9 Sneakers That would’ve Made You More Money Than Yeezys

    Why Yeezys?

    So you all know how things go down in the sneaker industry. A big sneaker brand creates a new design, implements some new and advanced technology throws in an impressive campaign and Bam! You got a new hyped sneaker that sneakerheads with and without a sneaker bot would kill to have. Or at least that’s what we thought. Nowadays, things don’t work that way anymore. Now you can bring the ugliest of silhouettes with practically no new features but you add in the name of a big celebrity, and people would go crazy over them. But the case with some sneakers, especially Yeezys, is kind of a mixture.

    The high-performance Boost technology along with fashion-forward designs and Kanye West’s name make up for a big Hype. Let alone some incredible Ad. campaigns featuring Kanye, Kim, and the whole Kardashian Squad.

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    Kanye West In Yeezy Boost 350 V2

    This combo made Yeezys the most sought-after sneakers in the market, and it has been for around 3 years now. And as you all know high-demand and a major hype call in for a very pricey resale value. For a long period of time, Yeezys have “seemingly” dominated the resale market. Fetch yourself a pair of 350 V2 and you can pay your electricity bill for 6 months to come.

    But lately, Adidas and Kanye have been pulling off some confusing tricks. Like releasing a Yeezy Boost in extremely large numbers, and limiting the production of a Powerphase. This has lead to a disruptive wave in the reselling market. Not only did the resale price of the Yeezy boost beluga 2.0 reach a low like no other Yeezy has before, but restocking it even got to the price of the Semi Frozen Yellow. Once reselling at a proud $2500, The Yeezy Boost Semi Frozen Yellow is reselling now for an average of $615.

    Adidas Yeezys Boost Semi Frozen Yellow

    So now the question is, what can resellers do? And if you’re about to start a reselling business, which sneakers will make you more profit?

    As we cannot accurately predict how much will a sneaker resell for, we will help you by listing 9 sneakers that would’ve made you more money than Yeezys. These values are retrieved from the top sneaker reselling marketplace StockX.

    1. Adidas NMD Pharrell HU Friends and Family Burgundy

      If you hung out in the right places and knew the right people you wouldn’t be crying over your bad luck. You’d be enjoying the thousands of dollars the NMD HU Burgundy would’ve made you. But the truth is, you’re not that person. People who got their hand on that rare pair are reselling it for an average of $4000. The last sale made on StockX hit $10.000 so if you’re new to the sneaker game, let me tell you that’s a lot of money for a non-Yeezy sneaker.

    2. Jordan 1 Retro Satin “Banned”
      Air Jordan 1 retro Satin

      This new rendition of the historic sneakers that marked the beginning of Jordan’s ongoing collaboration with Nike is making an impressive profit on the secondary market.
      The Jordan 1 Retro Satin “Banned” was originally sold for $175, and now it’s making 883% profit over its original price. These sneakers are now reselling for an average of $1700

    3. Air Jordan 1 Retro High Off White Chicago
      Air Jordan 1 Off-white Chicago

      If you missed this release, you’ve missed out on a fortune. Not only is it a revamp of the original Air Jordan 1, It is also a Nike X Virgil Abloh collaboration which dropped on September 9th, 2017 as part of The Ten Collection. The Air Jordan 1 Retro High Off White retailed at $190 and is reselling now for an average of $1100. If you’re not good at math, that’s around 440% the retail price.

      So if anyone got their hands on a pair of each of these off-whites, they paid around $350 and are now probably $2,100 richer.

    4. Nike Air Presto Off-White

      As collaborations usually make more profit, this sneaker we’re about to discuss, made the most profit on our list and made it to the top of it. The Air Presto Off-White is also a collaborative piece created by Nike and Virgil Abloh. When it released on September 9th, 2017 it retailed for a light $160. Little did the buyers know that this low-key sneaker will make them a small fortune. The average resale price of the Air Presto Off-White is around $1000 which is about 550% the original price. If you weren’t one of the lucky buyers who copped that pair, that’s because you were probably too busy saving up for the Yeezys.

    5. Adidas NMD HU Pharrell Human Race Yellow
      Adidas NMD Yellow Race

      Not a real fan of Yellow? Too bad because apparently, lots of people are. Pharrell’s NMD Human Race Yellow is currently listed on StockX for an average of $1770. In terms of profit, that pair is making its very lucky and rich owners 650% its original price of $240. That’s just 20$ more than a pair of Yeezys would’ve cost and a lot more profit than it would’ve made you. Yeah, we know. That’s a lot to process, but wait there’s more.

    6. Adidas NMD HU Pharrell Human Being Sharp Blue

      Needless to say that most colorways of this NMD pack are making quite the profit on the resale market. The sharp blue version is killing it these days, reselling for an average of $725 which 380% the original price. Well, we can see why. This color is so vivid it spreads positive energy all around.

    7. Jordan 4 Retro Kaws
      Air Jordan 4 Retro KAWS

      The KAWS X Jordan 4 Retro was by far one of the best releases of 2017. It was a collaboration between the mastermind behind KAWS, Brian Donnelly, and Jordan Brand. This sneaker flaunted some super interesting and artsy features and was very exclusive. That explains the crazy profit it’s making for those who bought it. These sneakers retailed for $350, which is a lot and are now reselling for an average of $1160. Talking in percentages this shoe is reselling for 280% its original price. And if that’s not profit, I don’t know what is!

    8. Adidas NMD HU Pharrell Human Race Scarlet
      Adidas NMD scarlet Red

      Pharrell’s spicy colorway has sold for $3,072 on StockX during the last year. That’s crazy high! It sells for an average of a hefty $862. Its price premium on Stock X is 358.3% over the retail price of $240. Right now the lowest ask is $1,000. For a very bold color, this iteration of the NMD is doing pretty well on the resale market, and that’s against all the rules.

    9. Air Jordan 1 Retro High Igloo
      Air Jordan 1 Retro Igloo

      This shoe dropped not too long ago, on December 7th, 2017. The retail price of $160 was fairly humble to be honest, which given the right conditions, would’ve made any reseller a decent profit. Now the Air Jordan 1 Retro High Igloo is reselling for over 300% its original price with an average resale price of  $750. The sum itself might not equate to a fortune, but in terms of profit, you would’ve made a lot of money. If you had bought it in time.

    Yeezys Premium Price Vs Yeezys Yeezys Premium Price Vs Yeezys

    All of these sneakers compared to the latest Yeezy Boost 350 V2 releases, make a whole lot more profit. The Yeezy Boost Semi Frozen Yellow is currently making a price premium of 195% while the Yeezy Boost Blue Tint is making a modest 80%. And due to its very high stock level, it is understandable that the Yeezy Boost Beluga 2.0 is barely making resellers a 63% profit on its original $220 retail price. And for more proof, you can also go to GOAT and check the resale value there.


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    Predictors of the Resale Value

    Now that you’ve learned your lesson, you’re probably asking: What are the factors that can predict a sneaker’s resale value?

    1. Collaborations. Most of the sneakers on our list are the result of big names working together. So this entails that, the bigger the names the higher the resale value.
    2. Exclusivity. Apparently, exclusivity is still a thing. Despite Kanye West and Adidas trying to kill the concept of rarity with Yeezys, sneakerheads still dig limited-edition items. First, well because they’re limited, you’d be one of the very few people in the world rocking it. And second, because they will make more profit on the resale market. So whenever you hear a soon-to-drop sneaker will be exclusive, go and buy it!
    3. The colorway. People have different tastes, that’s true. But it’s better that you go for more muted less popping colors. Grey, Black Navy Blue, and Nude tones seem to be crowd-pleasers.
    4. The Buzz. The bigger the buzz surrounding a sneaker, the more likely it will be a big hit. Sneaker Brands know their work, and they can make a sneaker go from zero to hero in no time. So follow sneaker news websites and see what sneaker is trending the most.

    Another point to clear up is, if fear of failing is what’s holding you back from buying these sneakers, then the solution is simple. Buy a sneaker bot and let it do all the dirty work for you. We know that copping sneakers can be intimidating, especially for novice sneakerheads, but you’ll never succeed unless you try. So invest in a powerful sneaker bot, check the sneakers you want to cop against the previously stated factors, and get cookin’. You can never know how good copping feels unless you taste it.


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