jordan 5 got them easily on the list of the most anticipated sneaker releases of the 2020. We can kiss the usual leather upper goodbye, because a synthetic material replaced it along with Virgil’s signature “shoelaces” branding and the Beaverton branding on the side!
    Now regarding resale, this might not be the best colorway but the AJ5 Trophy Room sold out like hell and it was a success! In addition, Off-White collabs usually have a very high resale value so we shouldn’t expect less than that for this collab. 

    Releases Date: February, 2020
    Style Code: CT8480-001
    Retail Price: $225

    Yeezy Basketball “Quantum”

    2020 sneaker releases yeezy bsktbl quantumA lot of fresh Yeezy designs will be dropping in 2020, and Yeezy Basketball “Quantum” is, hopefully, one of them. Ever since it surfaced back in 2018, people were digging it. But what was initially believed to drop in 2019, didn’t! The kicks will release in both lifestyle and hardwood iterations. So maybe they’re ditching the 3M detailing to get approved by the NBA on court?
    There is no exact release date, but people are speculating its release on the All-Star weekend. If that’s the case, the weekend will be fire!
    The kicks are currently reselling for as high as $2,500. But if you don’t have that kind of cash, it’s okay, just stay alert for any news! 

    Air Jordan 4 “Black Cat”2020 sneaker releases jordan 4 black cat

    Another 2006 model comes back to life in early 2020! Black Cat might be one of the subtle sneaker releases in this list, but it’s a must have because of their classic all-black upper, midsole and outsole with a little hint of dark grey in the shape of the jumpman on the tongue.

    Releases Date: February 22, 2020
    Style Code: CU1110-010
    Retail Price: $190
    Avg. Resale Value: $700 (2006)

    Nike Sacai 2020 sneaker releases nike sacai

    We already covered the Nike Sacai kicks here, but they are definitely worth mentioning on our list of 2020 sneaker releases! Nike Sacai was one of the most successful collabs of 2019, if not the one. And in 2020 we’re probably getting 2 monochromatic iterations of the popular Nike LDWaffle, black and white. Chitose Abe is swapping the mesh upper with nylon and the regular laces with ribbon-like laces!

    Releases Date: February, 2020
    Style Code: BV0073-002 (Black) – BV0073-101 (White)
    Retail Price: $160
    Avg. Resale Value: $560 (2019)

    A Bunch of 350s

    Ahhh the classics.. In new colorways. What a time to be alive! Ye is really not giving us any time to breathe! It’s okay though, we’re not complaining. Rumors of new colorways and releases are just circulating like crazy these past weeks. The rumored Yeezy 350 V2 2020 sneaker releases till now are:
    Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Yeshaya”, “Earth”, “Tailgate”, “Marsh”, “Desert Sage” and more!

    There are no official news yet, but stay on the lookout because they might surface anytime soon. In the meantime, here are some mockups of the upcoming kicks.

    2020 sneaker releases yeezy 350

    Air Jordan 1 x Dior2020 sneaker releases AJ1 Dior sneakers

    These kicks might not be within the price range of many of us. But if it is within yours, it definitely is worth the cop! This collab is actually one of the most luxurious 8of all upcoming releases! 

    Releases Date: April, 2020

    Retail Price: $2,000 (Rumored)

    Avg. Resale Value: $11,048


    2020 Sneaker Releases: Honorary mentions

    Yeezy Foam Runner

    Or what twitter dubbed as the Yeezy “Crocs”. 

    They might not be the crowd’s favorite, but they will without a doubt sell out because it’s a Yeezy! From the looks of it, the kicks are definitely going to be comfy af. And fun fact, the Foam Runners are made of algae, so they’re also eco-friendly!

    Releases Date: Early 2020
    Retail Price: $75

    Yeezy 451

    Although everything we know about it is that’s it’s a prototype, the new silhouette seems like it’s from another world! Initially, rumors stated that it’s going to drop by the end of 2019. Yet, here we are, there are no 451s yet! So let’s keep our fingers crossed!!
    Lots of Jordans, lots of Yeezys.. 2020 is packed with interesting sneaker releases, so if you’re not catching the wave early, you might not be able to do it later. That’s why, you should have some really good bots, proxies and servers. Otherwise, good luck getting all these babies for resale value!


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